Is day three really the hardest?

If so tomorrow could be a real struggle, i go back to work tomorrow and im dreading it, i deliberately chose to quit smoking whilst i was on holiday from work, less stress and no smokers around me but tomorrow im back at work, im a bus driver, its stressful and i have to consider what im going to do whilst im waiting my time out, usually i just lit up a fag, im taking a book to read and i'll be avoiding the smoking area. (come to think of it there might not be a smoking area anymore, METRO have decided to take the draconian law a step further by banning smoking on thier property, but doesnt the law only go as far as banning smoking IN DOORS?)

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  • Hehe will keep my eyes peeled for grumpy bus drivers tomorrow then :D

    Day 3 is not necessarily your worst day, some get it day 4 or 5 too and some don't get it at all. The best thing is to go with the flow and prepare yourself with such as the book thats great idea x x

    Now don't go shouting at those out of fund oyster card users! lol i always run out before i realise i need to top up >_< (If you're London METRO that is :D)

    Good Luck and just take it hour by hour x x x try not to second guess these things x x x

    Keep it up and hold your head high ~Buffy x

  • Hehe will keep my eyes peeled for grumpy bus drivers tomorrow then :D

    Lol there are plenty of grumpy bus drivers around, and i doubt they are like that because they are trying to stop smoking, i work out of Bradford West Yorks, so we dont have the oyster cards!!

  • Just as well seems to be the introduction of the devil himself to some of these grumpy bus drivers :D hehehehe

    I actually had a very sweet one this morning who was driving off as i was running and he stopped again for me !! rare around these parts hehehe

    There are also many very sweet and funny bus drivers, I really do not envy the job, as i said patience of a saint!!

    Hope your going strong x x and laughing hard at those smoking in the rain, as i am hehehehe

    ~Buffy x

  • Well i made it through day three, easier than what i thought it might have been, couldnt help but feels sorry for those drivers who are still smoking, getting piss wet through standing in the rain, tooting!!

  • Hehe don't feel sorry , feel smug :D your worthy ;)

    Well done, another day under your belt :D time for a reward me thinks :rolleyes:

    Keep it up your doing fantastic x x ~Buffy x

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