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day 48 and Much easier


Hi everyone, Im on day 48 and I must say it is really getting easier for me now.

I dont have a problem being around smokers anymore, They smoke and I dont its not an issue for me or indeed for them.

Ive really supprised myself with how I have managed to stop, and although im not all the way on my journey yet I do feel that i can say I wont smoke anymore for the rest of my life and actuallly believe it.

In the early days quitting smoking just seemed temporary thing, like I had stopped for a few weeks and would start again but now my thinking has certainly changed.

like people say tho, in order to quit you have to WANT to quit.

Just thought id post this for people on the first month or so looking forward to see when it gets easier in the other forum sections (like I used to do lol)

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I, for one, appreciate your post! It's v timely! I'm day 13 CT and have to say, it's been a rough old day 'cos I was expecting to feel brilliant by now..... But I definitely do want to quit, and can't wait to be where you are, well done for your quit - 48 days is awesome..

day 13 is a real achievement, I thought the first week or maybe 10 days were the worst. It will be getting easier for you now but you still have to be carefull, as do I still.

Hi just a couple of days behind you and also CT and feel the same way as you!

Its definitely the mind set that changes!!!

Even though I only quit smoking a few weeks ago...its starting to feel like a distant memory.

Vix - don't expect too much to feel like anything at anytime! Then you cant be disappointed! Plus you may feel better than you think but in a way you didn't realise....

Here's an example. Yesterday I was stuck on a stationary, hot, overcrowded train full of drunken football yobs in the middle of nowhere...for hours and hours, it seemed like a lifetime!!!

However, it wasn't until today that when thinking about yesterday...I realised I didn't think about cigarettes at all during that whole ordeal!

Now, imagining myself as a smoker in that environment...I would be tearing my hair out, choking for a smoke! It would have made the ordeal an absolute living hell!!!!

So even though at the time I was oblivious to the good points...there were actually 2 to be had!

1. I got through that situation without the awful Nicotine Withdrawl making me angry, frustrated, anxious and feeling physically awful.

2. I got a massive self esteem boost today when I realised the above.

oh and I'll throw in a 3 for good measure.....

3. All the other masses and masses of Pro's associated with not smoking!!!

Hang on in there Vix...CT is really tough at the start...but you get to enjoy the benefits of FREEDOM quicker too!

It may not feel like it on a bad day...believe me I had them!!! But the road to FREEDOM is one Im glad I stayed on and I plan to keep on it too!

Thanks eddco and quitter for your support and inspiration. I am feeling MUCH better this morning and even forced my tired old bones and battered lungs out the house for a jog... who'd have thought!


BillPNH100 Days Smoke Free

You wrote this 9 years ago. I was not ready to quit back then but as of today I am on day 48 as well! I hope you are still smoke free..... You are correct it does get easier, I will go most of the day without even thinking of having a smoke and when I do it is brief and a minimal thought at most. My biggest concern is when summer comes around and I am out back by a fire drinking a beer and listening to DMB. My old Zen moment was doing that while having a cigarette. I'm hoping by the time the good weather shows up I will not want to have a smoke... Pretty sure that I will not want one.

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