Going Back To Day 1!!!

Let myself and everyone else down. Yet again. Not their fault at all, but I had a visit from the inlaws. Love them to bits but there may as well be 2 giant sized cigs standing in the porch. My first thought when I saw them was to run and hide, but what would that achieve. So I opened the door to my worst trigger. I didn't smoke at first, was about 3 hours till I gave in. That was on Monday. the rest is history. :o

Will get myself ready for Monday but am going to seriously think about getting some patches or inhalator or something.

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  • Never mind Lou!

    Pick yourself up dust yourself down - you aren't the first to fall and you won't be the last.

    This time you will do it!

    As for patches etc... Whatever helps get you where you want to be can't be a bad thing.

    Good Luck


  • Thank you, Well Done to you on your 7 weeks. It shows it must get easier then. I can just never seem to see it through to that stage. Think I am just too week, need to get my fighting head on.

    I think I just replied to a post you left about puppies. it was some tips for house training. hope they help, think it was in general under the good life.

  • In the past I have used patches, 5 weeks that was 6 years ago. Hypno 2weeks that was 3 years ago, gum and inhalator in between, Allan Carr numerous times, the info goes in but dosn't stay there. lol. this quit has been going on now since 1st October, maybe that does mean I need some help. I do have some patches and an inhilator in the cupboard that I got from the clininc just before christmas. Dont ask why I not used them, think I wanted to prove to myself that i could do without. Think it's time I saw the light and used them.

  • LL, just a thought, did they smoke in your house...if so, can you instigate a smoke ban until the nicotine deamons have left for good?

    Good luck with the Monday restart, no shame in it, the only shame would be giving up-giving up for good.

  • Aw Looby, sorry that you blipped - but think about it, you got past day 1, it was your major obsession and you've proved yourself you can do it! Quitting smoking remains one of the hardest task in one's life so don't be too hard on yourself, but congrats instead for making the decision to seek some help :) Just because it didn't work in the past, doesn't mean it will never work - otherwise happy couples would only be made of people at their first experience and no love failure in the past ;) x x

  • Thanks hunter and francessca.

    I do have a smoking ban in the house. I myself havn't smoked in the house for months. It was just seeing them that did it, they dont even need to be smoking. Think I need to run away to a desert island for a month or two. Either that or become a curtain twitcher. LOL.

  • Hi LL, that's a tough one isn't it? Relatives who mean well but can't quite hook in to your needs. You say you lasted 3 hours.. so that means that you must have employed some sort of strategy to succeed - and then you stopped using it! OK.

    The future is where everything lives so let's look forward to Monday. We'll all be here for you:)

  • Looby! Go on girl - you can kick this! You really can!

    You're on a par with me (just about), for the amount you smoked and for how long and you're also gonna go cold turkey, which is what I've done! Do it!! Be positive - it's mind over matter. It's up & down and it's tough at times, as you already know, but what's really getting me through this is thinking this thought daily... "right, I've come this far.. do I really want to go back and go through all this horrid feeling and difficulty again just for a few puffs on a fag?!" My answer... er, hell NO!!!! It's not that I don't wanna smoke at all yet (I'm not that far on yet!) - I just don't wanna have to go through all this hardship again! This has been one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life and the thought of repeating it fills me with dread! Stay away from the fags and I'll never have to!

    If you can get anything positive from my thoughts I hope it helps. Keep going.. keep trying and just keep gettin up, dusting ya'self back off and doing it again until the time where it's 100% right in your head and you simply don't wanna smoke ever again! Good luck!! x x

  • It is a hard battle to win but you will do it.

    They say the most successful quitters are the ones who have tried 4/5 times as they learn from thier mistakes. Each time is a new journey, with lessons learned from the previous quit.

    Ive started a journal, nothing special, I picked up a book from the poundshop and everyday I write in it. I write about how I am feeling, what ive done good, just anything really. Everytime I feel a bit like a smoke, I write and I keep writing till Ive forgotton about the smoke. Sometimes thats why my posts are soooooooo long

    My mum and dad have been a few times, they dont smoke, but its a trigger for me, so i write. After a few visits curiosity got the better of them and I told em what I was doing.

    I'm the same on the phone, so I doodle. If that doesnt work, i sip chilled water, if that dont work i get a bath, but ive realsied I cant stop trying things to occupy my mind. Ive also got my exercise dvds out, so when all else fails I do some exercise, by the time ive done that, i am often too puffed to even bother with a smoke.

    Good luck for next time and I hope Ive been of some help sharing my experiences with you

  • Thanks Steve and Lady Sa. Your posts really do keep me trying. I suppose we all go through this decision time, its just making it and sticking to it. Really thinking now that I dont want to wait till Monday,:confused: I feel sick today and I can't keep making excuses. I will keep you all posted as to what I decide to do. Be it Monday or before. Thanks again.

  • Thanks Yo Yo. It really does help. Everyone on here is so helpful and when you put everyone elses experiences together, I am bound to come up with something that works. Will give the writing a go. :)

  • Looby, use whatever you need to help you whether thats NRT, champix, zyban or sheer bloody mindedness! I have been a serial quitter for years but **something** chaged in my head with champix and I (and others) can say that it worked brilliantly. BUT it still needs 100% commitment.

    Perhaps even re-think your strategy around stopping on a Monday say. Its not always the most positive day of the week for many (back to work, monday blues, tired after the weekend, kids not wanting to go to school etc etc) so would you consider another day of the week to stop?

    Whatever you decide - best of luck :)

  • OOO never thought of monday like that, well I have, every monday when i get up, but never thought of it that way as far stopping goes. I picked Wednesday last time cos it was mid week but that didn't work. well i suppose it did in a way cos it got me past day 1. Will have a re-think on that. If im honest im not convinced about monday anyway, think I will be bringing it forward.

    oooooooo decisions decisions. Someone just pick a day for me and have done with it. lol. that might be the kick up the back side I need.

