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48 hr temptation


Hi all

The next 48 hours are going to be tough for me.

Let me set the scene.

OH gone away for 2 days, he gave up smoking 3months ago.

I live in the back of beyond, shop 4 miles away.

Have a car but battery has died.

Daughter & family away on holiday for the week.

So totally alone, except for my daughters dog, and no way of getting out unless I walk.

But get this, I have fags somewhere in the house!

Normally doesn't bother me having fags in the house, would probably make me desperate if I didn't.

Don't want to smoke but the temptation is definitely there. It's the knowing that if I want to smoke I can and no one will know...............

Plus I'm bored and maybe getting a bit neurotic.

Roll on Friday.

If I get through till then I know I can cope with anything.

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At the end of the day it doesn't matter that nobody else would know, you would know and you'd have to deal with the guilt afterwards, which is going to be way worse than whatever good feeling you think smoking would give.

I personally put my baccy in the wheelie bin and poured water over it on day 1. I was panicky and anxious that I didn't have it but I more than likely would have smoked if I hadn't.

You can do it, I wish you the best of luck!

You are both so right, they should be chucked.

Maybe when I eventually do that I will know there is no going back.

And yes I need to distract myself, so going for a walk before it rains.

It is all mind games isn't it :confused:

Thanks all for your replies, brill support.

Max, love the analogy, put so well.

Old boyfriend, old times, love it :D

You are all right, and they are definitely going.

Thanks guys ;)

It doesn't really matter if anybody is there to see you smoke.

The demon will know and be fed by the nicotine.:mad:

Every time you take just one puff or just one cigarette you wake him up again. You are just making a difficult task much, much harder.

Prolonging the agony for yourself.

I can symathise I lost what I thought was a 4 month quit like this. I spent 4 months mainly not smoking but had the odd puff off a mate or the odd ciggy in the pub. Each time I thought it was OK because I didn't buy any and didn't go back to smoking.

Looking back I realise I was doing day 1 at least once a fortnight and the time between my lapses grew shorter. Eventually I bought some but smoked in secret for the next few weeks, cos if nobody sees me I'm not really smoking.

Why did I keep having to day 1 again and again????? It's horrendous. This time I've only done ONE day 1.

Please throw away the tobacco and say NOPE. Do you really want to keep doing Day 1.

I hope you don't think I'm being harsh. I post this with the best intentions as I see myself in your post.

Thanks for your support.

I have had a good day, distracted myself, but do you know what I don't want to smoke. :)

Hey ho I have fags in the house but I have not wanted to smoke.

Well I did at first because I thought I could, but I know I don't need it.

It has plagued me for the last 40 years and I feel like I don't need it.

I am a winner ;)

Thankyou for your support, lol x

Sue D

Thankyou x

So glad you had a good day and I'm relieved you didn't think bad of me.:D

No way.

Your words touched the spot.

I am never going back to day 1

All the quits I've had day 1 was the worst.

I got past that and beyond, thankyou guys :)

Oh fantastic, so pleased for you. Onwards and upwards.:D

I've just had a day 1 after a 6 week stop, trust me, you do not want to go back to it. Get rid of the fags, move on with your life xxxx

Yes did a month quit, then smoked (why oh why) it did nothing for me, so back on track as of last Friday.

Great post, thanks :):):)

I do wonder some times, just how many failed attempts the average is befor the final quit.:confused:

Asked dad last night how many attempts he had before his quit, around twenty he said! Some going!

I reckon over the years I've tried quitting at least 10 times, possibly even more than that.

In the early days they never had all these NRT products. It was CT or nothing.

But I've tried CT, patches, zyban twice, champix twice and I've always failed.

Back on patches and mind in right place, and it's working.

Never want to go back to day 1 ever again.:D

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