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No Smoking Day
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Day 3, when does it get easier?

Goodmorning everyone! Ok, big whoooopppty dooooooooooooo I made it to day 3. Last night was hard to say the very least. It seemed, no matter what I did, I wanted a cig, all I thought about was having a cig, and kept reaching for one out of habit. I couldn't wait to fall asleep and make the day end, but guess what, sleep even sucked. I tossed and turned and did that half asleep half awake all night long.

So here I am at work, listening to sad music, pitying myself, trying to tell myself (as I stare at the back door wishing I was outside in the cold smoking) it will get better.

Whennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn does this start getting a little easier. I absolutely REFUSE to give up, but I am getting exhausted and cranky here. I knew this wouldn't be easy, but come onnnnnnnnnnn, I deserve a little break. Andddddd, I think I am getting a cold.

Ok, I am done whining, for now, or will try not to whine. Just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Welcome to the devilish day 3!!!

If you read through many posts you will see you are not alone x x x x

Day three sucks!!!

Tomorrow will be better x x x

Today slump into it and go with the flow, scream, cry, shout, run or laugh hysterically whatever, you are allowed to have this 'I am totally cranky Day!' :D

Keep yourself as distracted as possible and don't let the devil bite ;)

~Buffy x x


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I am just having a heck of a time even concentrating at work. I want to kick the desk, knock the chair over, throw the computer and sit on the floor and cry....but do you think they will notice. I feel PATHETIC for feeling this way over cigarettessssssssssssss.:mad:


Can you go for a walk?

Or just take 5 and go toilet and sob into a tissue?

Or take it out on a lower leveled work colleague :D ?


Hang in there Becca. It will be better tomorrow.

On day 3 I acted like a 8 year old throwing temper tantrums.

I smashed my phone into little bitty pieces just for ringing! I had to spend 100$ just to buy a new phone/answering machine for that little immature outburst. :p

Just realize day 3 is the last day it takes for 99% of the nicotine to get out of your body. It will be better tomorrow, honest just hang in there. Days 1-3 seem like they take FOREVER as minutes seem like hours, and hours seem like days.

I am hesitant to say anything as everyone's quit is a little different, but if this is any encouragement it was "better" for me days 4 through 8, but day 9 was a nightmare day that I really struggled to get through. A lot of people seem to have one super horrible day in the 8-10 day range. I am hoping that doesnt happen to you, but if it does, just know that all you need to do is be prepared and be strong and make it through one day at a time. I am now on my 14th day of not smoking as of this post and the urges are nowhere near as bad as they were even just 5 days ago.

Short answer.. it gets better.. hang in there.


Ok, so I just figure out what a 3 year old feels like throwing a fit. A girl at work was printing, a very large document, and the noise of the printer was so annoying.....I sat here like a child opening and slamming drawers tossing things around looking for headphones so I did not have to hear the printer. I still haven't said sorry for that. I think I will get up, go potty, and walk around the office for a bit. Take a breather. 3 more hours of work though and then I get out of here. I better worn the hubby now to just stay out of my way.


Awww Becca...poor you! I felt the exact same way and I came on here to moan about it! Day three is terrible, but you are doing amazing. You can do it even if you do throw tantrums :D It's okay to feel this way as long as you don't smoke! You have the freedom to cry, kick and scream and even hit if need be :p

Hubby will just have to deal with the non-smoking you!! You are doing super so don't crash. The nicotine is leaving your body today so you are almost nicotine FREEEEEEEEE!! That is awesome!!!! Tomorrow you will feel much better I promise! Deep breaths in and out...you can do this!!


A positive note:

I cannot tell you it will get easier tomorrow or even next week, however if you are getting a cold just think of how crappy that cig will make you feel if you smoke it! One of the main reasons I quit 12 days ago was from chronic bronchitus due to smoking during cold and allergy seasons! Hang in there with me and the rest of us! We will get by!!!

Quit: Monday Oct. 1 @ 6am

Smoked: 10-15 cigs per day for 27 yrs

Method: cold turkey

Slips: none


Ok, I am better now. I ended up going downstairs and cleaning out the storage closet. I have noticed writing on here helps alot too. Oh yeah, and I also called my mom and said I'm sorry cause when she called I was very short with her. Then I ate lunch, and instead of sitting there wanting that after lunch cigarette I am here typing to all of you. So please know, you all do help. If you knew me, you would know I am one of those people always laughing and smiling. I usually just love life so much. My husband and I go camping all the time and just sit outside enjoying the world. So feeling like this, well this just sucks as all of you already know I am sure. I don't like to be sad, or mad, or hate the world so I can't wait to get past all this.

I can't help thinking though, will I ever be truly happy not having a cigarette. I mean, I know I am going to be a non-smoker from here on out, and I won't mess that up, I refuse. But am I always going to miss and want cigarettes. I know the urges will pass, but what about the desire. I think that is what makes me sad, I am giving up something I really enjoyed doing. I know it stinks, stains walls, cost too much and is horrible on your health, but it was still something I loved. Someone out there please tell me someday I will learn to hate it instead.


Hi Becca24jg,

Bonnie here, welcome.

What you detail on your threads is so like everything/one experiences on here. I find this site a great help to me, without I am sure I would've failed. Reading the threads that everyone has posted makes me feel I'm not alone, my hubby has never smoked!!!! So as much as he thinks he understands, bless him, he hasn't been as stupid as me by smoking,grrrrrrr!! ha! Bless him,

hope all is well and have a nice weekend,

B xx


Hi becca

Don't think we've talked b4. I just want to say that for me it's not a hatred of cigs that stops me from picking one up but ra ther more a sense of 'control' rather than the cigs controlling me. It's more like ok you've dictated to me for 25yrs NOW ITS MY TURN AND I SAY "SHOVE IT "! maybe in time I will develop a hatred for cigs but at the moment it suits me to know i have the upper Hand over them. They are NOTHINGhttp://forum.interlopers.net/images/smiles/hurrr0le.gif


Thanks for the welcome Bonnie! I am sure it is tough for your husband to understand what you are going thru since he does not smoke. I have a husband who is a smoker, and is not quitting, so he does understand, but his help for me thru this is to light up right next to me..........lol. I truly love me husband and don't want anyone to take this wrong, but sometimes they just don't think.



you are doing great, just hang in there a little longer and thing will start get easier quickly enough! Boy I cried my eyes out on my Day 3...and after throwing hissy fits at anyone in sight all day long I went on the Internet searching for some online help, and found this site. It didn't matter to me that it wasn't even in my language, I just held on to it for dear life LOL :p I spent hours going back to older threads reading messages posted by other people about their very first days and especially their day 3 nightmares, and I felt so much better. The value of sharing experiences leaves me speechless, it is so powerful :) Please be strong and resist, I promise that that very uncomfortable feeling of missing personality and the frustration and sadness that are hurting you now and making you miserable will go away and you'll be happier than ever real soon ;)



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