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When do you stop thinking about the fag?

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I still have thoughts about the dreaded fag does this ever go away somehow i dont think so. I know that i totally hate the smell so why do i think about it. How do you cope with it ? Does anyone have any ideas. I have got to 6weeks 6days which i am pleased about because on my previous quit last year round about this time i gave into a fag and i dont want that to happen now. And i still get snappy but only with Hub he has had the full works of my tantrums i can be a right bitch when things dont go right. Im also worried that when i stop taking these lozenger's i will be tempted. Anybody give me some advice and tips please.

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Hi Fleetwood I'm just over 2 months, I still think about them on a daily basis but not craving. It is getting better every day, like you I can't stand the smell now, so lets hope the day will come when we don't think of them at all. Hang in there think of all the bad things, I do and don't ever want to go back there.

Take care Bet.:o

I am 9 weeks quit now but still find I think about them everyday. I still love the smell so doubt if I will ever turn into a reformed non smoker :)

Hi Fleetwood, betty boop and Chrissie. I'm going to try and explain this to you in this way. When two people have a relationship and for one reason or another they break up and you don't see one and other again. No matter what you will miss them and probably think of them every day. In the beginning many times a day but as time goes on you will not miss them so much and think of them less and less.

Well it the same with fags you have had a relationship with them for years and suddenly you don't have them any more. So of course you are going to miss and think of them a lot especially in the beginning but believe me there will be a time when you will hardly think of them at all. The only reason I think of cigarettes now is when I come on here but I would never think of smoking one.

It takes time guys and for everyone it depends on how strong your relationship was with cigs as to how long it will take. As you can see it's over 16 months for me now but I stopped thinking about them in a smoking way a long time ago.

Bear with it because it will happen one day, although you may not realise this it's probably psychological that you want to smoke, you miss your relationship.

I don't know if this will help.


Thanks for reply's

:):) When you put it like that Jack I can see more clearly now about the cigarette thinking mode, so many thanks for that. I have had a good day today and this is my 8th week I am on so will be celebrating as month real soon. Many thank you's for all your reply's. And hope you are all doing well in your quit. Happy days. ;)

As far as i am aware due to the brain receptors that start from the day you start smoking never go away. I have known some smokers who havent had a smoke for 20 years, but still get a craving now and again. Its just about ignoring them and am guessing with time that can only get easier.

Nice text Jack! I'm sure it will be of help to many people.

Twenty years?

Oh God give me strength...:(

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

The thought of cigs changes throughout a quit, it starts as a craving then becomes a want and evolves into a passing fancy.

Jack is quite right, you don't suddenly forget that smoking was part of your everyday life but you do become accustomed to living without cigs and thoughts about smoking reduce in frequency.

The good news is you do not feel as you did in the 1st few weeks/months and resisting the feelings gets progressively easier.

I had my first days not thinking of fags at all around 11 months quit BUT before then it was only occasional harmless thoughts of smoking.... not even craves.... it all gets pretty easy after the 6 month mark. :)

Jack is right it is like a relationship. Just remember that your so called friend 'the cig' had tricked you into that relationship, made you think that it was the only friend you needed and then set about to kill you slowly... Not a relationship one should pine over. I quit thanks to Allan Carr and he gets your head in a great place where you understand why you had a relationship with cigarettes and it's easy to move on. I think about cigs every day. I think, I wish I could help other smokers, and make them feel the way I do. I quit last July. There is Freedom and it doesn't take years... Just read Allan Carr's books over and over and finally it clicks. 'I was conned by the tobacco industry and all those smokers who made smoking look so enjoyabe'

it's a con!

All the best


This bothered me for ages bcos my dad used to smoke, and said it took 10 years to stop thinking about them (I think he meant in a general way, not 10 yrs of cravings) I'm nearly coming up to three years, but you can't really call it thee years as I have had many lapses, in fact you could call it three years of off and on smoking in fairness! My longest ever big chunk of quit was 6 months , it was hard and i compensated with anything else i could get hands on, food or booze whatever.They were never far from my mind in the early days before this, and during this. Having said that now, even though i smoked about three days ago. I rarely think about smoking, with a patch i don't crave them, I just still have been smoking sometimes just for? reason.

I know i can quit and thats why I'm doing it agai. In order to fully break it this time am avoiding booze, sugar, caffeine as these are all "addictive" type things tome and seem to compound the problem.

Butin answer to your question, hardly think of fags or crave them at this point as I'm very used to givng up now, and If i can get myself away from smoking the odd packet (which just feeds the addiction and makes you crave mor) I know I can give up, and I truly know that I will rarely, if ever think of fags at all

On a day to day basis I don't think of fags or smoking at all. However when I hit a situation where I would have smoked in the past, a trigger, then yes I think about fags, but really only then. Its more of a curiosity now, a sort of "oooh I'd have smoked now 3 months ago", certainly not a crave.

However I'm lucky, my OH gave up at the same time as me and the only member of my staff who smokes volunteered to do so away from the rest of us. So I don't see much smoking going on which I'm sure makes it easier.

I think about fags every day, not because I crave them, but rather because I am fascinated about how much influence they have (or have had) over people's lives, including my own.

Now that I've reached the six-month quit mark, I can safely say that my relationship with cigarettes is purely platonic. I live vicariously through them to understand how they twist people's minds, but also I like to understand / help other people dealing with them, and especially getting rid of them, forever.


fag is another word for cigarette, or ciggie or tab. ;)

UK slang for a cigarette tigger - has another meaning altogether in the US!!

I remember when I talked about 'fag butts' and 'dog ends' my american friends used to howl with laughter :D

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