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OK. back to day 1. Starting again

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Back to day 1 again.

I have tried so many times. No will power and end up back smoking within a few hours.

I have decided enough is enough and having another go.

The reason for this?, well i have been feeling so tired lateley with no energy. the slightest thing and i get puffed out, just walking up the road and i am worn out and heaven forbid if i hurry up the stairs.

I have also developed a chesty cough, having to keep clearing it is not nice.

I had last cig last night at 8pm.

Put my patch on as soon as i woke this morning then went back to sleep. Was so lucky in having a nice new box of them in the cupboard.

So far so good.

I look in here every day to see how people are doing and feel so envious that people are doing so well.

If i don't report in will people start calling for me as this will keep me on straight and narrow i hope.

I really must make this the last time.

My mum had lung damage. She never smoked in her life, was just very unlucky to get a disease when young.

I saw how bad her breathing was, gasping for breath in the end and hooked up to oxygen 24hrs a day.

Please help me along this road to kicking this nasty habit.


6 Replies

Wotcha Jane,

Make sure you've got some nice munchies close by for when you have cravings. They really do work! In my early days I ensured I had a few handfuls of seeds, some nuts and chopped veggies. Just stuff to graze on.

Also don't be afraid of not popping in to say hi. Ok that sounds odd! There are a few of us who have found that popping in daily becomes a bad reminder that you're fighting something; sometimes it's better just to get on with things.

Good luck and enjoy the journey


Hi Jane,

Welcome back. I personally find it helpful to pop in here often. I find it encouraging when I see how well people are doing. I've seen these same people struggling and that gives me the incentive to keep going.

I'm finding things a lot easier now but I stopped the patches on Saturday night so I'm a bit twitchy today. Once I get through tomorrow I'll be nicotine free so I'll do whatever it takes to get through that and I expect things to get much better from then.


This last week has seen me suffering from a bad chesty cough also and yet i've been quit over 4 months now :confused:

Good luck in your new quit though.


So far so good.

Having a fancy but I have left purse at home on purpose so I can't say sod it and get them.

Will tuck into my pasta salad in min.

Think it just a trigger as by boss been in and now left and tha's when i normally have one.


Hey Jayne, i'm new to the group and have to say, I like you have tried so many times, ranging from patches, gum, cold turky ( by godthat was the worst, for the health and safty of the community, i had to go buy 10 cigs ) I have enven tried Alan Carr hypnotherepy twice to no avail. Keep going you wil lget there one day. I am seeing the nurse tomorrow for Champix, I tried these 4 years ago and worked for a few months but Alcohol ruined it, so this time my mind will be on being strong with the glass of Vino... so good luck pet and I'm sure with the support from the group friends and family it should be ok. My only advice from someone who has tried millions of times is never take it personally if you have one and dont put yourself under pressure as it makes it 10 x worse. x


I did day 1 yesterday. I went cold turkey and go through ok.

It wasn't easy, but that's the challenge and fun part, if it was easy, it wouldn't be satisfying to succeed in quitting!


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