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My Reasons to Quit~By Nuttynursee

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I have wanted to quit smoking for so long that its almost been like a fight between Me & Mr Nicotine. I have been a failure twice at doing this and yet this time i feel in control and ready to do it.

I intended to quit on the 31st Oct 2010, but somehow i managed to say NO MORE on the 24th Oct, a week earlier than planned and now i want to stay Smoke Free. FOREVER

Reason one for quitting, is i want to be around for my children and hopefully one day Grandchildren, i also dont want my kids to think its COOL to smoke, hence i smoked outside, it was my choice to smoke and not theirs so why put them through it too.

Reason Two, my husband gave up and i failed so i want to be the same as him, Smoke Free. I want him to kiss me and not smell or taste that YUCKY smell that smoking gives you.

Reason Three, I want to save money of course but also i want to be fitter and look healthier rather thank having extra wrinkles and yellowing skin, i also want to proove to people as well as myself that i am not a slave to those CANCER STICKS and that i can say NO MORE to them.

Reason four, To spend more time with my family and not keep nipping out for a quick ciggy, which i never needed anyhow.

Reason five, To be free from the restraints that smoking gives you, to be able to go out and not feel the need to light up, not feel like an outcast when im out just because i was the only one smoking, to be able to taste my food and enjoy it, not have to leave a room and go outside when i need my nicotine intake. To be fresher and happier.

These are my reasons for giving those nasty little blighters up.

36 Replies
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What blooming good reasons :)

Remember now, when ever you get an "urge" come back here and re-read these


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Lol, I sure will. This is my reminder and its gonna work, oh dear i can feel an urge coming on but im not going to give in, im gonna ride through this and get on with some knitting.

I seem to be making lots of scarves cos its the only thing i can knit, anyone want one cos there will be lots by the time i get through the next few weeks! ;)

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First Week Down~31/10/10

I have come to look at my reasons and to make sure that they sink in.

One week done and out of the way now and only the bigger, brighter future awaiting me.

Been a strange journey so far but one that i am glad that i have chosen to take. I am in control of the Nicodemon and from now on he is not going to beat me.


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Haha you knit too eh? It's a good little hobby to have - makes me sit down and gives my hands something to do... just been reading your reasons nutty - good ones those, seem we all have similar reasons to break free from the clutches.

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Just to remind myself 3 weeks in..........

Good morning everyone. :)

Here i am again, this is Day 21~ Week 3. Today i am now at the end of week 3, the start of week 4 and then i will be getting closer to the 1st Month which for me will be on the 24th Nov, 10 days away yet :)

I have finally read the Allen Carr EASYWAY book, i started that yesterday afternoon and have just finished it. I cant believe i never thought of those things before but it was so weird in that my reasons this time are just so in your face in that book. I would seriously recomend to people buying a copy and reading it because it does make a lot of sense.

I have known for a long long time that i did not want to smoke, the fact it did nothing for me when i did light up and when i would want to inhale i would look at it and think WTF am i doing, i dont need this stuff. :confused:

I know that this time its for keeps because i dont want to be a slave to the Nico Monster anymore. He gives me nothing but grief, its not like when im angry he helps becasue he does nothing, he doe not help when im stressed infact he makes it worse. He does not numb the pain as that is all a gimick you know, i never wanted to get hooked on those ciggies and they have ruled my life for 20 years and now im biting back and telling MR NICO to BOG OFF.

I am not giving up anything as i was not getting anything from it anyhow. As the book says its like it makes you into its slave which is so so true. Why do we panic when we know we want to stop smoking, as the book says its FEAR.

Fear of not knowing, fear of what will i do or how will i cope without my little buddy again its all rubbish. If you know you want to stop then you can. You stop because you want to and not because others make it there mission to belittle you and make you feel awkward.

