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My Reasons and Thensome


Hey guys, I've been smoking for less than a year, and beat myself up about it every time I light up. I'm going to be perfectly honest to myself as well to yourself. I'm 23 years old and through a combination of losing both my grandfather and my own father at the age of 20, I feel myself drifting away and falling a part. I can't use what has happened in my life as an excuse to start smoking, but being at University and dealing with something like that only one week into my Degree left me sliding down a slope. Now as most of you understand I feel I fell into this trap, and from today onwards I would like to start again. I am going to quit both smoking and alcohol ( Until I feel I can cope without lighting up ) from today onwards, I feel this is the biggest step I have taken in dealing with this addiction.

I have read and re-read countless articles as well as using hypnosis so far bet kept falling back into old routine, but this time being in contact with folks in the same boat can help me suceed.

I will keep an update as daily as possible recounting my progress.

Thankyou, and hopefully talk to you soon.

Much regards Rob.

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Hi Rob,

Welcome, and good for you to come to this decision. You know why you started and have obviously been through a hard time, but I am sure you realise smoking is not helping. I started because of stress, and part of the reason was a screw it all, bad stuff is happening all the time, may as well tempt fate attitude.

But it does not help, and it really is best to get away from the habit. Bad stuff will always happen, and actually NOT lighting up when the going gets tough gives you a far better rush than a cig ever would.

The people here are great, so use the forums whenever you need.

Welcome Rob, you have come to the right place for your quit. There are people on here that you will identify with and there are old grannies like me who will identify with you (from the dim distant past of course!) For me the toughest bit about quitting this evil, smelly weed was realising that I really did not want to do it. Half hearted quits don't work for me. But this one has, with the help of the people on here.

You have done the desperately hard bit, to truly decide that you have had enough, you are not going to smoke again. Read loads of threads on this forum, there is so much help here. Follow the links on peoples signatures for more stuff to read, it will all help beat the craves.

Good luck, be strong and stay smokefree

Thanks for the welcome folks, really appreciate it. Today kind of went downhill, I did smoke 5 cigarettes today, and regret every one. Need to approach the new day completely differently. I have ridden myself of any cigarette/tobacco/papers/filters I own at this moment and have planned the day. I smoked through boredom which Is a weak excuse. Going to spend sometime reading the site and taking in how others dealt with it. I feel I really want to quit now, and I'm prepared to not smoke another for the rest of my life. I wasn't a smoker for 22 years, wasn't born one and have no intention of continuing to smoke.

I'll officially label my quit date as 5/12/2010. I will be on pretty much everyday to update and get as involved as I can.

Thankyou soo much yet again your kind responses have given me a new sense of willingnesss to suceed.

Hi Rob

I know how you feel about losing someone. And I expect most people on here do too. When my dad died I was in my 20s (pregnant with my 2nd son), my dad died of cancer, I fell into the trap of my dad didn't smoke or drink so why the **** shouldn't I? Silly now I realise, especially when I think what I may have done to my own children.

It took me a long long time, but I'm here now. I'm nearly at the end of my 3rd week, and I won't say it's been a breeze cos it hasn't. But it isdo-able, and coming on here will hopefully see you through, as it has me and countless others, but you have to want to do this for yourself. If you have good support, it is achieveable.

I wish you all the best in your quit xxx

Hi Rob and welcome you have def come to the right place and just because you gave into the demon we call nicorette please dont beat yourself up about it we all have reasons/excuses why we carried on smoking which sounded really good at the time and that demon convinces you that your a smoker

just remember to take each craving as it comes along and try and distract your hand/mind im enclosing a link which might help i know reading some of the tales that kevin wrote certainly helped me but everyone is different and you may find something else to distract you just coming on here and reading some of the threads/posts also has helped and knowing that everyone here knows where your coming from and understands certainly gave me a boost :)

best regards carol

Hi Rob,

It was brave to confess. I hope you have binned them. you have a golden opportunity to stop smoking-most people take far longer than you have to realise what they are doing to themselves.

I wonder if you need to think some more about your Dad and Granddad. Did they smoke? or is smoking some subconscious wish to join them?

Anyway a smoker's life is a boring life, we do less and less as time goes on- because in the end everything else interferes with our primary relationship and activity-Cigarettes and smoking. Its also very unsexy and leads to impotence.

So young man, is there really nothing else you would rather do?;)


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