so how am i feeling?

A week after quitting it was my son's 18th and i was holding a party for him and i passed:)

my 11yr old boy has behaviour issues and has no diagnosis after 8yrs and has kicked off on about 6 occasions since my quit including one where he said he hated me and didnt care if i smoked again cause it would make me die!!!(dont worry he didnt mean it and used to it after 8 yrs) and i passed:)

christmas i couldnt eat my dinner due to underlying illness found from giving up smoking i passed;)

been on soup or mash for nearly 2 months and yet still gained 1 and a half stone i passed:)

new years with the kids 20yr 18yr and 11yr and hubby, i got drunk and i still passed

so how am i feeling flipping awesome!!!!

86 days smoke free, 1735 cigs not smoked and £563 in the bank why would anyone feel anything other than fandabbydozy, im not showing off btw i just wanted to encourage all others quitting and show that it can be done, am i complacent? oh no i still have my moments, i have to have camera down my throat tomorrow to see why i cant eat properly and i know i will be dying for a fag but that is exactly it DYING FOR A FAG!!

never quit quitting

jenni x

p.s ran out of smilies and still passed pmsl x

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  • Well done jenni...pretty testing times you've been through and many triggers too. Us October crew have bloody done well haven't we??? So proud of you, good luck with your test tomorrow. I'm sure it will go well.

    Lisa x

  • Una and Lisa,

    without fellow quitters like you picking me up when im dribbling on the pavement in desperation i wouldnt still be here so this thread was also a wapping big thankyou to all who have kicked me up the butt, been that never ending shoulder or have just plain made me laugh till i cry with thier stories so..........................

    thankyou all so much for making me the non smoker i am

    congratulations and best of luck with all of our quits

    never quit quitting

    jenni x:D

  • You're quite brilliant ! Well done on 86 smoke free days - you should be proud of yourself.

    Am really proud to be part of the Oct quit crew...some pretty strong people in this lot!

    Hope it goes okay tomorrow - and a piece of advice - have sedation when they shove the camera down your throat - they should offer you the choice and it is HELL if you don't (trust me - had it done 3 times now, the first time I was brave and chose not to sedation - BAD choice!). The sedation wears off pretty quickly. Good luck and hope they find out what is wrong.



  • Hi Fellie,

    yes us oct quits are awesome and strong im so proud to be one of us:).

    never had camera before so bit nervous and was hoping they would offer sedation as if i cant swallow lumpy food without it staying down so the thought of foreign object was horrifying, thanks for support i will keep you posted

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • Here have another couple of smiles....well done you


  • over an hour ago

    i have been informed that doc has been called away and my appointment has been changed to monday!!

    ive done tears as had worked my self up knowing that tomorrow i WAS gonna go teach parents and kiddies how to cook ravioli making there own pasta etc from scratch whilst keeping it together knowing what i was gonna have done.

    now gotta do it all again for monday morning???

    oh well as a friend on here says onwards and upwards.

    never quit quitting

    thanks again guys will keep you posted

    jenni x

  • up fags....gruiesome and down the throat...easy!!

    Hi Jenni

    I can't vouch for this from personal experience, but Una doesn't lie! Will be thinking of you on Monday morning anyway - hope that it goes well and that this leads to a solution to your problem.

    Let us know how you got on.

  • Internet hugs to all

    Not like this though

  • Good luck Jennie, you are made from stern stuff, take a deep breath and it will all be over before you know it xx

  • hi guys

    went to hospital and it was horrible but then i didnt get numbed so it was obvious really lol, doc couldnt find anything but need further appointments for xrays and scans so still no idea.

    however as of 2 mins ago i reached my 3 CALENDAR MONTH MILESTONE!!!!!

    LISA you days behind me come to my party lol, hey you're all invited wtg guys we are non smokers through good times and bad.

    cyber love to you all whoop whoop

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • trops my lovely cyber hugs back lets rock the october quits rock xxxxxxx

  • Hi Jenni

    You are doing so well inspite of everything that is going on for you right now, shows you are made of strong stuff.

    Good news about the camera results, hope the xrays and scans reveal the same good news for you :D

    Big hugs

    Sara x

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