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29 days - feeling really miserable (not really)

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Hello, day 29 for me so 1 day to go before I complete the calendar month. That time has seriously flown by and seems like a lifetime ago that I had that last cig but the reality is - its only a month! :eek:

I am still exptremely happy and proud but wont dwell on that as i have [sadly] learned from some people that my attitiude is annoying. :(

I hope you are all doing well but i doubt you want to be anyway as it seems that positivity and happiness arent wanted around here.

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Don't worry about what others think Magic, stay positive, happy and proud of your achievement! :D

You're definitely going to be a winner and a good part of that is your attitude towards your quit.

Keep on doing what you are doing and don't let anyone dampen or suppress your spirit :cool:

Thanks Capitan.

There are some seriously miserable people on here who should probably go back to smoking.

I'm not going to mention anyone or go on about this as i dont want people who are thinking about quitting to read this and get the wrong impression about this forum, and then decide not to join.

The overwhelming majority of people are amazing. just a few that are not.


Well done magic.

Maybe u find sum ppl miserable as its bin a harder journey for them. I'm happy it's bin easy for you. I really am. But to say theses people should go back to smoking is a bit inconsiderate really. As iv bin one of them ones that have had it ruff. We're its bin a struggle most days, not as bad now but still is.

It might be easy for you now. But don't get comfy the first few werks of my quit were the best then the symptoms started. So you never no if it will tap you on ur shoulder and start giving you a hard time.

Magic, it's fantastic that you are so upbeat about your quit, there's nothing wrong with that. But you do have to remember that your level of positivity from the outset is pretty rare. The majority of people on the site find it tough going at the beginning, and that can lead to some grumpy posts.

You should not let this upset you, nor should it change your own happy attitude. But neither should you be too judgemental of people if they are a bit snappy - when you get a bunch of people together who are going through something like this you get some fantastic support and positivity, but flareups inevitably occur. Best not to rise to it.

You're doing great. Don't worry. Stay happy!

Good luck all.

Im out.

oh and Shelley, i know people struggle more than others and they have my total support and thoughts but that doesnt give some people the right to be down right rude.

I'm glad you are finding it easy and I for one love your positive posts. Like Shelley, I had it easy at the beginning. Yes, there were a few bad days but on the whole I was thrilled that I could do it. Perhaps I got too complacent or maybe it's Sod's law that says we all have to suffer at some stage.

When I was going through a bad patch I would search for others who had suffered in the same way and then I felt if they could get through it so could I.

Anyone starting to quit smoking expects hard times and it can even make them feel there's something wrong with them if everyone one is saying how easy it is. There needs to be a mixture of good and bad to keep things in perspective.

I hope you don't leave the forum as you will be missed but I would also hope that you would have some compassion for those who are having a tough time but are still holding on.

una. ive got nothing but compassion for folk who are struggling, i only wish i could help more but there are obvious limitations with a forum. i cant help the way i feel and how this quitting lark is going for me. it is what it is. just feels as though i cant be a real part of thus forum because i am not struggling enough!. fair enough i guess, i must come across as though i dont need any help and therefore am annoying and "irritating" as one person felt obliged to tell me.

The early days on this forum probably changed my life. Ill never forget those that contributed to that.

karri - you are one of those people i referred to.

Also, you are right of course that i should ignore these chumps and move on. perhaps i will. I have never been on a forum before so am a little naive i guess with how it all works. I have never tried to be anything other than honest but some people just dont like it. You cant please all of the people all of the time!

And yes, it doesnt have to be all doom and gloom when you quit. i think im proof that not only can it be easy, it can be enjoyable too. I hope some people pondering whether or not to take the plunge will read this and decide to give it a go....

Why bother what others think? This is a forum to support each other in not smoking not a popularity contest.

We each have our path and so long as the end result is non/ex smokers that's all that matters. I for one think you've done great using you're method and long may it continue but I also think that if you use your experiences with a few who haven't got you, as a reason to leave the chances are you'll smoke. Resentment's a nasty foe that lives rent free in your head.

