I am so impressed with myself

I have just been to the dentist for the first time in 6 years. Luckily all I needed was 1 filling but I, like most right minded people, feckin hate dentists and injections...I find it traumatic in the extreme. So....I was injected, descaled & filled, all within 20 feckin minutes! My head was spinning...talk about production line. However....the moral of this tale is....when this was over & I'd snuk to the loo to shed a few pathetic tears (a mixture of 'OMG that was AWFUL' & 'Thank f**k that's over') it wasn't until I got home that I thought....not ONCE did the thought of having a cigarette pass through my head...not once! So....with my determination & the Rhodiola, I'm quietly optimistic that, this time, I can kick it for good!

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  • Well done Sophie, I was always terrified of the dentist and then I had implants which didn't hurt a bit. I'm not afraid anymore. BTW, I've just ordered some Rhodiola. Thought it might give me a lift.

  • Well done!

    My daughter has to go 2morrow. Last time she went (2 weeks) ago I craved a smoke. Dentists just freak me out that much! Lol.

  • Thanks, everyone...& good on you for going for the Rhodiola, Una....I can't believe how much it's helped me. Make sure you take it in the morning, not in the evening as it might hinder your sleep

  • Wouldn't want anything to stop me sleeping :)

  • Well done Sophie!!

  • Thank you, all...& Una...I know what you mean...I've become a confirmed Horlick's...er...drinker! Just so's I can get my sleep since I quit. I'm just damned happy that, after going through some god awful mood swings again which ruined my last quit, I seem to be on top of it all this time. I have, at least, stopped ripping people's faces off & am on a really even keel...much to everyone's relief! :D

  • I always think you can get through most things as long as you can sleep at night and I go to sleep within minutes of turning the light out.

  • Ooooo, Kat. you poor thing...& no, sorry...I'm very supportive but...no....don't go there with the details, I'd have the screaming abdabs within 2 seconds! Suffice it to say, you have my sympathies....BIG time!

    Una....god, how I agree with you....I get seriously bitter & twisted when every other sob is sleeping & I'm not! That's why I actually took someone's advice (after the last quit where I suffered serious insomnia) & have not had caffeine after 6 pm & had either Horlicks or hot chocolate before I go to bed, my sleep patterns have been ok, thank goodness....anyway....that's for later...right now, I'm sampling my latest batch of home made red (well, gotta make sure I keep getting my 5 a day, eh?) ;)

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