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My reasons for quitting

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Well I dont have one i have a few as you will see.

My main one is my health. I have been very ill this past month i have had the wonderful swine flu, then a kidney infection and now tonsilitus and a running fever of 38 finally dropped this morning :) has been 38.2 so I can literally say im a "hot" 20 year old. Being ill has made me see the effects it has had on me being weak from illness is one thing but needing a cigarette and feeling what it does to my heart beat and breathing is another. So this is my top reason.

I dont want to look like my mum - not being rude but she was beautiful when she was in her 30's now in her 40's and smoking over 40 a day i think i would say no to all her looks now. Her teeth, breath and clothes stink, i still love her to bits after that being said. if she reads this it wont be the smoking that killed me hehe

I have a business and i hate meeting clients after having a cigarette and after 3 hour meetings and a few fags later i know i stink of them so what must they think. Even if they are a smoker themselves im still very concious of it and it dents my confidence

none of my friends smoke so i feel really unsociable ducking out for a fag.

My partner never wanted to date a smoker, when we met 4 years ago i detested them then one drunked night later and i was hooked and since then i have had earful after earful of this smoking habit, i know it will make me happier to quit as well as him - poor sod does not know what he is in for haha!!

And i want my white teeth back, and actually have a point to wash my hair in lovely smelling shampoos not to have it smelling of smoke an hour later.

And finally my house I have just re decorated and want to keep the fresh smell as I can smell the kitchen is still a bit stale so iwll be re painting that.

Well thats all lets hope i dont give it all up for a cigarette.

Must get to bed now - getting a headache thinking about it all :(

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Hi Aimz :D

You have a lot of really good reasons there

Please remember tham for the day if/when you have a bad time they will help you through it



What you want is not impossible, giving up smoking seems daunting at first, but the health benefits from going the distance with this far outweigh any of the 'moments' you are likely to endure while quitting. You will get some rough bits, and you'll get plenty of moments where you'll say 'this is the best thing i have done in my life for me', but you hold on to your reasons and keep the thoughts of your future firmly set.

There is a new you only around the corner, its a slow turn but you are always moving forwards.

Stick with it, it will all come good.

Thanks guys,

i am now 6 hours in totally a newbie again. Feeling light headed but im actually ok. Feeling a little lost and dont know what to do with myself at times but im getting there. Patch has fallen off once so it's stuck now with plasters :)

How is everyone else doing today?? x x x

Hi Aimz,

Sorry to here you have been ill.

So glad you have made the decision to quit, You are young enough for it to really make a really big


And apart from your health, which is the most important reason, there is also the money side of things, think how much you can save.

Love Joan XXXXX

yes joan there is £5 in the tin :) yippe and now im 10 hours in not good times right now :( x x

Its not so bad once you start getting used to not building those breaks into your life where you used to smoke any more.. in the early days no reason to stop getting a breath of fresh air by stepping outside for a change. (forget how many times i said i was stepping out for some fresh air when i actually smoked lol)

Its good once you adjust though, you get a little bit jittery for the first few days, but don't get confused and think you are missing out on something though, your just not. keep it real, and keep the faith in your ability to quit.

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