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Today is my first day :)


... and I hope it goes well!

I know it's early yet, but i have a patch on my arm and plan to do some thorough cleaning later to while the hours away! I am at home with a toddler.. so playing with him is a good distraction.

I have planned to quit on this day after following a pre-quit programme from another website, and I really think that conciously thinking about when and where and why i smoke will have helped me to make a good go of this.

My biggest incentive today is visiting my dad, who has lung cancer, yet has never smoked.

I hope anyone else out there on their first day has a good day!

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hello and welcome to the forum.

A good thing to do to distract you when cravings hi is to read, either here or browse through the links in my signature.

Try to see quitting as a gaining experience (health wealth and control) rather than a sacrifice, its a bit of a mind game, understanding nicotine addiction and what to expect while quitting makes the process much easier.



Hi, Can't add anymore really, but your post sounds really positive and in the right mindset which is terrific! Welcome to the forum! xxx

Welcome to the forum Minnie!

Sorry to hear about your father, I can only agree with the comments by Nic and Fiona, read as much as you can on the subject, the best place to start would be to have a good look through the links on the bottom of Nic's signature.

Good luck!

Hi Minnie :D

Welcome to the forum and well done for deciding to quit probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make

Sorry about your Dad, but as you say playing with your toddler will be a big distraction and best of all you won't have to stop for a fag

As Nic says reading is a good way to beat the cravings as the more you learn about why you smoked and also about your addiction the easier it will be for you all you need to do is click on them

Good Luck


Thank you :)

How lovely to meet such a friendly group of people who are doing/have managed to do the same thing!:D

I thought I'd crave a smoke more than this to be honest- I usually smoke 15-20 a day, with that first thing in the morning one being my ' breakfast' along with coffee. So this morning i changed it and had juice and cleaned the kitchen instead!

For some reason i've never had time to get this much housework fitted into one!

I have tried patches before, but after a day smoked as i found they has hardly any effect- maybe this time I have much more determination and have the need to prove to myself, no one else, that i can do it :)

Hi Minnie :D

Keep it up you're doing well



well done hope all goes well this board has helped me a lot nice people here keep posting:)Jimbo

Hi Minnie

Warm welcome to these forums, and good luck with your quit.

I am so sorry to hear about your dad.

I can not really add any more that hasnt already been said above but post often and keep your self distracted and before you know it you will be at the end of your first week. :)



Thank you all for making me feel so welcome :)

It's early morning( just came home from visiting my dad) and i was SO pleased to tell him I'd had my first ever full day smoke free! he looked very happy :)

I did crave a smoke when my car broke down earlier.. as i felt really anxuious, but had boiled sweets instead.

Roll on Tuesday!

Hope everyone else had a good quit-day :D

Welcome, Minnie..... that is terrible about your dad - I'm sorry. Good to have you here though..... I hope your 2nd day goes well!!!

Thank you Bella.. it's very worrying for him, and he suddenly looks very old :( he's only 65, and never smoked!

I shall be honest and say i missed my late night smoke.. usually have one outside and have a quiet think.. but I felt great going to sleep knowing I'd managed a whole day- in the grand scheme of things 1 day isn't much, but to me it felt like a huge hurdle to cross :)

Don't knock it! Day one is a massive hurdle! It takes alot to take that first step. You have done brilliantly. It won't be easy all of the time but you are doing the right thing by turning the negative into positive. Very well done! xx Check out this article . I am rubbish as I do not know how to add as a link. However it is a fab tale of a womans first day of not smoking. xx

Thank you Fiona :)

I have bookmarked it to read later when my noisy toddler goes to bed!

I have a very clean house today.. I think my other half will like the non smoking me as I clean the house more!!!

Thank you for the encouragement, it helps a LOT!

Hi Fiona

You already added the link



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