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And I'm Off - Weeeeeee!!!!!


:) Everybody

I hope this finds you all very well, healthy and happy in the land of Quit!

Today is my day 1 - and am feeling very positive and determined that this quit is going to be the one that lasts.

I still have my whirlwind blowing me about but will stand firm like a tree with its roots deep in the ground. There is no option but to quit and that is the long and short of it.

NS4M thank you so so so much my buddy for looking out for me and being so kind. Yous are the best. I will catch you later on the night shift!!! Insomnia rules - still!!!

Really delighted to see Pupalup (Fairygodmother) and Linda back and we are all quitting on the same day - come on girlies we can do it together!!

So in commemoration of Day 1 for everyone who has achieved Day 1 or Achieving Day1 or thinking about achieving Day 1 .......a bit of YouTube (sorry guys - I just lurve the YouTube)

Hopes you are all so so so well and happy to be back with you all again.

Big Hugs


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Hi ya my lovely poppy,

Great to have you back honey!

I am sure you will make it this time.

Missed you!Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Befly

Thanks ever so much for the welcome - missed you too lovely.

Gonna do it this time ............feeling like a raging bull in the bull ring and the smokey joe is the matador and I'm going to butt (get it!!) it into obvlivion!!

Hope you are well and happy - been thinking of you.

Big Hugs


Ahhhhh Ha!! NS4M

I can sees you!!!

Thanks Buddy



You might want to sit down cos you'll never beleive this................I (Yes, me who could never last more than a week!) am on day 27 now and not a single blip! Nurse gave me champix and I've never looked back. If I can crack this poppy after the amount of quits I've had - anyone can. This stuff is ace,I tell you.

Hope your son and daughter are both doingok.

Love karen xx

Dear Kazza

Left you a message on your Hour 27 - You are doing so fab - knew you would.

Thanks ever so much for your words. My little ones are doing fab thanks for asking - running me ragged as usual but they are superb!!


512 YAY MY POPPY HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy that you have decided to try again! You can do it this time hun!


I look forward to our midnight chats again Pops. I hope you soon get yourself back on track and are able to sleep through the night.

How are you feeling on your first day? :D

Dear NS4M

Do you know I feel really good at the moment - not missing or craving a smoke. Just pleased to have packed up again. Did not enjoy smoking over the last few weeks but found it to be the crutch I needed to get through - though I appreciate a bad crutch - but a necessity for the time.

How are you petal? How are all your lovely brood? I hope your stepson has made a full recovery now. You are doing so well hun I am so proud of yous.

Big Hugs


Ohhh thats great! Days are so much nicer when the craves don't nag at you all day long. As long as you got through your rough patch, thats all that matters really hun! You are back on the healthy patch now and doing fab. Ohhh sooo happy you are back - I really missed ya ;)

My brood is well, thanks for asking. Stepson is 100% and doing wonderful. :D

Talk to you soon hun - hubby is on his way home from work early as the massage therapist is coming at 2pm my time :)

Take care xxxxx

Hi Poppy nice to see you again.

Good Luck.

Dear Kazza

Left you a message on your Hour 27 - You are doing so fab - knew you would.

Thanks ever so much for your words. My little ones are doing fab thanks for asking - running me ragged as usual but they are superb!!


Thanx Poppy . Read your msg. Gosh I can't explain my feelings on this quit. After my disastrous holiday I thought I would be smoking till I popped my clogs,although I truly wished I wasnt. Luckily I work in the same building as the drs (where my friend is the nurse) It was her who suggested the champix. I confess I was a bit wary after the previous bad reaction to zyban but she AND

my Dr assured me it would be ok. Maybe I'd just had enough of trying to quit,maybe it was the champix or maybe I found more wilpower - whatever it ws it seems to doing a damn fine job. I've had a few craves (but not as many as in previous quits) I don't get nauseous but I sometimes suffer from a slight headache.Nothing major though. All in all though,I feel pretty damn good!^/r/dan...

Welcome back poppyfairy,

Good for you on quitting again :D

Stay strong

~Buffy x x

Welcome back Poppy!

I don't know you but I wanted to send you a very warm WELCOME BACK! You have alot of people backing you, so you must be a very loving person. Congrats on the decision to start over. As we all know it's not easy but making the decision is the first step!:D

Day 29!:D

Not smoked for: 0Y 4W 0D 10H 56M not smoked: 284 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 76.83. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 22H 46M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM.

Thanks so much all of you, I really appreciate the messages.

The insmonia has reverted back to being bad through the night so sleep for one hour wake up toss and turn ever since. Woke up at 4am and thought I should get up but didn't just laid in bed having mad 'thinking time' - ie about celebrity scissor hands - did you watch that with Stevie Strange?? Totally bonkers!!

So got up at 5am and been doing loads of stuff which I have needed to get done which is the good thing about being up while everyone else is asleep.

Ahhh well it is all part of getting rid of the poisons in my bod so looking at it as a positive thing - I know by day 52 sleeping should be a bit better!! Until then this will probably be me at intermittent moments during the day......

Have a great day all of yous. I will be preparing for the Halloween party we are having for the kiddies on Wednesday - lots of glue, sticking, painting and glittering - hoorah and the mess afterwards is even better!


Aw Poppy it's so good to see you back hun! :) You are such a star and I'm so pleased that you're here again after just a short time - IMO, not waiting too long is the very best move you could make, you smart girl ;) Welcome back! HUGS

Hi Poppy

How you doing let us know Linda xxxxxxxxx

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