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So sorry I was so horrible


Well I really am so sorry that I was so horrible last night and I do sincerely apologize to everyone on the forum, and hope that at least some of you can forgive me :o. I don't know what came over me but I don't want to make excuses as there is no excuse for being so awful to members of a stop smoking forum, especially after all the kindness and support I have had since I joined. So I really am sorry. Yes, I am a rotwieler, but I am going to get those nasty teeth removed and try to be nice for a change.

I hope some of you will still be friends with me but I will understand if you don't want to. I wish you all every happiness, health and success in your quits, and long life.

All the best and very sorry again,


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I for one am just glad you came back ive been so worried about you that you would be to upset that you had upset others on here :(

just dont beat yourself up please losing someone close effects people in so many ways

You still have friends hear for you supporting you all the way sending you virtual ((HUGS))

Carol xxx

Thank you

Thank you so much Karri and Carol for your understanding, cuddles and hugs :). If I need anything right now it is a good cuddle.

Love to you both,

Zoe xxxx

Many years ago before the days of internet and quit smoking days and forums.every body knew that people who quit smoking bite heads off im pretty sure it counted as mitigating circumstances for murder as well my childhood was peppered with cartoon characters of insane people exploding with anger and partners divorcing them. I forgive you zo but i wasnt on the receiving end but i completely understand having had a few pscho rants myself since quitting just not on here...Mash x


I probably also came across as harsh when you were already down, and for that I apologise. It wasn't meant to be that way.:(

Let's draw a line under it and continue for what we are all here for - beating that weed to a pulp!:)

I will definitely be counting to ten and reading a response a couple of times before hitting the submit reply button! ;)

Glad you're back Zoe.

Big hug from me X

No probs zoe - but you owe me a cake :D

Big hugs Zoe :)

Hello taff! :D

I dunno! I leave the site for a few weeks and come back to you being upset again!

Im not going anywhere again so I'll be keeping my eye on you young lady.

Chin up Zoe and ((((Hugs))))

Lillie xx

Don't worry about it Zoe, it was pretty obvious you were upset and equally obvious why. Nobody's going to hold it against you.

H x

Hugs from me too, Zoe.


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