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(Day 4) I've got no idea what's wrong with me

I've been feeling really tired these last few days and been going to bed earlier than normal, but last night was strange. I was in bed and alseep for 12am, that hasn't happened since I can remember. I'm sat here making this post, and it's only 8am, woke up at 7. Don't know what's wrong with me! lol.

Seems like a good start to Day 4 anyway, my body's getting back to normal, the sore throat has gone and I'm less tired than I was over the first 3 days. I'm not in the slightest bit grouchy now, pretty much the opposite, feeling really positive and healthy.

I now have all this free time though and haven't got a clue what to do with it.

I'm 3 days 8 1/2 hrs smoke free

Saved my body from 80 cigarettes

$4 Saved

and 6 1/2 hrs of my life reclaimed.

Just taking 5 minutes to smoke each cigarette, 25 times a day not only made me late for things, smell bad, fell bad etc. But also wasted 2 hours a day of my life destroying my body. Makes sense now to use that 2 hours to counter the damage and am now off to exercise for said time.

Day 4 is great!

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hi bob, what you have said about taking 5 minutes to smoke each fag,makes you think how much time we have all wasted,down the years throught smoking,,and i hope i have not left it to late,im 107 days quit,,i enjoyed your post bob,,its funny to night i cant sleep for some reason,,think i will wake the wife up ;)thinking now not a good idea to wake her,,keep the faith tony


Well done BOB

Day 4 is great you sound very up beat CONGRATS. Yes I found you have a lot of extra time so mad the time & money we wasted harming ourself. xxxxx


Hi Bob

There is nothing wrong with you, your body is beginning to feel the benefit of you not smoking it is common to feel very tired at beginning of quit somedays I felt totally exhausted but oh so much better generally

Sleep is a great healer for any illness so why not this one which has gone on far longer than most others

Just hang in there this will pass in time

Good Luck



Thanks Margaret, sleep really is a great healer. I had a dream last night for the first time since I can remember, slept sooo so good. Woke up at 6:45. Seems like when I smoked, it was harder to get to sleep as the nicotine was keeping me awake, when I finally did sleep the sleep was not good as my body was having to spend the time repairing itself instead of relaxing.

Now I'm finding I need less sleep but waking up feeling loads better.

Before, I couldn't even function without 2 coffees and 5 cigs even before brushing my teeth (I know it's gross) Now's my second day I've finished breakfast before 7:30 and actually started exercising.

Tony and Linda, I didn't want to think about it but you've got me curious now.

Smoking since 9 years old, 10 a day until I started a paper round which was 12. Now 25 and was on 20 a day up until 5 days ago.

Of course the prices have changed a little bit. I think I remember buying 10 lambert and butler at £1.54. Maybe less as I was only getting £1.40 lunch money lol, though I remember selling them for 50p at a time so that would make sense. But anyway just for a general figure, I'll go on £4 for a pack of 20

So I've smoked about 113,150 fags

That is. . . One Hundred and Thirteen Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Cigarettes. Wow, I'm surprised I'm not dead! That doesn't even take into account nights out drinking when it wouldn't be uncommon to polish off 60 cigarrettes (don't tell me you haven't done that?)

So on this figure of 113,150 That means I've Wasted 392.88 days of my life just puffing on a cigarrette, which in a 365 day year means ONE YEAR AND ONE MONTH!!!!

Imaginge if you were about to die and someone said you could have all the time back that you wasted smoking, imagine what you could do. That's disgraceful. Not only have we wasted all that time just by taking the time out to smoke, but this doesn't include the years off our lives we have destroyed from the carcinogenic chemicals and smoke in the cigarrettes, nor the combined effects of smoking whilst drinking.

113,150 is about 5657 20 packs, which equates to £22,630!!!!!

All these kids complaining they can't afford to get a mortgage until they reach 50 take heed! Oh what I would do with that money now. . . .

Thanks Tony and Linda lol, going to spend the rest of the day wallowing in my own self pity at this.


Hi Bob :)

Great post hate to think what I have spent over the last 50 yes 50 years or how many I smoked at a minimum of 20 a day oh dear don't think I can work that one out [do I really want to] the results would be truly frightening so maybe best left alone

I was like you except I lit a fag as soon as out of bed but also couldn't function without at least 3 coffees and 4/5 fags never had breakfast but now i do.What a sorry person I was fags a first priority but not any more

OH JOY :D Right coffee break time to put the kettle on might even have a biscuit with it

All the best



Hi Margaret, not sure if you'll see this one but anyway. .

For me, the thought of all those years smoking was sickening, but the actual giving up wasn't so bad for me.

I have so much respect for you giving up after 50 years!, 16 years is barely a drop in the ocean in comparison.

I started smoking in a time of my life when 'smoking was cool' as do most kids, but society generally was already beginning to shun it, they'd been well aware of the risks for some time already.

But when you started, they were still advertising it as being sexy, good for health and all that crap. My friend sent me an email with some of the old adverts for smoking on which included things like 'The majority of doctors smoke Camels' or 'Blow in her face and she'll follow you anyway' etc lol

Having that kind of message ingrained in your brain must make it so hard to change the thinking after all this time. It's like living with the fact that the world is flat and then having to learn that it's actually round.

Just for fun, check out:

For some smoking ads, or do a search yourself on google for 'smoking ads from the 60s' etc, it's shocking. I wonder what truths we'll have to re-learn in another 20 years.


Just seen another really bad one

"Let's face it, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow - Go on, have a fag!"

Honestly, I hope the people who made those ads have all gone straight to hell. Mind you they do come from the same batch of advertising as 'They're happy because they eat lard' I wonder how long it was before the companies actually knew the health risks, but never let on. .


Hi Bob :D

Thank you for your reply and you are so right when I started it was the in thing to smoke it was supposed to be sexy, good for you and everything else you mentioned and if you didn't smoke you were looked down on so that has completely turned around and it did make it hard I failed many times before this quit but with the help of this forum and the people on it I am sure that I will never smoke again

Thanks for that web site address I have been on and had a look and will look again later as you say just for a laugh but the sad thing is I remember most of them and like most others at the time was totally taken in by them

Believe it or not some of the things people said are still said now

A very dear friend of mine commented on how well I looked since giving up

said I felt really well and why didn't she quit her answer was

But I enjoy it and after all I could get run over by a bus tomorrow I found that so sad and also frightening that there are still people that come out with such things

All the best Bob and thanks again



Hi Jim

You may be right but of lot of those ads really were ads at the time I was young I even remember saying to people about the bus one myself several years ago so it may be as you say a spoof ad but never the less did happen



Hi Jim :D

They might well be Viz but certainly not originals sorry

I didn't think young men of 46 wore hats to dof these days oh well they say you learn something new everyday Oh by the way who or what is viz




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Default (Day 4) I've got no idea what's wrong with me

Believe you me after 40 years of being me-half the time i don't know whats wrong with me LOL xxxxx Keep up the great cessation xx


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Default (Day 4) I've got no idea what's wrong with me

Believe you me after 40 years of being me-half the time i don't know whats wrong with me LOL xxxxx Keep up the great cessation xx

I don't know whats wrong with you either. What were you the other half of the time? :p

*trying to follow a viz-esque style to allow Margaret to pick up hopefully in context what Viz is....and failing miserably*

Keep up the quit Bobmonkhouse :cool:


4 days 21 hours

So I put my last smoke out New Year's Eve. First and second day was the hardest, getting better now, went back to the gym it was nice being able to breath better. Please give me the strength to not fall back into bad habits. I've decided to throw myself into trying new recipes. Tried pulled pork in the pressure cooker. So far so good


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