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My first day

Hi All,

Looking at this forum, it is unbelievable how many of you are doing so well and how many of us there actually are trying to quit the nasty habit.

I have finally had a wake up call..... I have the 4th chest infection this year and my doc says he thinks i have asthma,

I have been off work all week sick (taking steroids, antibiotics and an inhaler) and yet i am ashamed to say the first thing i thought of this morning when i got up, was lighting up. I am 26 and have smoked for 10 years,i have never gone one day without a cig. I tried a few months ago but i was kidding myself, having 1 or 2 a day.

I need help to quit.

Any comments or tips would be great.


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Hi Tilliemint,

Welcome to the forum. A bit of a shock when something medical hits you so you are making the right decision. My OH had a scare and that shocked us into quitting. If your infections are so frequent at 26 then think about the problems when you are 40 if you keep smoking.

Speak to your doctor/nurse and get some help with NRT etc to help for the first few weeks if you feel you need it. We are using Champix and it has been a blessing. Not easy but easier.

Drink plenty of water to wash out the toxins.

Most of all you need to be strong and determined. Read Allen Carrs book, all of it comes along somewhere on the journey and the nicotine monster definitely appears :eek: to tempt you.

The forum is a great support and somewhere for you to vent or gloat if you need to. We are all on the same journey just a different stages, so we are either at the same point or have been through it. Some one will always be here to give praise or support if you need it.

Good luck and keep us updated on your progress we all like to share success and support those not doing so great.



Thanks for the advice Lingy.

Its been so inspiring reading the different stories. I always thought (stupidly) that i would be able to quit whenever i wanted to - how very wrong. There always seems to be an excuse. Either i am on a diet so i cant do two things at once, it even gets as ridiculous as 'oh i seen cheryl cole smoking in the paper, and shes lovely, so therefore i will be okay'. But i am determined thistime.

I really wanted to go 'cold-turkey' with the exception of some nicotine gum, however its looking more likely that i am going to need more than this. I will look at that book you suggested as i am a keen reader.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me, a am a bit of a newbie where forums go. :o x


Hi Tilliemint,

i can only echo Lingy's words. I smoked 15-20 a day for nearly 30 years, read Allen Carrs book and that gave me the impetus to stop. I'm only a week down so far, but didnt even think I'd make it a day. The book really does help. I'm not saying it's easy but the fear of giving up is the worst bit, once you say "that's it", and mean it, the rest follows a lot easier.

Also posting in the forums really helps.



Thanks Paul, i am in the middle of downloading my first Allen Carr book on to my kindle.

It may only seem like a week to you, but i think if i was in your shoes i would be sooo proud of myself. I smoked my last cig today and hopefully that will be it, tomorrow will be my very first day without a cig for 10 years. To be honest am quite excited!!:)


well I'm sure I'll be on here congratulating you next week T. :-)

Just been chatting to my friends wife on facebook who recommended the Allen Carr book to me, she has now done 7 weeks and she loves being a non smoker she said. :-)



oh, good on her. Am going to start the book after tea tonight (take my mind off the after tea cig).

Keep up your good work too Paul,

:) Tilliemint


Your welcome Tilliemint, we are always here to help and encourage.

I know I could never have done this without the support of the lovely people here (and Davo's jokes which put a smile on my face when I found it hard to smile - see General).

Good luck

Lingy :)


Good Luck Tillie - see you on the day 2 forum tomorrow :)


Good Luck Tillie , you find a lot of support on this forum.:)


'oh i seen cheryl cole smoking in the paper, and shes lovely, so therefore i will be okay'.

this bit made me smile cause yes i have done that in the past seen a pic of a celebrity smoking and justifying thats it was ok for me to smoke cause they did it

it is awful when you look back at it how you thought and what the nicotine addiction did to our logical thinking


I've done similar, especially some of my idols, who do still smoke. For me, it's shaking off the idea that smoking's cool.

I've making a conscious effort to look at people smoking and tell myself how daft they look. I find a mental comparison with tampax helps... :D


Hi Tillie, welcome to the site.

I started this journey for similar reasons. I hadn't realised until I quit how badly my breathing had been affected - I think I was in denial! But then I got really sick with the flu and had a really very bad bout of asthma - and the realisation of what it would be like to live out my days with a serious pulmonary disease scared me straight. I haven't looked back. And my breathing is so much better, I can't even describe it.

Keep occupied, take it one day at a time, read lots and educate yourself about what's happening and what to expect.

Accept the fact that you're going to want to smoke and just keep telling yourself that just for today, you choose not to thanks very much. Keep making that decision, over and over, and it gradually gets easier and easier.

Hang in there, you're so doing the right thing!


Hi Tillie

I stumbled across this forum last week when I was tearing my hair out and clutching at straws. I am on Day 8 today.

How did you do over the weekend? :confused:

I know how you will be feeling if you haven't smoked and I know how you will be feeling if you did! Both are awful!

Just be reassured that it gets SO much easier and you will feel SO much better soon :)

JQ xx


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