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I am so irritable

Halfway through day 5 and I am being so nasty horrible and I know I am am.I cant stop it.I am soooo irritable.Surely this is not fair on my family.I am being a total cow!!!When will this pass????I am going to be divorcee soon and my kids will have moved out even though they are 9 and 1!I am going to meet a friend for coffee Im worried I am nasty to her!Another friend phoned the house today and I said I would phone her back as I couldnt be bothered talking to her.I am being a nitemare.

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My personal approach was to say I had to give it 2 weeks. In those first two weeks anything difficult would be used as an excuse to start therefore I had to grin and bear it. After two weeks, if it was still hell and I was still evil I would reconsider my quit. Guess what I did not even need two weeks - within 10 days I was fine.

Just keep it up, if you are worried you will be rude to people, warn them beforehand. As said above I am sure your children will not remember you being grumpy for a couple of weeks while you quit, but they will certainly remember if they have to nurse you while you die slowly and horribly of a disease brought on by the habit!

Sorry to seem mean, but you are just dealing with the acute difficulties of the quit versus the chronic hell of continuing. If it was easy, everyone would be quit!


it will pass just give it time and as genes says warn people beforehand my daughter was telling me only the other day how irritable i had been especially with driving as normally i dont let anything or anyone get to me while driving but she put it down to the fact i wasnt smoking anymore

come on here and rant as much as you want if that helps

btw well done on reaching 5 five :)

regards carol


Thanks guys.I havnt smoked today.I am being a nitemare but have figured its because its the weekend and everyone is at home at not at work or school so it will be easier tommorow when its just me.I can grumble to myself.I have developed at really bad cold and have dry lips and couldnt get the top of my lipsalve!!Ahhhhhh I really nearly had a nervous breakdown.I also keep feeling really dizzy and spaced out.Is that normal?Its the most weirdest feeling.Thanks for your support.I am not paying those evil tobbaco companies to posion me anymore.They have put chemicals in the cigarettes to make this quit so bad that I go back but I wont these companies will not beat me.E;)


well done. Hang in there it gets easier every day, I swear that the time flies by . It's been a month for me and I am not surviving I am loving the sense of freedom.

Rooting for you xx



Yes light headedness is normal - it is normal blood flow and oxygen levels returning, your brain has essentially been starved of oxygen and now is getting used to "normal" levels again, goes soon.


Regarding the lightheadedness - I stopped smoking a week ago and have been experiencing sudden spells of dizziness. I had no idea what that was about!

Thanks, itsinthegenes. It's quite nice to feel positive physical changes like that.


I remember that one - one stroppy after another. I'm surprised I still have a husband :)

Believe u me, worst will be over in couple weeks, so I'm sure your loved ones can handle it if you warn them and keep apologizing...

One thing I have found lately (in my 4th mo now) is that I don't get upset almost at all - not the same way than before anyway. I am much calmer and don't get the overpowering fury inside which I use to experience. I'm really liking the fact that life seems just a bit easier.

So, keep it up and you'll end up being less stroppy than before. Perhaps tell that to others so they can bare your mad moments now :)


Why not come here and rant about whatever bothers you? Let it out, it´ll soon pass :)


Tina - the wife and I have had to have "a serious talk" about "things" about a week to 10 days into this quit, as well as the last one! I think it's normal - until you adjust.

My tip would be to be aware you're being horrible and unreasonable, before you say anything! If you think "do I really mean this or is it the withdrawal speaking"? - it should help until the nastiness passes.

However - on the plus side I did use this to tell my boss exactly what I thought of him! I gave him both barrels - then appologised the next day, blaming the nicotine. It was fun! :)


ive just read your reply munter and have to say thats a brill excuse to have a rant then use the not smoking anymore as a reason :p:p :D:D


Oh god that's the worse part. I isolated myself for three weeks so I won't destroy my relationships. But what I really should've done is go and jog or workout. So hope u still ok and can handle ur mood swings.


I am on day 5 of probably the 5th time that I have tried quitting for the last four years. I do fedl more powerful this time, just taking it moment by moment. The cravings do come with sadness but the joy from the co fidence that iI feel from staying away from cigs is so healing and powerful. I am grumpy, but it comes and goes. My heartrate is down when resting and my skin looks tired kinda of like someone going off drugs. My hands are already looking smoother and less dry. Overall I just have q greater desire to improve my health. Exercise and weight loss is next. CONGRATULATIONS AND U CAN DO THIS!


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