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When does the coughing stop??

For the last year or so, I've developed a light smoker's cough. I always told myself “Smokers never have coughs, they just have permanent colds and headaches”. But of course it was a smokers cough as in the early stages of COPD. How is it for others? When does the cough stop? Or does it just go on forever? When I breathe out hard, all the way, there's still a wheeze. Does that go away too? Thanks

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well done on going out last night and not giving into the cravings as regarding the cough it will go away

sadly as not everyone is the same it may get abit worse before getting better i know the first few weeks when i first stopped i just had a really sore throat and 2 nasty throat infections which made me feel in one sense glad i had stopped smoking

my quit nurse said its just your body adjusting and everyone is different i tell you what helped me for the cough and sore throat was a throat spray that numbs it as well as stopping that persistant tickle which was very annoying

btw regarding slogans i had an idea you could always put some on your signature on here and then change them every so often or just add to them that way people will be able to read them everytime you post :)

regards Carol


hi there,

I have quit bad COPD ( at the top of the moderate scale) & hardly cough at all now. This was better from the second day really. I can breathe out with ease, no more rattling chest or hardly able to breathe out at all really. Still get a bit breathless on exertion but nothing like the gasping for breathe I had before & no longer need to use my inhalor.

Hope this helps.



Thanks. Gaynor, that's after how long (since you quit)?

Thanks Carol for the encouragement and advice. And a new slogan ...


Today is day 20 of my quit so the improvement was very quick :)


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