No Smoking Day
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48 hours done!

Today started badly...the excessive sleeping for instance, but it got better.

My colleagues, my boss, my friends and everyone on here has been so supportive. I even called my eighty year old (ex-smoker) Dad tonight to give me a pep talk. When you're having a tough time, its easy to lose sight why you're doing it.

Tonight I've watched 2 hours of Wallander, it was good for me to concentrate on those subtitles and even better not to have to nip out now and again to have a fag! I'm trying to be nice to myself, so lying on the sofa like a poorly kid was perfect.

Good luck everyone for tomorrow.

Sleep well


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Well done Elizabeth. See? You can do this!

Wallander... bleak, but brilliant.

Hope day 3 is a nice easy one for you. But take it as it comes.




Well done Lizzie, you can do this :)


Lizzie I'm soooo glad someone else is excessively sleeping!

Lots of people keep telling me how much spare time they have now they have quit. For me it's the complete opposite. I am running late ALL the time.

I was always up with the lark but since I quit I just cannot haul my sorry backside out of bed in the mornings. I'm having fabulous sleep, but a little too fabulous to the point I cannot wake up!

I'm thinking it's because previsouly I only had to open one eye and my brain urged me out of bed for nicotine, whereas now I have nothing to wake me up!

It's a nice problem, but a tricky one when I have to get my daughter to school on time :eek:

Pleased to see you are still doing fantastically well - keep it up !!



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