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18 hours and counting!!


Hello folks, as the title says, I stopped last night at 8 pm (last fag, bloody horrible it was too!), a spur of the moment decision... I have been thinking about stopping (for the third time, I'm a serial relapser!!) and just decided to finish the pack and not buy another. A wierd way to do it I know!

Anyway, I'm trying my best, all good so far, fingers crossed eh? :D

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hi there and welcome to the forum.

Most of us have been through the serial relapse stage, but at the end of the day there has to be one quit that sticks!

Most people on here believe that the key to staying quit is education, have a read of these websites, they contain a wealth of information about the addiction, what to expect when quitting etc.



We will support you as best we can and feel free to post as often as you want to let us know your progress problems or just to have a rant. It is an excellent way to distract yourself from the cravings.


You will get a lot of good advice and some great support here. Keep posting and reading it all helps. just came back from a relapes myself and im on day two today so maybe we will do this together. All the best anyway look forward to getting to know you. linda xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks! I'm going cold turkey as I think it's actually easier- wierd really. I am off work today so have had a soothing bath, I have some good books and a desire to make it stick this time!

Best of luck Linda, we can do this! My main problem is not starting again... But, this time I'm determined it will be the last. For my children epecially.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Staying quit is about not waning to smoke.

You need to try and change your mindset so that you dont see smoking as a massive sacrifice. Look on it as gaining a healthier way of life. That way its not so temping to regard cigarettes as some kind of forbidden fruit that you can reward yourself with.

After all there is no such thing as just one every so often, this thing is an addiction and it doesn't work that way, is all or nothing!

Stay strong, you can do it, you are doing it!

wellcome to the fourm...i went c/t..13days ago and found it was ok ..had a few bad moments..but they pass very quick...remember whether you smoke or not the crave will pass..read all you can,,..and keep the faith..all the best tonyx

Morning Dee

How you doing today day three now. i am also CT first week is not nice but find after that not so many bad days as when I used patches. Had a bad nights sleep last night but dont feel to bad this morning just a bit tired. Hope your day gose well. Linda xxxx

Hi! This morning I suffered a massive back spasm while coughing (too surreal for words!) so I am totally immobile now. But, I'm doing good with the ct. I had a few wobbles last night, but am better today. Hope your day is good, stress free and smoke free!

Dee xxx;)

So sorry to hear about you back Dee. Days going good so far back off to work soon afternoon shift. Tonight in going to have home made soup nice bath and early night. Hope i dont get a night like last night im not a great sleeper but last night never got a wink. To be honest not looking forward to tomorrow day four is hard for me in past quits but hay this maybe diffrent. xxxxx Hope you feel better soon.xxxxxx

I have been using a sleep cd for a couple of weeks as I am a terrible sleeper, and it does seem to help. Might be worth a try?

Hopefully day 4 will be a breeze for you, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Dee xxx

Good luck

Hi good luck to you both ,i know what its like to have no sleep i average about 3-4 hours every night due to prolapsed disc but i think having the bad back has helped with the quit as i didnt smoke in the house so used to go in the garden now i can hardley walk with the pain so the thought of standing outside in pain smoking no thanks, keep up the good work x

hi good luck u can do it x

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