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Somebody talk me down!

Ok I had the most intense episode yet... was sucking on a pen in a vain attempt to provide a placebo effect but wasnt working so i decided to use an older nicorette inhaler (the little white plastic pretend cigarette tube) but without the nicotine as an aid to get the crave away...there was an empty cartridge in it which i threw out and then rinsed through the inhaler...anyway long story short took a few sucks on this and felt better...anyway now am left feeling really guilty as was going cold turkey and am worried there was a tiny trace of nicotine left in the tube and i'm gonna end up worse off for it :eek::eek:...whats wrong with me??? lol am i being ridiculous??? Its totally passed now and i feel calm...i really hope its my breathing thats done that!...god somebody talk me down lol:o:o

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Pal, im no expert by all means but 4 me when it gets tough i go out my back door and take really deep breaths of fresh air and look up at the sky. This calms me down and takes the bite out of the cravings. Stay tough pal, it will pass. x :)


Youll b fine

LOL. You will be fine, I really doubt there was anything left, maybe you feel the way you do cause the feeling was so close to the real thing, I think its all a mental thing? I believe you just calmed yourself with your breathing, just relax and keep on going. Be PROUD that you did NOT pick up a cigarette instead. :D. YAAAYYYYYYYY for YOU!!!


cheers for that a tad calmer and think thats due to the breathing...cant believe the guilt i felt though at thinking i'd sucked in nicotine again :rolleyes:

Main thing is i did not smoke and do have access to other halfs dog ends in the ashtray outside :eek: but it never actually crossed my mind during the craving.....think am gonna go to bed early tonight lol


lol zanadoo thats what am rationally starting to think now..boy oh boy...what a trip this is! :p lol

Cheers for support guys x


Glad u are cool pal. If it wiznae for ma sky sports i would be in trouble me thinks. Evenings are the hardest i think, but keep thinking of that brand spanking new smoke free you. :)


I would drink tons of water,wich i never do now ,but worked for me back way when.


This stuff I read on whyquit but seams true from my experience.

New quitters get 5-6 major craves per day, these craves last only approx 3 minuets each.

It may seam like more and longer, apparently time distortion is not just for Doctor Who :D

But 3 Min's, 5 times a day, when you put it like that it seams somehow more achievable.

If you find yourself climbing the wall again, check a clock and do something else for 5 Min's then see how you feel. Easier said than done, I know, but it helped me.



i bought a big bag of lollypops and when ive finished munching etc etc i use the little white plastic tube to suck through and chew on

helped me out a few times :)


Lollipops helped me a bunch in my quit. don"t use them much anymore but on occasion I find I still need one from time to time. Finding something to do to get you through that helps and drinking water instead of smoking is good too.


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