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Day 61, my first post

Not sure how to post on this site but here goes. I have been lurking around here for 61 days and I really like reading the posts and take comfort reading the replies. This my first post. I stopped on 11 January 2015, it's been a road of highs and lows. Oddly the last few days have been awful and I have been getting strong urges with this horrible inner anger. Is this normal so far down the line, will I ever be me again? I feel dismal at times. Of course, very chuffed I managed to make it this far but I am getting fed up with the inner struggle. Thanks for reading.

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Hi there , well done on 61 days that's brilliant. I have had an angry day today but I am only 11 days quit , I know others will be on who can advise better but I hope it eases soon for you ...


Hi Zaza

Congratulations on getting to Day 61, great effort. Good idea to read previous posts on here, and learn from them.

For me quitting perhaps easier for some than others, but never doubt your decision, it is so the right to thing to do, believe in yourself, believe in NOPE - not one puff ever.

I'm still a bit up and down with it but firmly believe it is the right thing to do and as time passes it will get easier.

Best wishes


Hang in there Zaza. All manner of struggles are sooooooo normal at this stage of your quit. I think it took about six months for me to feel finally and properly free of this thing. You are doing so excellently and smashingly. Just hang in. It won't be long. I promise. Soon you won't even know what on earth all the bother was about. Hang in. You're doing great. X


well done 61 days is fantastic. It would be a shame to give in this far in to your quit. Stay strong I'm sure it will get easier soon.


Hi Zaza,

61 days, good isn't it?

Today I fancied a fag, didn't have one but I did a 'first'. When I do an activity I've only done with a cigarette I struggle even now. It isn't that horrible day 3 feeling but for a while I think a quick cig give would be nice. Of course on reflection I know this thought process is utter rubbish.

More senior members (not elderly, lol, but folk that have given up for over a year) often say it settles down after first 6 months. I think you have done most of the hard work. Yes, we all get those awful days, and that's why many of the senior members hang around because they know what these times are like and how important it is to not give in .x


Zaza, hello :) First, a massive well done on your 61 days!

I'm only at day 15, but I really believe that for every craving we don't give in to; for every bad temper we suffer, every stressfull day or celebration or tough day that we DON'T try to 'improve' by smoking, that's another poke in the eye for the nicotine addiction, and therefore something to be happy about. So while tough times make us all feel awful, we should try and look at the positives of them, too.

Keep fighting, and maybe post more - it's helped me no end :)


Hi zaza, welcome to the forum so glad you posted congrats on your 61 days, I think you need to take care it's a precarious time, for me it's around the time my previous quits have failed as I have become bored, fed up of not smoking etc, so stupid really.... Like the others said hang in there and ride this hump out and you are very nearly home and dry xx


Wow 61 days thats brilliant and you may of had a wobble but there is no way your going to give in I just know.:D


Hi ZaZa

61 days is amazing. Glad you've joined because it's good for people on early few weeks (17 days for me) to follow people further up the road. Great post to read as I want to know if it gets easier too but I can see it takes time. If you read those ahead of you though it looks like it happens in time and you are not far off. X x


Congratulations on 61 days!!!! I dont have much to add, I'm only day 4 nearly 5!! But I honestly believe every little battle will make you stronger and it might feel like its dragging on but one day soon you will look back and say "wow!! I've done it!!!" stay strong and focus on the positives!!! Xx


So impressive Zaza. 61 days in, and some great inspiration from others going through similar. My longest quit is 14 weeks, 2 years ago. I'm finding this quit harder, just over week 1, as I know this time that it does really have to be forever. I believe I left a window open last time, willing to let the excuses fly in.

Maybe it's time for you to bolt that window, but kick the little monster out before you do.


Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! I can't beleive you all took time out to reply to little old me :) very chuffed. Had a much better day today. Went a long walk at the beach, lunch and drinks at a hotel and watched the rugby. It was great.

I promise to never take another puff but wish the little sh.. Would take a hike a leave me alone rarrr!!!!

Thanks again everyone, great advice and heartfelt support. It means a lot. X


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