I am going out this Saturday (20th) and i am looking forward to it now, mainly because the friends i am going out with are both still smokers and so it will be our first get together since i stopped last month. It will be interesting to see how i cope and yet i know that i should take pity on these guys because the chances are they dont want to smoke but the nicomonster has them lured in and they dont know how to tell him to leave them alone. I will be like a Chesire Cat and smirk if you like when they have to leave the table to get there fix and myself & my OH can stay in the warm. Lovelly ;)

I feel elated to think that finally i am FREE from the restraints that smoking gives to a person. I never really thought of myself as a DRUG ADDICT when i smoked, maybe because its so easy to buy cigs, they have not been banned as such and they are just such common place out there in society. I also never really thought of them as bad which i suppose i should have, i also cant honestly say that I ENJOYED LIGHTING UP AND TAKING A PUFF, again its the DRUGs ADDICTIVE MODE WORKING to make you buy more and then you have to smoke them. If you think about it we are all made to feel silly and like an outcast now and if you ask yourself why are you smoking then in all honesty it should be because you cant stop.................WRONG................You can. Allen Carrs book just clarified for me why i have chosen to not smoke anymore. I hated doing it, i hated the smell, the taste, the rejection from others, the outcasting at every avenue because there will soon be no place that a smoker can go to and light up, the spiralling cost that from 1995 a pack of 20 cost about £2 and now your looking at almost 3x that for a pack of 20 yet we all have to have them, we feel we cant cope without them. What on earth will we do if we dont have our smokes, i will tell ya what we all will live again and not be slaves to the NICOMONSTER and the Tabacco Industry, thats what!

I will try and save some of the money after Christmas that i have not spent on cigs and then treat my OH & I to something in the New Year. He gave up in Jan 2006, thats was my last attempt and after 3-4 weeks i ended up going back on to the nasty things. I was not ready then, well i felt like i was giving up my best mate and i did not know how to cope so that was my biggest mistake, i thought i was punishing myself when clearly if you get nothing out of the cig then your not giving up anything. I know now that its the NICOTINE that does it to us. We are all so hooked on the damn stuff that we keep going back for more, thats why i am glad that the Champix worked for me but i am even more glad that i decided to stop the Champix and go CT, that was I HAVE NO NICOTINE WHAT SO EVER IN MY BODY NOW and so can move on and away from the DRUG ADDICTION.

As for the habit again thats the Nicotine lurring you in. I also dont substitute sweets or anything for the loss of a ciggy, i think as the book says that by doing that your prolonging the feeling that your giving up something when in all honesty your not because we dont need it, the only thing i have done is take up knitting as i feel that for the first few days we need to keep occupied and that for me worked.

Heres my stats for Week 3- Day 21

I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 4 hours, 38 minutes and 19 seconds (21 days).

I have saved £90.96 by not smoking 360 cigarettes.

I have saved 1 Day and 6 hours of my life.

Anyhow, enjoy your life as a Non Smoker as i intend to do. Keep up the good work. If you get a thought just remember it does nothing for you and you will get nothing from it.


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Hi Jo

Thanks for paraphrasing the important parts of the book. As you can imagine on day 2 I'm wondering if this is even possible, but I must say my cravings are just a dead sort of knocking on the door. It's like I know it's Jack the Ripper and I ain't opening - not today anyway! I have to remember all the things you've said hear because they ring so true for me. I could not imagine a life without cigarettes and only into day 2 I can see that that thinking was just very smoggy, foggy, fuzzy logic!

Take good care!


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Glad that i can help :)

It is so weird how we perceive smoking. I had already thought i did not want to be doing that for the rest of my life before i bought the book but buying and then reading the book for me helped me realise that others too have the same thoughts.

I am glad that i have been able to help you because without it being written down then people just go with the flow and TBH they dont truely understand the reasons and so if you dont stay strong then that person could fail, not always but could. Its better to be totally clear in ones mind that this is it then your chances of succeeding are so much better.

Keep coming back to my words and be like me and read the book, for me its helped BOOST the reasons and thoughts i had.

I can honestly say that i never liked smoking but once hooked its hard to get out of thats why we have to be strong and kick Nic's Butt!

I do like the part when the books asks why??? and we all try and justify the fact when in all realilty we would all turn round and say no we dont want this anymore yet we have to keep going for more.

I do think that Allen Carr hit the nail on the head for 99% of smokers not all but in life we are all different and entitled to our own opinion and thoughts but for anyone reading my daft post get the book and read it. I read it after i had been quit for 3 weeks anyhow but it can help. The book is not expensive but if it can help "YOU" to understand what Smoking has done to us then im HAPPY :). The bookl is not there to MAKE you stop, only you can do that but it can help if thats what you want, you need an open mind and if you can do that then you never know it might just save some of your life.

