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New to the forum-My reasons

Hi Everyone,

Well this is my first post on the forum so thought I would break the ice by

sharing my reasons for quitting...

I started smoking when I was 14 years old but didnt really get addicted to cigarettes till about 18 years old - so been smoking for 16 years in total and about 10-15 per day.

This is about my 10th attempt at quitting and ive chosen to go cold turkey this time around...ive tried patches, gums and lozenges in my past quits but all the money spent on NRT has just landed me back on the fags each time...

My reasons:

-Lately my body is giving me some serious warning signs and if I choose to

ignore them I think I will be in for some serious problems in later life...

-My children (3 of them) are my life and it kills me to think that I am cutting my time with them... I want to alive for as long as I possibly can...

-I am PETRIFIED of dying a slow death from Cancer... My step-father passed away 4 years ago from Lung Cancer...He was 70 years old and had not touched a cigarette in over 30 years...this scares the be-jesus out of me!!

-I hate the way I smell after smoking and the dreadful taste in my mouth...

-I hate the constant phlegm (is this something that most smokers have?)

-I hate having to clear my thoat ALL THE TIME

-and I hate how much money I was wasting on something that was killing me!!!

So anyway these are a few of my reasons for quitting - there are a whole heap more i suppose these are my main reasons...

Thanks for listening...

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Well done

Good drills EllenB for stopping. And for identifying the things in your life you want to change.

I used to cough more than Mad Jack McCougher, winner of last years "loudest cough in the world" competition - but now I don't.

I used to be dead phlegmy (nice). Now I'm clean and healthy.

I used to love smoking - but now I love NOT smoking !!

You can do it. And there's plenty of people here who just rant their way through the day (I'm one of them) to keep them strong ! You're a very welcome quitter !!

Good luck !!

(I can't sit on here all day again today cos I gotta get some work done ! I was on here all day yesterday !!)




Welcome, hope this will be your last time quitting. Someone told me not to see yourself as a quitter as it means your depriving yourself of something but to see yourself as a non smoker.

I was pleased to see your reasons, might just print them off and put them on my wall at work on top of all my own, once you read them it does seem a pretty silly idea to have smoked in the first place.


Wow - thanks to everyone for your warm welcome and best wishes... Look forward to getting to know you all...


I used to love smoking - but now I love NOT smoking !!:D

Yeah this is the weirdest thing I find about a non smoker. I used to really enjoy it, or at least I thought I did. But now? :mad:


Tis a sinking ship. Every time somebody abandons it, it strikes fear into all the smokers around them.

Luckily quitting is an infectious thing in my experience. The world just needs more people to set an example by jumping ship and maybe one day the world will be free from Nicotene and that sorry ass ship can sink all the way to the bottom of the ocean to be forgotten about!

Welcome "off-board" if you get my drift?

Double pun there, on board....drift....boat....ocean...huh....

I'll get me coat.



:D LOL mannion - lovin' your sense of humour :D We all need a good laugh during these times...


My mum says I'm cool...


welcome EllenB.. (I'm always a bit late on here, takes me a while to focus...:))

Anyway, I'm sure you've made the right choice, I thought I couldn't do it, like you, I'd tried loads of things but with the help of the good folk on here, I've managed to get pretty far from the startline and still going strong.

Best of luck.. :)


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