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Back to Day 1

Hey guys,

Just putting it out there. After a bad stumble :( I have gone back to day 1. Although I had 6 weeks worth of Champix left I decided to use NRT instead so I have a patch on and I also have the spray for back up. I;m planning on quickly blasting through the patches because I only need to get over the physical. The physcological has gone completely. I just felt it would be best to have a bit of help to get through the initial bit again and then I can get back to where I was on my non smoking journey. I am actually looking forward to it this time.

Good luck to all others stopping. I know you can do it.:D

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Hi Mark

Well done for giving it another go - it sometimes takes a failed attempt (or in my case quite a few) until you say no more! I have not got there yet but I've set a quit date. I can't carry on doing this to myself for much longer I know I'm going to stop this time for good! You've done the hard part and that is making the decision - you'll do it this time as you know the misery it brings when you go back to it. Enjoy your freedom from the nicotine trap - I know I can't wait to join you! :)




Chuffed to see you back again. So you got down, but you got up again! I have a feeling that this is your time, you seem to be in a better place now.

Fi x



welcome back mark....

this is your time my friend.


Although, one thing I will say is I have something very nerve wrecking coming up at 2pm so if I smoke around that I am not going to beat myself up. Any of you that read my post where I had the initial blip (in month 2) will remember that I wrote about my ex and that he had cheated on me at least 3 times. I have since discovered a 4th. For my own sake, and for the safety of my current partner, I am going at 2pm today to get a rapid response H I V test. Although I had this done about 7 months ago and it showed negative it is 4 months since I split with my ex so it would show up now if he picked it up and had passed it on. I'll update with the results when I get back to work. After this (fingers crossed it should come back all clear) I will be in the best place.

IF I do smoke due to this my quit day 1 starts from I finish what I have left but it will still be today.


mark - you shouldn't feel the need to explain yourself on here mate. Just do whatever you need to do to get yourself sorted. we will all be here waiting for you to support you every step of the way.

good luck later.


Hi Mark,

I'm day 1 today (again!) too! We CAN do it! Good luck for 2pm!



Thanks guys,

Didn't feel like I was explaining myself to anyone Magic, just didn't want to start off again on a lie. But thanks, it means a lot to have the support.

I am pleased to say that test came back negative. This was the last shred of my old life and I can now get back to concentrating on building a new life for myself.

And when I finish the last couple of cigs I have, or get my shower tonight (whichever comes first) I will fully kickstart day 1. Although after the cig of relief I don't feel like I want any more.

Hello new life and goodbye to the old one!!!


Great news!

Best of luck with the fresh start, in every sense.



So glad you're back on track Mark.

Keep going, you know you can do it xxxxxxx


Great news Mark. We were all rooting for you. Good luck with the new quit.


Good luck Mark, let us know how you go ;)


Mark you have been through the mill and I really hope things improve for you from now on. Good luck with your new quit, you can do this!


Go Mark! Go Mark!!!

Your a winner, well done for climbing back on the wagon!

It took me a few attempts to feel quite comfortable in a quit and i hope this one feels much better, you know what to expect, you know the real crappy bit doesn't last long, your going into it informed... this is nailed already matey. x


Okay guys, after a funny weekend I am back into it. Today is officially day 1 for me again. I am using patches this time with a back up spray. The big advantage is that I am really not well today and couldn't smoke even if I wanted to. In the past I would have smoked through the sickness, hacking and coughing my way through the day. I have not felt the need to use my spray at all today and I am blaming the sickness on my smoking relapse. I am glad to have got back on the bandwagon again and pleased to say that it is going well so far. I'm only worried about the physical addiction this time as I am still fresh to smoking so the physcological hasn't had a chance to take root again.

Good luck to anyone else in the early stages of a quit. We can do this.


Hey Mark my fellow Olympian Quitter.

Good to see you back again, you will be fine, just fine. (I know what you mean when we still used to light up when ill, we just preserved did,nt we, dafties!)

Anyway, hope you,re feeling better soon .

Fi x


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