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What happened yesterday


Two remarkable things happened to me yesterday....

The first, a trip to the dentist. I know that is not particularly remarkable but stay with me. I hate the dentist, really hate it. Stomach churning, feeling sick, sweaty palms type of hate. I had booked myself in a teeth clean for a treat since stopping smoking. I had subsequently started smoking again but it was too late to cancel the appointment without paying for it, so I went.

As nervous as I was, I smoked 3 cigarettes in the hour prior to getting in the car. Because, one of the reasons why we smoke is to help us get through periods of stress and anxiety...

Driving in my car on the way to the dentist I suddenly realised that I was still terrified, stomach was still churning and palms still sweating...and the cigarette had done NOTHING to stop that...NOTHING to calm me down...in fact, the only thing that it had done was to make me smell of fags at the dentist and stop me being able to tick the box that said non smoker. I laughed out loud in the car when I realised. It suddenly dawned on me, the trick of it all.

The second remarkable thing that happened to me was meeting my friend on our regular Monday night catch up. My friend is a smoker. A confirmed smoker, THE most confirmed smoker I have ever met. Never even tried to stop before. Cigarettes were what defined her (or so I thought). I found out last night that she has not had a cigarette in a week. It was gob smacked to say the very least. She was in control, tired, but in control and felt great.

So, after those two bombshells to my beliefs I have woken up this morning and decided that cigarettes are no longer for me. This is my pledge:


Thank you lovely forum for listening to my rambling and for your support xx

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Fantastic Val

I had that truth moment at day 67 : smoking does nothing for you, it's all a horrible trick.

It changed from something I said to myself, to something I truly believed.

Loving this.....

Good luck for today:D

I will not smoke today.

Fantastic Val

I had that truth moment at day 67 : smoking does nothing for you, it's all a horrible trick.

It is a horrible trick, but a very clever one to. I will re read allan Carr now because I finally think I get what he's been going on about (even though I have read it loads of times)

Fantastic day today then Val, take this knowledge and use it well, looking forward to more positive posts :)

Brilliant Val, isnt it odd when you get the penny dropping moment, or the "lightbulb" moment so to speak, glad you have had yours, lets hope it makes the quit easier for you xx


its those moments that really make you realize the smokes dont do anything for us...best of luck to you!

When the Penny finally drops it's FREEDOM at last. I think this has also happened to me this quit, 10 days stopped and few cravings. Great isn't it?

Hya valsy. Just great isn't it, we we have a wake up moment, great post;)

Keep going my lovely.


Sorry I am so late catching up on this Valsy.

Really fantastic news. So glad you're back on the horse and sounds like you've well and truly got your head in the right place. :)

Thanks guys I knew I could count on your support, it really does make the difference on a difficult day. I'm coming to the end of day 2 now, been a tough one but it's nearly done xx

I will not smoke today

What a lovely positive post.

Well done Val, so pleased for you :)

Great post Valsy.

I remember my feelings as one by one my smoking friends successfully gave up smoking and most of them without any real trouble at all. I think I found it quite upsetting in a funny sort of way, probably because it made me feel more guilty for not having the sense to do the same as them. That and the fact that I knew had ended up as just one of the last of a dying breed - today's smokers!

I won't pretend it isn't challenging at times trying to change the habit of a lifetime but it is doable if your heart's in it.

'I will not smoke today' does seem to help make quitting more manageable and it is helping me get by.

Wishing you all the very best with your quit. x

Hiya Valsy

Good post, hope your quit is still going strong. You've got to keep

telling yourself your in control and not the nicotine and you CAN do this.

I Won't smoke today.


Nice one Val,

Bring on day 3.:D

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