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Funny Throat~X-Ray & blood test Results

Morning all

Just thought i would let you all know that my blood test results are back and all OK, also my chest X-ray has come back and all clear so that is good news.

Still clearing my throat on a daily basis but hopefully it will ease of soon. I know its to be expected though as its our bodies clearing themselves.

Anyhow, i will be back on later, im off down the hospital for my minor surgery under a local so till later then, have a great smoke free day ;)

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Fantastic news Jo, so happy for you.

Hope the minor surgery goes well, whatever it may be for.


Delighted for you Jo, great news :)


hey Jo

Vats great news - am honestly really relieved and so happy for you!!!:):)

When i read your post about being referred for tests by your doctor I swear i was thinking about you for all that day and the next.

Its so good that you didnt turn to smoking again even when you were really bloomin stressed so well done.

Save me a place in 2 month bit - 29 days today and 1 calendar month on thursday. stick kettle - mines weak plenty of milk & 2 sugar

Amy x x


Thank you everyone. It means a lot to me to have you all here and i am def glad that i found this site cos i know if i let myself down i let you lot down too. GUYS AND GALS




Wonderful Jo - you´ll be feeling better and better as time goes on :)


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