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My Reasons for Quitting


Well, basically, ive had a bad couple of years, having recovered from alcoholism, left the marital home, after wife was having an affair, lost job, and father diagnosed as having terminal cancer.

So really I needed the support of the cigs (weird excuse).

After reaching 12 months soberity, I decided i needed to look at the other demons, in my life and get back on track.

Ive won custody back off my wife for the childen, and the first weekend, i had them, they asked my why i smoked, and told me "Daddy smoking kills you, and we dont want you to die", I mea, how do you argue with that?!.

So this was the point i set my date, and prepared myself.

1/1/09, New Year, New Life, My Year, My Life!!

Wish Me Luck:D

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Good luck

Wll done on what you have achieved so far,I think your Inspirational:D

You sound as if you know what you want and are going for it,Good Luck:D

Good luck Glinja.

That moment when the kids say that "Daddy smoking kills you, and we dont want you to die" is a hard one to deal with. makes it difficult to justify why you smoke.

All the best.

Well done. You have had a rough time but you have rode the storm and come out the other side.

You have made the right choice, very well done hun :)



thankyou all for your support, i was a bit worried about taking champix, with antidep's but doctor, said it will be ok, and to monitor any changes (which i do).

Im finding i feel quite nauseous in the mornings after taking my champix, but to combat that,ive started taking it after a bowl of cereal, which really helps.

The upside however, is the cravings are not that severe, compared to the drink cravings, which i suspect will always be with me, as alcoholism is incurable.

My attitude is, im the only one who can stop myself, whether its the decision to pick up a drink, or pick up a fag, nobody can do it for you.

Thats really it, im really giving this a go, and all i need now is to get a job, and im back to normality!!:D

I admire you for your courage to kick what in my eyes are the two hardest addictions. Having your kids comment on your smoking must be the harshest wake up call of all, and you've clearly taken a step in the right direction. And you have the right attitude too! You are an inspiration. All the best with the latest quit, and good luck!

I for one take my hat off to you for giving up both. xxxxx

Wow - well done you. You are a really strong person. Kids are fab aren't they for their honesty. I don't have my own children so you are a lucky bloke that you have the gift of children. Please don't let them down - I am sure you won't - you have better reasons than many of us for not ever picking up a ciggie ever again.

What a tale!

You've done really well to get where you are Glinja,

All the best with it...It's great that you're with your kids again!


I feel sorry for you, I hope you'll have succes with quit smoking. Your child is of course a very good motivation so i think you'll succeed.

Anyways, succes ;-)

your are doing very good seam a very strong person,so you should not have to much trouble in your quit.glad you are back with the kids..just keeping posting on here ,we are here for you,,you just keep the faith tony

Cor blimey, kids don't hold back do they! Voices of angels!

Well done for everything you have acheived!

There's an abundance of support here for you, and please use it.

Good Luck :D

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