All i can say is make your own mind up. Look at these reasons~

Why do you smoke?

What started you smoking in the first place?

If your still smoking and you could stop right now, would you?

Are you embarressed or feel guilty when you light up?

Can you say what you think you get from smoking. Is it a case of the FEAR that you wont be able to cope without them or how will all situations when they arise affect your everyday life. Can you remember a time when you did not have to go looking for the 24 hr shop, the extra money to pay for a pack, getting paniky when you know your nearly out yet cant get to a shop yet.

Do you actually enjoy it? Because as the book says its all in your mind which i think most of us know, but its not a switch we can turn on and off.

Def think about those questions and see what answers you all come up with. I knew weeks ago i wanted to stop but i had to decide for myself why i wanted to stop and now i know i have made the right choice.

As we all know we chose to start its up to us to choose to stop.

I am NO saint and i am like you all in the early days but after numerous unsuccessful attempts this time i feel different, i dont want to be a slave anymore to anyone or anything, we are all individuals and so when you think about it we dont really need to have the NicoMonster constantly on our backs to be fed, starve him to death and then we can all LIVE AGAIN.

Good luck everyone

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8 Weeks On! O.M.G

Here i am, 8 weeks since my last PUFF and i am feeling exceptionally happy and content.

I never for one moment thought that i could stop let alone get to 8 weeks when in the past i probably got to 3-4 weeks if that then lapsed back again. I have just re-read my reasons and wanted to add in something as for me this is a great milestone and for those who may read this after i have added my bits in I want to be able to say you can get there, if i can then anyone can.

I still feel strange sometimes and yes i still very very occasionally think about them but as everyone on here will agree that the thought comes then its gone so for that i am thankful as i really dont want to have to have those horrid thoughts and memories forever so hopefully over time and my OH has told me this (Nearly 5 years since he quit) that the thoughts and cravings do go and it does get easier.

This is still very new to me and yet i now could almost say that i feel like i have never smoked. I still have the phlegmy stuff still coming up but that will go eventually and its just so nice to be a non-smoker.

Christmas will be fun as there is now only 1 smoker left as last Christmas out of the 6 adults that were here 5 smoked, now this Christmas those 5 are now down to just one and i do feel a little sad for him as i know he wants to stop yet so far has not done so. We watched as he was the only one that went outside last Saturday twice for a cig and we all sat in the warm drinking away and when he came back in we knew he had been outside as we could catch the aroma of "Eau De Cig" and it stank.

YES i feel more comfortable now and not so paniky when or if i go out. I know i dont want one, i dont want to have to go through all of this again, NO WAY do i want to go back to smoking, i honestly cant think what they did for me other than make me smell, make me feel like and outsider all the time, almost be tortured by my OH as i smoked he did not and he hated me for it yet i continued to do so, why i dont know but i am happy with my new status.

I am also put off by the smell now, it reminds me of the feelings i had when i was younger and said i would never smoke and now the smell makes me feel physically sick and i truely mean that. I also look at those little sad people that have to stand in doorways or just out in the cold because the Nic~demon has summoned them and you know what i watch what some do and its almost like you can see the "I dont really want this" expression yet as we all know its lured us in and we just have to do it and it really is quite sad.

I dont think it will be long before smokers are forced to only be able to smoke in designated Smoking areas outside because thats how our country is going now more like dictatorship rather than freedom for those who still do, everyone is different and i for one am Happy that i chose to stop rather than being told to stop but it wont be long before we are almost forced to do it and if you ask any smoker would they stop if it was like a switch then YES would be the answer.

Anyhow, good luck to all. I am getting prepared for the next crazy 3 which will be my 3 month mark when i hear that it can get to you to so im making sure im prepared for that.

Take care all and have a great christmas and new year.


