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What's happening to me (sad smiley) Day 17

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I've always been a fit smoker if that's not a complete oxymoron, I run & cycle and have just rehabbed from a knee operation related to a sports injury.

Last week I ran really well, 5k per day at sub 20 mins.

This week however has been shocking, I've had no motivation and felt wretched. Tired yet unable to sleep, grumpy, depressed.

Most of that I can accept as part of the withdrawal but I went into the gym today and gave myself a target of a swift 4k, yet 1.5 in and my whole body is demanding I give up, I felt like I had had pins and needles all over, my breathing was shallow and weazy and at 1.68 I punched the stop button and just gave up, something that I never do. Never.

Now I don't know WTF is going on, have I got a virus, is my body really reacting this bad to the withdrawal despite the NRT?

I'm absolutely confused and a little distressed.

Is there anyone else who lead a relatively healthy life prior to giving up? Any Gym bunnies? Anyone experienced this before?


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Sorry I cant say as I was a sofa bunny and still am to a certain extent as dont think you can count half an hour a day of brisk walking exercise can you LOL, but if you are worried go see quack and he will probably tell you yes it is the withdrawal cleaning your lungs, or maybe you have chest infection which is also common after quit, my son had terrible chest infection when he stopped and was on antibots for 10 days and he was always fit and healthy as well, dont worry to much just go day by day xx

Hi there

I don't think you have anything to worry about, Jamangies right. It's pretty common to feel less fit/get ill in the aftermath of quitting as your lungs start to function again, but if you are worried see your doctor - could be a dose of antibiotics will hurry things up.


Hi Lee

Not sure I can claim to be a gym bunny (working on it tho :)), but have some experience of the gym as both a smoker and a non smoker.

I would say that the lethargy is a normal part of quitting, along with feeling achey, but you could see your GP if you feel really rough? I found that I hit a bit of a wall at around 5-10 mins in, which was a bit tough to deal with, although I also found it eased a bit around the 20 min mark. Drinking more water beforehand seems to help a bit, but that shouldn't really be any different from when you exercise as a smoker. I noticed I needed more than usual though.

I have a slight tendency to push too hard in the gym, so this time around, I've tried to ease up a bit and listen to the aches and pains - if you try to see the immediate future as rehibilitation rather than training, that might help a bit. Frustrating, I know, but it takes a while for the body to adjust after being deprived of oxygen and fed poison for so many years, so you might just need to be patient!

Hope that helps a little - maybe someone who understands these things will come along to give you the science bit. In the meantime - don't make the mistake of thinking 'I feel like crap, best start smoking again'!

Lottie x

Hi Lee :)

Sorry you're feeling down right now but it is normal OK but if you're worried about it go and see your Dr


Marg xx

Day 22 today, feel much better, my quit chart has 3 rainbows in a row signifying 3 craving free days.

It's quite a turn around and my lungs have started the clearing process, I still don't feel like I could beat my PB but my general fitness appears to be returning.

Am off to play Badminton tonight and hopefully smash some angry cocks in peoples faces:)

Well done on your quit Lee. Glad you are starting to feel better :D

Shall keep away from you tonight though if you are smashing cocks in peoples faces :eek::p

gaynor x

Well done on your quit Lee. Glad you are starting to feel better :D

Shall keep away from you tonight though if you are smashing cocks in peoples faces :eek::p

gaynor x

I promise that was not me on the news;)

Hey Lee,

Just saw this. Really pleased you are feeling better. I found that around week 4/5 I got loads more energy so beating your PB might not be far away :D

Almost hurt myself laughing Gaynor & Lee...........so pleased it wasn't you on the news ha-ha!


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