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so glad to say i am on day 7


Almost at the end of the 1st week and i am definatley not as bad as i was a few days ago. Seem to have turned into an imsoniac though i have barely slept for days. bit random everyone else says they have become really tired. Doesnt make sense to me and when i do sleep i have the strangest of dreams going on most of which involve me smoking. not sure how i made it here with everything that has happened in the last week but i have and qute proud of myself. Just loking forward not and there seems to be so much more struggle to go.

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Yay!!! Well done to you. Day 9 for you are catching me

Its amazing how this makes you feel isnt it? So proud (most of the time) and then that inner demon telling you...."Go on, just one, it wont hurt"

Will power is winning here at the moment....but it aint easy!!!

Again....very well done its a great achievment.

well done you two, focus on all the good things you are beginning to notice about not smoking, every day now you will be feeling a little healthier, a little stronger. If it gets hard at times remind yourself how much your hard work (even your fighting lack of sleep) is inspiring your fellow quitters (like me!) to fight just as hard :) 5mol<er

Wish I was on day 7... am just on day 4 and one whole week seems like an age away! Specially when the weekend's coming up and I'll be going into smokey bars with friends who smoke heavily...

I know they say to take it one day at a time, but as an addict - does not smoking ever get easier???

Hell yes!

Practice not smoking for long enough and practice batting away any craves using logic to take away the fear and face triggers again and again and it becomes a joy. I revel every single day in the joy of not smoking. 99% its easy and i'm always on guard for that rogue 1%.

Meet this weekend head on with the smugness of a non smoker. Take it easy on the beer and you'll be fine.

There seems a good bunch of quitters around who's resolve is terrific! Well done.

What a relief! That's great to know... sometimes its not even that I want to smoke and I'm thinking about it... but (its hard to explain) in the back of my mind the impulse to get up from my desk, get my cigarettes and go outside (like I've done countless times before) and have one feels so natural that I forget that I can't do that anymore!

It's good to know that that goes away :)

I'll try the smug non-smoker approach, sounds like a good frame of mind to be in when surrounded by smoking!

Thanks for that! :)

I know what you mean about the dreams about smoking.... I have woken up in a blind panic the past 2 nights having dreamt that I was smoking. It's taken ages to be able to convince myself that it was only a dream and that I hadn't actually smoked so I hadn't failed..... just another of Nicodemon's little tricks!!!

Its not hard to explain. We all understand. Thats the joy of this forum, we've all been there in one shape or form! Someone told me to replace that time i'd smoke and go for a walk, which for me didn't help at all, I just wanted to smoke when I was walking! I replaced those times with mango and lovely orange juice and focused on lovely baths and me time in the evening.

4 days is brilliant, keep positive!! :)

feeling quite good this evening although praying i will sleep tonight. I have been avoiding my mum for most of the last week because she is a heavy smoker. Had her and my brother in law here for dinner who are both smokers and was quite repulsed by the way they smelt and even though they were smoking outside my kicthen now stinks. makes me feel so good you dont really realise how bad you smelt. Cravings not to bad either today although after 3 hours of ironing the thought did cross my mind.

SLB i went out last wknd when i was only on day 3 and although it was hard it wasnt as bad as i thought. I told all the smokers in the group how i felt about my quit and they were all really good about it and made it a bit easier for me and helped me stay away from the temptation

Hi & well done. You've just reminded me how i felt in the early stages of my quit. I was having awful sleep problems & the dreams were quite vivid when i did sleep. Try not to worry about it, your body is adjusting to the new normal you and is spinning out, it will settle down. Strange though isn't it.

Drink plenty of water to keep your energy up and detoxing. :)

Thanks for that lottelee, its good to know that it's doable and I don't have to avoid going out with certain friends for a while...! I'll let you know how I get on :) Although I'm pretty determined at the moment, these 4 days have been so hard and I know if I smoke I'll just have to do it all over again which I don't really want to do!

Strange I haven't had trouble sleeping yet... in fact, I slept through all my alarms this morning. Must be something to do with going to the gym a lot lately, guess that just proves that exercise does help!

Hope all of you having trouble sleeping manage to have a good night's sleep tonight!

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