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:D what a great read and i was nodding all the way through with you on what you wrote i was talking to my friend whos a smoker the other day and she said i didnt think you would ever stop i thought you loved smoking :eek: when i thought about what she said i had to agree i used to say that sentence :eek: wtf!!! im sure there is something in the nicotine that hypnosies you into coming out with stupid things or even having stupid thoughts like that very very scary


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I am enjoying your journey. I seem to have lost that fantastic feeling of liberation now- not smoking just feels boring and normal and a bit of a drudge, so it is good to read. I think I need a treat.

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Hows this

Well everyone

Here i am updating my reasons at the 18 week mark. I know, i know 18 weeks, me, OMG i cant believe it. I can actually say that im a 3rd way through my first year and well on my way to the penthouse.

I have just read this post from the beginning my very first day back in Oct 2010 and i cant believe its my post. See guys and gals it can be done, im the proof. Regrets...nah only that i wish i had stopped before and stayed stopped. How am i feeling....brilliant..ok i am swimming more and watching what i am eating yet the weight remains the same...bothered....NAH i dont care. I am smoke free and thats the main thing. I f i have to stay a size 18 for the rest of my days then so what thats life as long as i am free from those nasty little blighters i dont really care. Life is too short otherwise for worrying about the extra weight and tbh i am not too bad, i am happy. I cant always get the clothes i want and then feel comfortable buy hey ho thats life and so many more people out there are so much worse than me i just dont care.

Family life has improved OH seems more loving and we do more as a family. No iffy "3's" this time around, life has changed so much.

I dont dream about them, i dont think about them only when i come on here and life is so much better without them. Im off out for a meal on the 12th March and YUP i am looking forward to being sat at our table in the warm when the 2 smokers have to go out for there fix. Funny this my friend she did not want to give up cos she really enjoys it, ok thats fine yet 5 months before she was being hypnotised to stop smoking which never worked but for someone who enjoys it thats rather odd. Oh well each to their own and if she ever wants to stop she will its not my place to dictate.

Anyhow guys and gals. Just wanted to say good luck and it can be done. Whatever method you try as long as the end result is the same is the main thing. I did Champix 10 days then CT and its brilliant because still 4 months on im free but with a clear mind and armed with knowledge and friendship you can do this.


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Jo your posts are so inspiring Thank you and truly well done.

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Its my pleasure to be able to help others esp as so many have been there for me. I find by updating this thread it helps me to see how far i have come and also to help others realise that it can be done.

My next post in my reasons section will be at the 6 month mark, then a 9 month mark and finally i will post a year message when i get to that stage too and im sat in the penthouse drinking my champers. I know when i reach the Penthouse that it is then all change and the milestones are all different but i dont care, i will still post every 3 months as a milestone so that people can see how things are going.

Its really good to see so many newbies on here and doing so well. When i have attempted it in the past i did not have a place like this to come and vent my frustrations at or even be able to share my special moments and goals with so i have found this site a godsend.

Anyhow to everyone on here good luck and to all newbies and those lurking, good luck. It is so much better being free from the nasty, nasty weed :) so dont ever give up giving up because you know it can be done and when your time is right you will overcome. Never punish yourself if it does not go right, your only human for crying out loud and Rome was not built in a day, it takes courage to start the quitting process, and just remember that it can be done and you can do it.

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Here i am back again and over 6 months free of the weed. I know i cant believe it either 6 months gone and well into the 7th month and moving forwards to the Penthouse and the amazing bar i hear they have.

My stats for today are.......................

I have been quit for 6 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days, 12 hours, 24 minutes and 22 seconds (192 days).

I have saved £926.16 by not smoking 3,272 cigarettes.

I have saved 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 17 hours and 20 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date was: 24/10/2010

I also wanted to add that occasionally i have the odd thought about them but it is literally that a flying thought that goes as quickly as it comes and life is so much better now, i dont feel like im ruled by them not anymore. For those about to start the quit journey or those at the beginning it is well worth it, it may not seem like it at the beginning but it does get easier, honestly.

Good luck all :)

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I loved reading all of your posts Nuttynurse they are so inspiring. Everything you say I can relate to. I hope every one who reads this will be encouraged, and see that it can be done.

I wish you well.


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A little Update

Well guys and gals

Yesterday i celebrated my first full year of being free from the weed that i used to smoke. I cant believe it honestly, me a full year of being a non smoker, yes thats right a non smoker.

