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No Smoking Day
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Day 2: Waterproof patch my rear end!

Well, day to has come and near enough gone... iv not given in even though it feels like the deamon drug is pushin all the "irritable as h*ll" buttons it can find.

I woke up 2/3 times in the night, i dont know if it was due to my cold (caught the adult side effects of toddlers hand foot an mouth, still recovering) or from withdrawel symptoms, id taken my patch off before going to bed to avoid weird dreams and to give my system the brake it generally had when i was smoking.

I woke up this morning and put my patch on, i itched for around 10 mins, but then i started to feel really queezy. I made myself busy around the house.. i work really weird shifts and sometimes dont get a day off for 6/8 days, so when im off i like to give it a good clean. After all this hard work (booooo) i decided to take a shower, now i read the instructions back to front/side to side on my patches before even useing them.. it clearly states "WATERPROOF"..... low and behold i start to wash my hair in the shower and feel something slide down my shoulder, down my side... down my legs and land firmly on my foot!!

It wouldnt re-apply, i didnt know if i could use another one in the same day.... so today iv gone without any assistance!

Its been hard, i dont know if day two is harder than day one... or if its cause iv gone without my little saftey net patch..

Im getting terrible headaches, all at the front and building up around the sides, iv taken pain killers and its doin nothing for me... the slightest noise is irritating the hell out of me (partner is currently on the phone talking normally... feels like he is shouting in my ear!) but i havnt given in.....

Hello Day 2.

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Which brand are you using?

I found the NiQuitin ones next to useless at sticking, even on bone dry skin.

The Nicorette ones were better at sticking, although both brands really irritated my skin, so I ditched the patches at around 2 weeks and been cold turkey since, and am celebrating my one month milestone today!


Sorry, how rude of me!!! I forgot to say WELL DONE for quitting - this place is amazing as a support network!


Hi thank you, well done to you too!! :)

Im useing the niquitin ones, they stick alright normaly, but the info about waterproof is a big fat lie and its made me suffer like hell today!!

I really feel stupidly irritable, im a person who loves my sleep... so when i dont get any sleep i get moody...fast! Added to that the nicotine withdrawel, plus being rushed off my feet all day to keep my hands and mind busy... im done in and super irritable!

This quitting thing isnt fun an games, i found yesterday really easy with only one temptation and that was early on in the morning...

Today.. it just seems like the craving hasnt gone away no matter how hard i tried to ignore it/changed my routine/alerted myself to a possible trigger

Congratulations on your month :D xx


This was a major dilemna for me, and one of the reasons I ditched the patches so early.

I shower every day and the patches quite obviously aren't waterproof! Smoking clinic advised removing and reapplying the patch after shower.......great but they still don't stick after when you try to reapply.....they then advise sticking patch to skin with micropore tape.....not a great look really??

In the end I just didn't apply the patch until I had showered, but it was delaying the nicotine fix for so long in the mornings I figured I could just do without it so I did in the end. If you feel you need it, just apply another new patch after showering, even if you use an extra few it's still less than the cost of fags and worth it if it gets you through the day. I did this a few times with swimming and I didn't overdose or have any wierd side effects by applying a new patch halfway through the day, however I always took it off by 8.00 pm

Good luck and well done on quitting :)


How about an inhalator as an extra - or the Quickmist spray - that is really fast acting!

I have one of each to keep with me just in case I need them.


Someone recomended the quick mist to me the other day... im slightly put off by the nicorette tablets though (i know smoking tasted bad... but did they have to make them taste like the astray???)

My headache still hasnt eased and im worried ill be waking up again tonight :( weird dreams of smoking really big fags scared the life out me last night... no really, they were 6"4 and wider than big daddy... i kept cryin cause i couldnt fit it in my mouth and could only inhale fom the edge. :(


The dreams can be a little mental!!!

If you go for the Quickmist, make sure you spray it onto the inside of your cheek, not down your throat.... and leave it about 60 seconds at least before you swallow or it can give you hiccups!!


Hiya Cherryd69, well done on your second day quit...not a mean feat especially with your patch issue and not having one on all day. The headaches are a symptom of nicotine withdrawal which I guess would fit seeing as you haven't had any nicotine all day. Hope they ease up soon.

In previous quits, I used niquitin patches and must say they melded to my skin like glue but after soaking in the bath or showering they dropped off like flies. I too used to slap another one on but I have to pay for prescriptions so found that a too expensive...in the end (you may not like my work around). I used to have a bath or shower at night and then a thorough wash in the sink the next morning to freshen up. This time around I was fed up of using patches and just said bugrit I'll go cold turkey. Hope this helps. Lisa x


yeah i have to pay for mine too hun, wich is one of the reasons why i didnt slap on another patch today when that one came off.... although the patches are cheaper than fags.. i just cant afford either at the moment and instead of wasting them i decided to go without (plus i didnt know if you could put another one on if the other fell off!)

Although he wanted and has wanted me to quit for a long time, after this evening.. i think hes regretting it.. tbh im only half as bad as what i feel like doing, but i am really snappy and irritable, noise is deffo my anger trigger...


The snappy/irritable feeling doesn't last forever. I noticed I was much, much calmer after about the 7th day quit and that was cold turkey. You've already done 2 days...only another 5 to go. Actually, the worse is the first 3 days to be honest, so not long to go now. It's up to you if you want to put on a patch tomorrow or continue cold turkey. You could see how you feel and slap on a patch as a very last resort when you think you might cave!!!

Only a suggestion, good luck with it tomoz. I'm rooting for you and you're doing really well so far. Unfortunately OH's get it in the neck a bit at first...you can only say sorry and he know's the long term benefits so will probably bite his tongue more than usual.



Hi Cherry , I tried many different brands of patches , Nicotinell made me itch like mad , Niquitin CQ were not as bad but still had me scratching.

I then discovered Nicorette invisi patch ...slightly more expensive @ £15 a packet but wow what a difference. NO ITCHING and they stick really well. They stay on well in the shower too.;) and you can hardly see them on your skin.

Also I agree that the headaches and waking up in the night both associated with withdrawal / detoxification.

Day 2 is good stick with it and after tomorrow you should find it gets a lot easier .

Good luck and best wishes .



If you're getting things on prescription and have to pay for them, why not get a pre-payment?

You can get 3 months for £29.10 and can do it online.

I used the value of mine in the first 2 weeks with prescriptions! Much cheaper way of doing it.


ah sorry crossed wirse here, i dont have a perscription... i just brought them from the pharmacy.... :o


How are you feeling today CherryD? Have you got a squeezy small ball you can keep in your hand then when you feel like shouting give that a good squeeze, Might take some of the stress away if you pretend it's somebodys head:D


Yeah im not too bad today hunni, thanks for askin.

Today its just the headaches, i get them between half 5 in the morning... and then i get them again at 5:30 in the evening.

Stupidly painful and i feel useless having them, painkillers dont have any effect on them, i just have to ride them out.

Squeezy ball wont do anything for me, i just have a coffee and rant on my facebook status... Hence this one from this morning.. Just wants to rip peoples heads off... leave the bodys in a pile, then sit down with my coffee whilst smoking a ciggy with my feet restin on their rotting corps's

Instead of doing that though.. i scrubbed the kitchen :p so dont be looking for a mass murderer on sky news today :rolleyes:


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