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Back to day 1 [with Champix]

Hi all,

I recently fell of the wagon at the begining of April after 6 weeks not smoking after an emotional brake down, but I have started champix now, Been on them for 10 days and today is my quit day, It has been ok so far, a few craves today but been a busy day so soon forgot about them. since using the champix pill I know now that if I smoke I will end up feeling totally sick and heaving after just 1/2 a cigarette and I feel sick just thinking how sick having a cigarette makes me feel.

There are many horror storys about champix but so far its not been to bad.

for the first few days I found my legs REALLY hurt and that passed, I seem to be getting more headahces than normal but they go with a pill and I have the dream thing but thats not too, bad, did notice I was waking up in the night but I am taking the eveing pill earlier to see if that helps. very early days on champix but those little side effects will be worth it if I can beat the addiction.

Praying this will be my last attempt :)

good luck to everyone else going for it ;)

Take care



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Hi Kerry sorry you had to fall off the wagon to make you realise that you prefer to be on it.

I cant comment on the Champix but reading about it on here leads me to believe that every one has different side effects the same with quits all round.

I think if you havent had any major ones up to now then it looks like you are one of the thousands who dont get any, as long as you make sure that you stay well hydrated you will feel better any way.

Take care and use the forum and it will give you the best support you could wish for, and anything you dont want to dicuss on the forum PM and we will try to help in any way possible.

Keep focused this time cause you know how easy it is to caught out by the nico demon now xx


you know you can do it! just need to put alot of effort into it! just think your skin will look better, your overall health will be a hella lot better and you will live longer :)

just keep saying NO lol! if someones pissin you off just take ya self off somewhere quiet so u can think to yourself. thats how i did it !

best of luck mate


Hi kerry i am in the same boat day 9 on champix and quit day. Well had 2 squirts of nicotine spray but even thats become intollerable!

I have had bad bloating and tummy ache since yesterday. Going to stay on them for just another month then go for will power


Hi Kerry,

I have been using patches, but my mum (who smoked for 40 odd years and lives with my dad who still smokes:eek:) quit for the first time ever 6 weeks ago using Champix. I can honestly say she never even thinks about smoking now, has no craves, no side affects - nothing! I'm two weeks ahead of her and still have bad days, and to be honest there are times when I have thought about smoking again so I could take it too!!

I know it's different for everyone, but I think we all experience side effects no matter how we are giving up so good luck and all the best with your quit:)


Well done and Good luck!! i used champix and they kicked in on day 13. day 11 i had to reduce dose as i couldnt collect script from docs as it was easter hols.

I am now back on them and on day 1 of tablets.

Champix was fine for me side effect wise.

Nikki x


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