When i look at some of my first posts on here i never thought for one minute that i could do it, the guys and gals on here helped me and its them i am the most grateful too because they believed in me when i did not believe in myself.

I even bought myself a lovely bouquet of flowers to celebrate my first full year, i never expected the family to celebrate with me as to me its not something significant for them to remember but for me i had to get a bouquet and say wow i did it. :)

Not been an easy year, but i have done it, and am enjoying being part of the Penthouse now. The view is amazing although a little wet and windy out of the windows today :)

If your new then please take comfort in knowing i never thought i could do it and i have so from me to you i want to say YOU CAN DO THIS AND YOU WILL DO IT.

There is life after smoking, the nicodemon is not that strong, we are stronger than him and the craves go oh so quickly. Get yourself a hobby, change routines and you can be free.

I started a knitting craze on here so that it kept us occupied and very busy knitting scarves in the 10's as i cant knit anything else, but you know it worked so dont ever say you cant as really you can.

Good luck to all of you, esp the new Oct 2011 group, lets hope your have as much success and good friendship as the previous Oct groups have had.

LOL to you all xx

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18 Months Today-1 Year 6 Months Freeeeeeeeeeeee

OMG here i am again posting in my sort of blog that today i celebrate my 18th month of being smoke free. I free absolutely amazing and i still feel like i should pinch myself at times to say that i actually did stay of those nasty white sticks.

I dont post on here much too busy in my real life but i still wanted to mark some of the milestones as for me they just remind me of the brilliant reasons why i stopped and on how far i have come.

There has been many newbies on here since my quit date and i know the feelings and thoughts you are having or have had on can you do it or how will i cope but look through some of my early posts and you can see that it is possible

Good luck one and all and remember


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Well done

Thank you for taking the time to post on here, you arre an inspiration to us all and I hope that I will never ever smoke again xxx11 weeks this week

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2 Years Ago

Good morning all

Here i am updating my little blog if you like as its exactly 2 years today that i finally had my last cancer stick and OMG it has gone by so quickly.

I am so well chuffed with myself to be able to stop and stay stopped, there is no room in my life now for ciggies they are just so last year (Well 2010) .

I am a bit heavier but hey ho i am so much happier now than i was. So what if i have gained a few lbs i am not bothered i would rather be a bit heavier than what i was before. At least now i can kiss people and know i dont have smelly breath or smelly clothes. I have more money in my purse and i am just so glad that i stuck with it and stayed off of them.

It is well nice saying "2 YEARS FREE" and as i always say if i can do it then so can you.

Her's my stats for today.......

I have been quit for 2 Years, 3 hours and 44 minutes (731 days).

I have saved £3,729.75 by not smoking 13,160 cigarettes.

I have saved 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 16 hours and 40 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 24/10/2010

Good luck everyone as you can do this your much stronger than The Nicodemon :)

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Well done Jo!!!!

I'll be joining you in just under two weeks... And, to anybody who thinks it can't be done, here's a warning to you. :)


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Wow 2 years quit, must be a brilliant feeling! I'm 7 days in and it's been a long first week but determined to do it! Reading your journey has been very inspiring and I'm sure it's given a lot of people the confidence to know they can quit!

Thanks for sharing and well done!

Karen x

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Thank you everyone for your replies.

I felt that i had to keep a little diary so that i could help other people and show that it can be done.

I am now tackling the weight that i have put on but i will get there, we all will. Good luck everyone and here's to a completely smoke free future because you know you can do this x

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Thank you so much for these updates.

As a newbie, day 11, it is so reassuring that there is life on the other side.

I am the only person in my family who has ever smoked, so it's really hard for them to understand the challenges.

Your posts have really helped me today.

Massive congratulations. You are a complete inspiration.

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Thank you so much!

Wow what a great read! i just keep finding more amazing stories/people on here. Its incredible really! Your my inspiration! :D

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A little update one and all.

Its now just over 2 1/2 years and i am still feeling amazing. I dont think about them now, my life is like it was before i ever started them. I can do everything and not think about the old ways.

I want to wish everyone luck and i also want to apologise as i dont seem to be about much now but i do look in every so often.