I hope you'll keep coming back but it's your shout.

oh and Shelley, i know people struggle more than others and they have my total support and thoughts but that doesnt give some people the right to be down right rude.

Now I do agree with you there magic. No need for it at all

Well done Magic Im not far behind you.:DIts good to read cheery posts because giving up smoking shouldnt make us miserable.Its what we all want after all.

I can say also I have enjoyed everyones posts.the good the bad and the painful.


Magic, I quit the same day as you and so far, like you I'm doing OK albeit with patches, however as I said on a previous post, I may be getting more nicotine in my system then I was from smoking!! I have tried quitting a million times, but this time is different somehow, I've never felt so positive, and proud. I realise that this could all change as the strength of patches decrease, but will cross that bridge when I come to it

I love this forum, reading some of the posts have really helped me, some I feel I could have written myself

I have found everyone (including your good self) that have replied to my posts very welcoming, sincere, encouraging and very funny at times!

Please stay with me on this journey

And, on a completely different note , when did the bags of crisps in Multi Packs get so small in content, I've just had to scoff 2 bags with my Sannie!

FI x

Your 'that's it, I'm out' post followed mine: I hope it wasn't a direct response to what I'd said. Now I'm all worried.

And therein, actually, lies the core of what I was trying, not very effectively, to say. Online communication is flawed. Without the benefit of real face to face conversation, things can be misinterpreted. Posts that come across badly are very often not intended to be rude. And even when they ARE rude, this is a forum full of people who are going through the mill and can be much pricklier than they mean to be. It's really best just to try to ride these moments out.

And even if someone has really pissed you off, why leave the forum? Just don't respond to their posts any more! You can even 'ignore' them so their posts don't show up any more on your feed.

Your happy attitude and successful quit are inspiring a lot of people on here. I hope you don't decide to leave.


I completely agree with most of the rest of the people on here, I find your positivity exceptionally inspiring, particularly when I'm having a bad day. I've not been too vocal the last couple of weeks as I've been concentrating on a lot of my own issues but I have been here most days and honestly Magic, your posts have been a highlight of every single day.

So thank you, you have helped people, people who are genuinely appreciative.


Your 'that's it, I'm out' post followed mine: I hope it wasn't a direct response to what I'd said. Now I'm all worried.

Hi Hels, not at all...nothing to do with you at all. you are brilliant. Im really sorry if i made you feel that way even for a split second. I do agree with you hels, online communication is a nightmare, this is my first foray into it and overall its been great. Just a few doughnuts thats all (ill look in to how to block them).

I'd like tio apologise to anyone who has been offended by this thread, if you knew me you'd know that that's be the last thing is want. Id be mortified.

Im really touched by the support here ..... thanks :o

I'm not offended by it.

Why should u not be happy with ur quit.

I'm very happy with mine feeling like dirt had made me determined never to smoke again.

I quit for a year once very easily like urself. Stupidly started up again. 9 years later I'm quitting again thinking it would be easy again. :o

Thanks Magic!

Hi Magic, I have just come across this thread as I have just got in but I hope that you know how I always love reading your threads they are definitely uplifting.

I agree that sometimes things written down can be taken the wrong way. I, like you ,have never been a member of a forum before and I have sometimes been shocked by some peoples remarks but I also agree that there are going to be disputes with different personalities etc.

I am upset for you if people have been downright rude to you though.

I noticed the other day that you answered every single new post on this forum giving advice and support. That takes a lot of doing and the forum needs people like you. Thanks for all the positive replies to my posts anyway.

Positive posts are incredible important on the forum, it motivates folks, shows them it's doable and not just the painful way. Most of the time people post when they feel poorly because they need the support and positiveness is great.... maybe not always immediately appreciated in the depth of dispair but appreciated on some level I'm sure. :) Please continue to add your positive contributions to the forum. Feathers get a bit ruffled at times, don't worry okay, it's the nature of a forum. So keep uplifting folks, it's greatly needed.

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