No Smoking Day

Hey everyone! I've just done 24 hours does anyone want to be my "quitting buddy"?

Hey everyone!

My name is Chris Halliday i'm 24 and over Christmas I smoked more than I ever have done and I want to quit before I fall to deep!!

I've just done 24 hours does anyone want to be my "quitting buddy"? If so follow the link for advice and support from other "stoppers"

Sweet ;0)

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2 nd day too

hi chris , me on second day too. first day easy but struggling today for some reason how are you getting on , Terry


Welcome Boys congrats on your quits. I think Sutty is on day two also. Maybe you should team up. xxxx


Hi Both and well done on quitting :)

Good luck and dont forget to post and keep us updated on how your doing.




Hi :)

I am on Day 2 as well! Have been so busy today I haven't really missed the ciggies but now I've sat down I have thought about them so I thought I'd come on here and say hi and well done to those who are also on their second day!



Still not smoking ;0) even though times are hard at the moment :0(

Thanks for your encouragement everybody and i'll keep you updated. Also everybody check out the link below. It's for a website called where members help each other achieve their goals in life.

I started a "mission" to stop smoking in 2009

Speak soon


Well done Chris, keep it up hun you are doing great :)

It will get easier hun, im on day 7 now and have to say it gets alot better quickly. Just hang in there hun and post if you need to.




Hi Chris

Welcome and well done on what youve managed so far , great going!

You have managed one day this is excellent however will need to be prepared for day 2 etc etc , It's a matter of educating oneself on the addiction and renewing your mind to the truth and choosing the truth. Read up on anything you can find and it will help you along the way .

Here's a hint....any thought that comes that suggests in any way, shape, or form to have a an attempt to get you back into those nasty ways . The possible justifications in the mind are endless. The addiction ( little monster ) is very sneaking and crafty.

There are two websites that will help in overcoming the deception that the addiction dishes out... is a free online quit smoking program designed to help a person understand the reasons why you smoke. It also deals with the triggers (those built-in and programmed moments one usually lights up) of the quit. Knowing and understand these a person is able to recognize them and deal with them properly when they happen. Also the website is full of articles and info on the nicotine addiction which hooked us to smoking.

Take it just a day at a time. Choosing to stay free not giving in to the thoughts. Don't dwell or debate with those thoughts. Recognise the thought for what it is...a thought, a suggestion...and at the moment and instance choose to stay free. You can do this Chris as can everyone who makes the choice to stop smoking!

In the words of Stuart read read!!!


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