Good luck to all quitters whatever stage your at.

Have a lovely smoke free weekend and if u find u go back on to them always try and try again as your quit will come. :) Mine did x

Is it real

Well Folks,

Here i am updating my quit thread, its been 3 years today since i gave Mr Nic the boot up the bum and i can honestly say i dont ever think about them, i am glad i am free from them and would i ever go back NO WAY.

I still cant believe its 3 whole years. Well just to remind my self here's todays stats.....

I have been quit for 3 Years, 32 minutes and 21 seconds (1,096 days).

I have saved £6,658.32 by not smoking 19,728 cigarettes.

I have saved 2 Months, 1 Week and 12 hours of my life.

Last ciggy Date: 24/10/2010

Wow Jo those are fantastic stats! Its an inspiration every single time someone way into their quit posts about it.

Thank you, have a wonderful wonderful day

Molly x


Loved reading this and all kept in one place for you to read back !

So much can happen in 3 mins, 3 weeks, 3 months 3 YEARS !!!

It only takes a minute to pull that stick out the box and light it and you are now celebrating because YOU DIDNT !

Congratulations and do let us know how you fight the weight !!!

I shall be watching this space ! xx

Well guys and gals

This is me updating my little blog, today i celebrate over 3 years & 7 months and OMG i am def so proud of myself.

I never thought i could do it and i did i am still amazed at myself. Just wanted to wish u all the best and hope that all those in my Oct 2010 group are doing just as well.

I have been quit for 3 Years, 7 Months, 1 Week, 10 hours, 12 minutes and 37 seconds (1,315 days).

I have not burnt away £8,227.97 by not smoking 23,677 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 5 hours and 5 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 24/10/2010

Wow this post is amazing. So good to see people succeed like this to keep you motivated.

Really well done and I hope you are treating yourself! x

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These are the posts I love, people who have really put the time in but come back to tell us all it's worth it :) congratulations to you, brilliant achievement xx

Marking the 4th year free

I have been quit for 4 Years, 7 hours, 10 minutes and 43 seconds (1,461 days). I have saved £9,666.48 by not smoking 26,303 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Months, 4 Weeks, 2 Days, 7 hours and 55 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 24/10/2010

Well guys and gals im here again marking another milestone my 4th year free. I just cant believe its 4 years ago since i killed of that blasted nicodemon. I am so happy to be free from the nasties that i used to get from the little white sticks.

I am no longer a slave to that nasty little blighter. I can go places and not need to carry such a big bag with the crap needed for me to have my fix.

I wanted to say to all who knew me then and helped me and hope that some of the original Oct 2010 group still have some members who managed to quite for good and if they did not im hoping that they too find their quit and eventually gain their freedom.

I have gained a few lbs but you know what i dont care IM HAPPY AND IM FREE.

Good luck all till teh next milestone xx

What a lovely & inspiring post Jo!

Thank you so much for popping your head around the door. Your happiness at your immense achievement shines out of you. :)

Thank you both for your replies. When i first joined i looked at others posts and thought OMG im never going to get that far in my quit but u know what with the right mindset anything is possible

Good luck to you both and others too


Hi Nuttynurse, thanks for posting. It's lovely when people come back after so long with an update. 4 years is such a big achievement and the stats are shocking aren't they. I would have wasted 7 days smoking already - in only 5 months!

I get the bit about the bag - I don't bother with one at all if I can help after leaving it in a truck stop and not noticing until we had driven another 30 miles! Had I smoked I would not have left it behind! :D

Nuttynursee profile image
Nuttynursee6 Years Smoke Free

New Name Same Person Still Little Ole NuttyNursee Jo

Hi all

Well i have a new name now but i am back again. I wanted to update all of you who knew me on how things are going. It will be 6 Years in Oct and i just cant believe it. For those who are still in there early stages for me i dont think about them at all now its nice being free in more ways than you think my life now is like i never smoked and its GREAT.

I wonder who is about still who knew me back in Oct 2010 when i first joined. There was so much support for us it was brilliant and i want to thank you all for your help and support. If anyone knows me please pop along and say hi.

Anyhow good luck to you all where ever you are in your quit if i can do it so can you. :-)

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