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11weeks & failed my test!!!

:( i am very glad that i am on my 11 week of not smoking, but very very very sad that i failed my driving test, it was the worse feeling in the world of dissapointment, i knew i had failed on my reverse around a corner, if it wasnt for a huge mental block of which way to do the wheel - i would have just got it (with almost maximum on minors) & what made it worse was the lady examiner stunk of fags, & appeared quite nice to start with then abruptness kicked in & me thinks now she probably wanted a fag, (now this may seem ironic & not true like im posting on a this forum & making a little story out of it..but it is so true its unreal)

Thanks for all good luck messages , maybe next time

sulking now xx

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I'm not gonna say 'oh bad luck', i'm going to wish you all the best for next time instead. The reversing round a corner i've seen even experienced drivers screw up, its alot i'm sure to do with the fact that the rest of the test you are looking out your front window with turns going in the direction that you actually look at.. and when you turn your head to look out the rear window for the reverse round the corner, your brain is caught in a moment of hesitation because suddenly its like the controls are in reverse.

The main problem i guess is you were on your test, and I remember my test so well, you don't want to screw up and that moment of hesitation when the controls 'seem' to be reversed can throw you i guess.

You know what my driving instructor did for me to get me totally used to reversing like this? we went right back to car park on a sunday again where it was quiet.. and he put 10 bollards out.. we did reverse slalom.. then when we got to the other end, we did it forwards.. the reverse again.. then forwards.. once i'd done that a number of times, we hit the road and i found reversing round them corners a piece of 'you know what' :)

GOOD LUCK FOR NEXT TIME. Don't let this knock you... oh and its kind of encouraging that the examiner needed a hefty smoke to cope with a test.. make you wonder who worries more?

You will pass next time i'm sure!!



AWWWW so sorry to hear you didn't pass your test-you must be so disapointed-however you can take it again and i know its no consolation knowing that, but put it behind you dust off and take it again-just think, you are stronger than her-you have managed to do one of the hardest things in life-stopping an addiction like smoking isn't easy.

well done for stopping and stayed stopped!!!!! :)


Hi KitKat :)

Well done you 11 weeks is really great keep it going

Sorry you failed the driving test but you'll do it next time and at least it wasn't you gagging for a fag but the examiner how good is that

I've been a driver for years and still don't like reversing especially round corners my instructor had a bit of coloured tape on the back of the car and tuaght me to line it up with the kerb when reversing so the disrance from the kerb was right


Marg xxxx


Sorry about your driving test, but you went through a very stressful time and did't smoke major well done. 11 weeks is great, I wish you many more.



Sorry you failed your test, but as others have said there is no limit and you can take it again as soon as you are ready.

Keep your chin up, oh and BTW 11 weeks is AMAZING:D


hey kitkat -

hope your feeling better about the test. sounded like you didnt get much wrong so get another booked up quick and you should breeze it this time.

well done for not smoking though. would have been easy to punish yourself in a crazy moment and go and buy some smokes,

congrats on 11 weeks too!



hi everyone thanks for all lovely messages, i am still a little glum after yesterdays negative!!! but i have rebooked my test in a few weeks times, so hopefully soon ill be celebrating x im kind of getting used to not smoking, but it was kind of odd yesterday coz when i failed my test - in situations of dissapointment i would automatically have a fag as a comfort thing? but same as situations of complete happiness. So i kind of missed that old friend when i got home like a memory x 11weeks & 1 day almost done x:D


Hi Kitkat, im afraid that women tend to have trouble with reversing anyway :-)

Only joking, seriously, if you have a partner who can get you out in a car, then practice the things your not good at or not confident in. If not, take a lesson and explain that you want to practice reversing, then you will find it easy as it is.



argh paul now that is wicked:D womans insurance is cheaper ill have u know? whys that then lol

yes i do have a partner who can take me out, & i have been out sometimes but its tricky with the 2 kids in the back, i get a bit nervous as u can imagine- like my oldest (5 year old) freaked last time & kepts shouting that i was gonna crash!!!nice, dont have much childcare when times are good to go, so its one of them. But u are right practice is all i need, my last driving instructor said the same - he now retired & my new one also says the same. Even the flipping test examiner said i was forever checking my gear & fixing stuff (stupid cow though, i was nervous & who dosnt check wot geat they in from time to time)

i will be a happy bunny if this test is a pass(in october) & a even happier bunny if i can get of nicotine easily so im nice & chilled for the time x


lol, I have no idea why womens insurance is cheaper, im sure someone will take that to the European courts of human rights one day as sexist :-)

Lol with the 5 year old too, I have one of them too.


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