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When will I stop eating?

I think I need to find a 'no eating' forum...

I've put on 9lbs already! Still, at least I don't smoke.

I know, I know...I've identified it so do something about it (I do about 4 hours of exercise a week and have no time for more). I keep saying 'I'll start tomorrow', but don't.

Just need to motivate myself...anyone got any tips?

Hope you are all well! :)

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Iv run out of clothes that fit so im now having to get off my butt and maybe buy some jeans for elephants either George of asda or tescos own. im lucky i live near all night supermarkets as i wouldnt be seen dead waddling into town looking like this to shop for clothes. iv always had the wiry haggard look but this new me is just not me i hate not being able to bend down and tie my laces and if something falls on the floor it has to stay. i cant beleive iv turned into a whale in 3 months. sorry i havnt any advice but do something quick or you may get stuck in a chair in front of the telly waiting for tommorow for some motivation.

best of luck mash x


Oh Mash I really feel for you. I've put on weight too :confused: I was too fat to start with now I'm much too fat. Oh well, I'm posting to sympathise really can't offer much advice.

4 hours exercise sounds pretty good so I wouldn't worry about doing more. A lot of weight loss is down to diet I'm afraid.

A colleague has lost weight with slimming world and there's also weight watchers if you have time for their meetings but they're both a bit faffy imo. I think the thing with smoking is that you stop eating because you want a ciggie wheras when you stop there is no ciggie so you carry on eating... Well thats my theory!


I read something ages ago which suggested that when people smoke after a meal it signals the end of the meal so when we quit smoking that signal has gone and we carry on eating, food for thought.

Mash x


slimming world is a fab way to lose weight. Most of the food they tell you to eat doesnt need to be weighed or counted. Its just the way that you cook the food that has to change,

If you type slimming world recipies into google it will bring up all kinds of forums, just have a look through them.

Good luck

Lillie x


Thanks guys. It's horrible eh?!

I think I just need to be really strict with myself and not give in - if we can do it with not smoking...

Here's to staying quit AND eating heathily!

Good luck :)



I'm nearly 13 months quit and I piled on 2 stone.

I gave up cold turkey and my only vice was food. I thought as i'm not smoking i'll reward myself with treats and that was the only thing that got me through. I didn't feel ready to diet until I was 10 months quit. I joined slimming world and i'm now back to the same weight as before. Don't worry about your weight as it can be corrected afterwards. I know it's depressing when your clothes don't fit but concentrating on not smoking is more important. You can deal with your weight afterwards.

Good Luck



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