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No Smoking Day
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10 hours away from 6 months woo-hoo

Morning folks,

Hope everyone is good today. Not been on for a bit cos I bought myself some wheels and been out driving mostly :)

Just realised that tonight at 9.45pm I will have been quit for 6 whole months. Brought a lump to my throat. I have had a couple of slip ups but even with those this is the longest I have ever gone without smoking. Am so blinkin proud of myself and so happy.

Am sat in work wanting to grin like a cheshire cat but its all very serious and stressful so best not.

Just wanted to share the excitement with someone.

Over and out.


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Fantastic and thanks for sharing your excitement with us!

You sound so positive and happy just made me smile thinking of you at your desk all grinning and nobody knowing why :D

You should feel rightly proud and I hope you have a great treat planned for yourself.

Well done.


Keep smiling on teh inside Deb, or go to the loo and grin like the proverbial cheshire cat. 6 Months is an excellent quit.

Onwards and upwards.



that is so brill..got a lump in my throat for you....6 months is a proper milestone. Half a year of being quit..must feel good. Im right behind you, keep leading that way :)


Well done, that's such an achievement...am right behind you xx


Well done Debs, fantastic quit :D

Gaynor xx


Brilliant -and so well done:)

you must feel very proud-and we are too.xx


Smile smile smile.......let it out :D:D:D you deserve it.


Hi Deb

wow six moths is brilliant well done hope you are very proud of yourself :)


Thanks everyone! Sorry I didn't get back on. Laptop at home went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Think it left me logged on here so it may have looked like I was on but I wasn't.

I am still on a high. Can't believe the confidence I have gained through this quit. I am a new driver and am just giving everything a go no matter how scary I am finding it. Also had lots of pennies saved up to pay my insurance in one go.

I know I had my blips and I really do wish I could say I have been 100% smoke free but even with those I am still quit and feeling healthier and much happier.

Thanks for all the support guys, could not have done it without you and I really mean that. I have always tried to be really positive on her but I had some really tough times too and could easily have gone back to smoking if it wasn't for all of you.



Oh and

I have been quit for 6 Months, 1 Day, 12 hours, 27 minutes and 33 seconds (182 days). I have saved £730.07 by not smoking 2,920 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Week, 3 Days, 3 hours and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/01/2010 21:45


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