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Back to day 1

Here I am again. I've been using Champix and was smoke free for 9 days and feeling quite proud ... until last night :( Well, I think I was getting tired, plus something stressful happened and I just thought I can't deal with this and fight Nicodemon and I caved and smoked. I was surprised at the effect the cigs had, esp as Champix is supposed to block the pleasure so obviously hadn't got rid of the physical addiction. It must take more than 2 weeks. Anyone know how long? Well, this morning I've got rid of the cigs that were left and I haven't smoked today. I don't want to smoke, the taste in my mouth was DISGUSTING this morning. I am finding it hard though esp with the setback and feeling really alone with this. Any advice would be appreciated or even just some encouragement :)

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Hi JoC,

Just look at last night and see what you can learn from it - it seems being tired and stressed are triggers for you, so you need to think about other ways of coping with them than reaching for the fags.

And you're doing really well to get straight back on the quit :)


Your not alone

Hi JoC

As long as you post on this forum your not alone. As you can read from my earlier post I'm back on day one. My last quit was with Champix and if you perceiver with them I'm sure you can beat this. Please do not beat yourself up to much over smoking last night and a massive congrats for starting again today.

My advise at this time will be the same as I am doing myself and that is to read,read,read (copyright TKJohn) if your have an idea of what to expect through your quit then you will be better prepared to deal with it.

OK I'm off to practice what I've just perched.

Have a good day and remember the physical craving only lasts a short time. It's the head we have to sort out :-)


Thank you for replying to my post. It helps to hear from other people who've been through/going through the same thing and to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You're right stress is a massive trigger for me. I've been worried about money for a while (which will be alleviated by not smoking of course) but if something happens I feel quite panicky. I guess I need to learn to deal with it somehow, anyway except reach for that cigarette! Good luck with your quit too Bobross - you did it before, you can do it again :)


One of the tricks i learnt was to employ the HALT thought process. Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. If you feel what you think is a crave then address these four things first before you reach for a fag as they tend to mimic the feeling. By the time youve attended to those needs you'll find that, in the main, the 'crave' will not be there anymore.


You have to remember that although the Champix will help, they won't stop you from thinking about the one thing you used to do whenever anything happened.

And I do mean anything. Stressed? Smoke. Angry? Smoke. Tired? Smoke. Grumpy? Smoke. Happy? Smoke. Etc, etc.

Advice for next time? Do something else instead. Doesn't really matter what. Just something. Distraction will help no end, and the urge will pass.

Onwards and upwards :D


Just curious, Jo. Yesterday, you said you were still going strong, but were contemplating whether you could have a drink without risking your quit..... You say that you were tired and stressed, but was there some booze in the mix as well?

As to your question, I can't answer from personal experience as I have not tried smoking since I quit on day eight of taking Champix. However, I have a friend who tried Champix and who seemed to quite regularly smoke on nights out during the three months that he was taking it. He swore by the drug, saying that it stopped him needing to smoke, but when he fancied one, he could have it. Didn't work, of course - he's back up to 30 a day now, and trying a nasal spray!


When I first asked for Champix, my GP gave me a long and dull lecture about how it wasn't a miracle drug... I still needed will power... Champix wouldn't stop me smoking... It wouldn't make smoking repulsive... I had to want to stop...

It made me yawn, but he was right, particularly on the last point. And I really do want to stop!

Everyone has different reasons for quitting, and I see that money is one of your motivators, JoC (mine too! :) ). Please don't dwell too much on slipping up once, but perhaps think about what you will do next time? What makes you stressed? How can you remind yourself of why you are quitting? What can you do instead of having a cigarette?

My thing is more anxiety than stress, and I have (quite without consciously deciding to), found myself chewing on lumps of stem ginger when I get anxious and can't say "I'm going outside for a smoke." Stem ginger has got quite a kick to it and it goes some way to disrupting my anxiety!

If I get used to the ginger, then I have a horrible feeling that Bird's Eye Chillies may be next...

Good luck and stay strong! :cool:


Hi Jo,

I can so identify with you, I did the same about a week into my Champix quit. But you've done the right thing and got back on the horse, and that's what matters.

I find that Champix helps with the physical cravings but the habits still have to be broken, and only I can do that. As Stav said, we use(d) smoking as a reaction to all situations and a coping mechanism too, it's not going to be easy to change that. You did nine great days and that's a major achievement. When I stumbled, I just repeated that day, and found that it helped me move forward. I don't think anyone would criticise you if you didn't want to go back to day one...but whatever you do, we're all rooting for you.

Well done.


Hi Jo,

dont punish yourself for having a slip up, happens all the time, not just for people trying to quit cigs. You have done well to get straight back on the quit, good luck.




I have been where you are so many times ...... there is no other way but to get back on to your quit as soon as you can .....I found the longer you leave it the harder it is to reagain the motivation and desire to quit.....good luck you can do this



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