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8 weeks & 2 days almost x


well im still around had a mad obsession with a restaurant game on facebook ha ha feel like i will never grow up lol

yes im still on quit, been a big toughie of late the kids are fighting every 5 minutes , although been off work am quite looking forward to going back tomoz for a rest lol xx

The thoughts of cigarettes whether cravings or thoughts or feelings are quite often at the moment but dont last very long at all. So from the extreme i want a fag now rage kind of stops in the same instant coz i look & think what would i get from it, & i cant afford it...& its gone, just seems a little too regular lately which im finding tricky.

I will be coming off patches in just less then 4 weeks time which in a way i want the moment to arrive, coz between now & then my very shy 5 year old will be starting back school hes already decided hes gonna cry again on first day back!!! my driving test will have been & gone & my routine will be back a little with school, work & playgroups - oh isnt my life exciting lol

xxxxxxxxxxthanks for listening xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Well done KitKat....

...... your doing great!

You have a lot to get through in the next couple of weeks by the sound of it so hopefully that will keep your mind of you know what.

I am sure your youngest will be ok when he starts back at school. I think I was more concerned when mine where that age LOL. They're hardy little things :)

Good luck with your driving test by the way.

Love Gaynor xx

Thank you gaynor, yeah hopefully it will keep my mind off "shhhhh that horrible swear word" or it could have a opposite effect i hope not!!! x

hows u doing are you back on quit? how far? wot method? hows it going? xx

you not tried the farm game on facebook then? I'm told thats quite good :)

Those over-regular cravings i'm sure could be seen as the demon throwing its last major strops for a bit. You took all his toys away quite some time ago now, its tried pacing up and down calling you all the names under the sun, and now its trying the 'i'll just poke at you til you give in' tactic... that just won't work either tho, it never accounted for your stubbornness. Get ready to catch its dummy as it spits it out later tho. 'i'm not your friend no more' :)


Hiya Kitkat

Well done you ................god I've got a lot of catching up to do now :D

Bless your wee one.............it pulls at the old heart strings doesn't it?

My eldest used to grab onto the school railings and burst into tears every morning.........it was horrible, the teacher used to come out and take him in screaming and kicking and I used to return home feeling like the worst mother in the world. One day the teacher was trying again to assure me that the minute I went away he stopped and ran off to play with his pals........she told me to phone when I got home and ask to be put through to the classroom. Guess what? Yep he was taken off screaming and kicking and when I phoned I could hear him in the background playing 'teenage mutant hero turtles' with his pals.

He's now 23 and 6ft and is a lovely young man :)

Good luck with the driving test.........hope it goes well for you.

Love Carol xx

Hi Kitkat

Well done you - nearly through the school holidays! :D

Can't stop - someone mentioned games on facebook - going to look...

Take care! :D

where is everyone on f,book playing games???

thank you all for words of support

jase - i love all that what you wrote i do hope it is a final strop n then i will be given up on :D farmville yeah tried it, it good only trouble is my computer goes so slow on that one & on petsociety it nearly stops bit frustrating, blame my mcafee package think it tires the poor thing out lol

yeah carol i agree exactly the same took away crying his eyes out & told by the teachers hes fine once ive gone!! hopefully he will also turn out a lovely man like youre son, maybe i should look at it as a good thing x you doing good caz so glad ure back on quit im sure youll catch up before you realise it:)

thanks coaltyt yeah almost through school hols it has gone quick think ill miss the not rushing in the mornings but think he needs go back to school, he getting harder as the holidays gone on. Still got the other one at home (hes 3 in october). Probably wont know wot to do when they both at school probably go to work more huh!!! n get my house decorated finally lol x

feeling okay tonight mood bit better........thanks all youre support is so appreciated i could never tell you how much

I am with you....

Hello! I too will be having to end my NRt soon....I am using the gum. To be honest I am terrified. I have had a few probelms the past few days as well thnking about smoking. I will be getting ready to go from one task at home to the next and I think, "Okay I will go have a cif after this task and then I will be on to the next task"...then my mind grinds to a screeching halt and I think...oh yeah I don't smoke any more! It is so strange to have such a blip in reality for a few seconds. I know I really don't ever want to go back to that hell habit.....but I know the gum has really been helping to keep me on the straight and narrow. As well as keeping me from flipping out on my kids and my husband. Are you afraid at all about coming off the patch?

I am going to switch to nicocure when I end the gum. It is an all natural quit smoking product I already have to hopefully help get off the actual niccotine. I am such an addict. It doesn't seem to matter how I get it......but I definitely don't ever want to inhale another nasty cig again!

Congrats on staying quit!


quit 7: day? quit date June 22nd: married mom to 4 boys 8 and under.

I'm my 2nd step of patches at the moment, the 14mg step 2's.. i came down a step from the 21mg which i did for 6 weeks prior to last weekend.. i will be doing the step 2's for all this week and all next.. and then after that i drop down again to the lowest mg patch (7mg).. and again just as i have done this week i will adjust to the new lower dosage.. i will be using those for the 2 weeks they've suggested too.

I don't see coming off the patches as being something to fear.. I see it as a necessary part of quitting nicotine altogether.. and once i stop using patches and begin dealing with every part of life without them i will then begin what some folk have begun since day 1 of their quits. Those folk who at day 1 went cold turkey.. no patch, no gum, just gritted their teeth and got on with it. I have massive respect for that kind of determination, something in a way i wish i'd actually tried myself. I however chose to do this with patches, but i knew at the start that i could not use them indefinitely and so am sticking to the length of time they suggest using the patches for.

Once i'm off the patches, i'm sure i'll have some shakey days, but nothing will make me smoke again.. its only me that needs to deal with that then.. and i'll be happy knowing i'm not being fed any of the drug i'm looking to quit however i've been receiving it so far.

A necessary step is to come off them, its just a matter of when, and having the extra strength and preparation for that day. I'm looking forward to it, not fearing it... is that strange?

hey hanna good luck to us, sounds similar situation with the sudden realization that we dont smoke anymore maybe this is the moment where it is suddenly dawning on us, i am afraid of coming of patches but also very curious, as i am expecting a badtime fingers crossed it might not be? a lady who quit with patches said she did the course & didnt notice when she finished (she been quit 2 years now) heavy smoker for many years - a ray of hope

I got in a bit of a mess with one of my quit attempt(quit one) was using gum & being a secret smoker in the end, i was kind of addicted to both. Not meaning to frighten you coz the gum is very effective for lots of people, sadly i didbt do it properley this double addiction went on for well over a year.Tried allen carr method (quit 2) sadly that didnt work either. So this time thought the patch coz in a way im not controlling it? its just their (using normal gum & eating tonnes more)............so thats me...we will do this keep posting & i strongly recommend to not stay on any nrt product longer then you have too just coz of my own experience

thanks for listening keep posting

ps well done jase in reduction of strength, keep on your doing brill & i can feel youre positivity everytimex

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