  • Looby - how many fags you got on ya right now???

  • I got 3 left in pack.

  • Looby, why don't you consider the times you give in and smoke like blips? If you managed to do that, you wouldn't have to go back to Day 1. I may be wrong but I think that when you set a date, you set the date that looks less painful for the nic monster. If, on the other hand, you considered the odd cigarette you smoked - or even the three you smoked in a row - like a blip, you could still think hey I slipped ok but the madness has gone and I'm back on track again more determined than ever. Maybe this would help you find that "quid" that I'm afraid you're missing in your quits, because it is obvious that you so much want to quit, but maybe the routine has gotten old and it frustrates you to have to reiterate it always in the same way. Whatever you decide we'll always be here for you hun x x x x

  • Looby, why don't you consider the times you give in and smoke like blips?

    I couldn't agree more with you.

  • I got 3 left in pack.

    K... just a suggestion.. not sure if it's a good one but... how about if you made those last 3 fags last you through this evening until you crash out. Say, one at 7pm, one at 8.30 & one at 10pm, depending on what time you go to bed... then that way if you smoke the last one late at night then sleep (safe in the knowledge that you are gonna wake up feeling positive about it all, not gagging for a fag); for 6-8 hours, you will have already gone nearly a whole working day without a smoke, so it's a real head -start without knowing about it! :D

    PLUS.. and here's the thing I hope may help.. it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. I don't know if you have a partner, children or what, but you will def have people around you that you love very much and vice versa. So, could you associate Feb 14th with "love" and as a significant date for your quit date and link it to all the people around you that you need to kick this for and also to signify the love you need to have for yourself in order to kick this once and for all? :)

    Do it sooner rather than later sweet, give yourself the longest possible chance of life and start stopping tonight!!! Go on!!!! You CAN do it!! x

  • Francesca - Thank you. That really makes sence to me now. I think you are most definately right. On this occassion though I have smoked too many to not go back to day 1. I would feel like I was cheating myself and everyone else if I didn't. I will go back to day 1 and i will keep going until i find whatever it is I am missing and hold on to it like my life depends on it. (cos it does really).

  • Lady Sa, that made me cry. Reality Hits. You are right. I am going to sign off now for the night and gear up for tomorrow. Dont wanna be stinking of fags on valentines day do I. Dont think hubby has got anything planned but you never know. ;)

  • Lady Sa, that made me cry. Reality Hits. You are right. I am going to sign off now for the night and gear up for tomorrow. Dont wanna be stinking of fags on valentines day do I. Dont think hubby has got anything planned but you never know. ;)

    I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry... xxx

    Go for it tomorrow.. ooodles of strength & love comin your way from loads of people.. you're not on ya own!!

  • Don't give up trying see my signature think this is my 3rd attempt in a matter of weeks but something has clicked 17 days off them today and I feel great.


  • Looby Lou - do not put yourself down, I read somewhere that every ex smoker has had at least 6 - 10 attempts to actually give up the fags.

    You try again, when you feel stong enough and motivated enough to do so.

    I'm using the gum, I intend to keep using it until I feel I no longer have to. What ever helps you , you just go for it.

    Yestersday I wrote a little list and noted everything that I felt would make me feel the need to smoke another fag - even right down to the deaths of my nearest and dearest, including my Mum, who's 74 and fag free for over 20 years!

    You know wot, nothing in there would or could justify me lifting another fag. If/when the worst happened I can actually hear my Mum giving me grief for smoking, she's be so disappointed, she's on the phone every day giving me encouragement.

    Don't feel bad, don't feel guilty pick yourselfup, dust yourself down - and when you're ready start again, and we'll all be here with ya.


  • Hi Lou

    <Cess shamefully peeps out from behind a new pile of Nicorettes:o>

    I only made it to day five so you're a better person than I am.

    Valentine's day will be my next starting date.

    I feel more positive than ever before. We can beat this !!

    Cess xxx

  • Hi Lou

    <Cess shamefully peeps out from behind a new pile of Nicorettes:o>

    I only made it to day five so you're a better person than I am.

    Valentine's day will be my next starting date.

    I feel more positive than ever before. We can beat this !!

    Cess xxx

    Oh hun, both you and Lou are stars and deserve so much more respect and consideration because you never give up giving up, not despite it! It is something tremendously admirable. No one is a better person than anyone here, especially not at quitting smoking which is indeed hard and so unpredictable and depends on so many emotional factors, there can't be a single winning rule - so chin up, stand in front of that pile of nicorette and be VERY proud of yourself :) x x

  • Cess You did great getting to day 5. I too am armed now with patches and inhalator. lol. Making this damn decision really is harder than getting past day 1 and we all know how hard I found that. I now have 1 of my 3 left, feeling positive 1 minute and not so the next. But that is why we stumble about for so long, I supose we just need to get on a do it. Its not going to get any easier and the longer we leave it the worse our health gets and the poorer our pockets.

    Good Luck for tomorrow Cess. We can beat this. I will be around - Smoke Free!! at least for tomorrow, the next day I will deal with when it arrives. (trying out that philosopy for size).

  • Thanks Francesca & Lou

    I'm kind of looking forward to this quit. I've got a good feeling about it.

    Oh it's great to have such good buddies, I wish I'd come on here to grumble on my day five. I know you would have helped me better than patches.

    Good luck with our quit Lou

    Cess xxx

  • Ta chuck. I too wish i'd come and grumbled but was too ashamed :o Won't make that mistake again. So get ready for some grumblings peeps. Just waiting for my daughter to go on her sleep over for friends bday, then Im gonna go and have that final puff.



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