How to grab somebody's attention

How to grab somebody's attention

I came across this a while ago and probably should have posted then. Better late than never eh?

If you add an @ before somebody's user name they will get a notification saying they have been mentioned in a post. For instance, if I'm replying to Tracey but want to bring Fordy into the conversation I would put the @ before his name, it would turn blue, and he would receive a notification. He can then join in the conversation (probably about bacon sandwiches)

This is what it looks like if you have done it right - FordyP 

Have a very jolly May Day weekend everybody and, for those living in the UK and Ireland, try not to get frostbite.

The image above is of a snow storm descending on South Shields two days ago. It's much the same today. I fear for my rabbits; they're not used to this weather.

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  • Thanks, I,m not technically minded, I say that with a slight adjustment, as I'm quite good at shopping on line, but I can say with certainty, my strengths are not with my tablet.

    So will remember how to do that, thankyou

    It's quite a beautiful photo, I like photography, so wonderful always have my camera with me. some of the best shots are never planned.

  • Thanks Tracey. How has today been? You mentioned it might be a struggle...

    I can't take the credit for the photo I'm afraid, I lifted it from the Daily Mirror website! It is a good photo though...

  • Difficult and upsetting day, but I've learned over the years, it is but a moment in time, and this time will pass, so better times a head, indeed at least that's a note to self.

    Thanks for asking

  • Sorry to hear that. Here's to a better day tomorrow...

  • Sorry to read this Tracey3 , message me any time if you need a chat...:)

  • Hi Nozmo, Interesting and useful to know that. Hope all's well with you. Lx

    ps Your photo -I know that scene so well as it's part of my daily route when I'm walking the dog. Lovely in summer but a bit bracing (to say the least) at the moment lol.

  • Bracing's the word Linda. Thought you would know it...very distinctive ruin is Tynemouth Priory. I bet even the dog is having second thoughts in this weather!

  • How are you keeping Linda545?

  • Hey Linda545, how are you getting on? 9 months! Congratulations :)

  • Thanks Nozmo - very helpful. Great photo. Intrigued by the rabbits - do they have names? Weather here has been very strange as well - snow, sun, thunder, rain, lightning and hail all in the space of 3 days. No idea what the weekend will be like - probably usual British bank holiday fare. Should have gone off to Barcelona with my eldest who is away for the weekend - could have had paella and a cold beer instead of a bacon sandwich

  • Now your talking, loving the sound of that, happy days

  • Definitely made a mistake there Fordy! Barcelona versus Bank Holiday contest.

    I saw RoisinO1 telling you about this, and bringing me into the conversation, so I thought I would do a general post.

    The rabbits are called Beryl and Billy. We foster cats and rabbits to help out a rescue centre. They've been wrapped up for the winter but now outside for "Spring" and feeling the chill.

  • What a very kind thing to do Nozmo.....

    Would you believe we have a rabbit that has been making an appearance right up to our window at work(from ceiling to ground window) in the last few weeks, we started feeding him / her, its the cutest thing ever!

  • You're lucky to get its trust, they're very timid creatures. I would love that!

  • Yeah Fordy, weather is brutal here in Ireland too, getting 4 seasons in a few hours for the last couple of days and is bitterly cold!   Seasons are so messed up!

    Don't think it is to improve much so you should have went to Barcelona!

  • Nozmo/RoisinO1 really would have loved to have gone to Barcelona with my daughter but sadly was not invited. She is off with some mates from work which is great because she has been working really hard and needs a break. So there will be no paella and cold beer just grey skies, rain and cold winds no doubt. May try and do a couple of runs as need to get my fitness levels up. I am meant to be doing the "coast to coast" walk from Cumbria across to Robin Hood's bay in Yorkshire in only a month or two and if I don't get my act together soon it will be very tough.

    Like the idea of you having a kind of overspill animal sanctuary Nozmo - Beryl and Billy are good names as well

  • Beryl came to us as Matthew...but it was apparent we would have to change her name.

    The coast to coast walk sounds great, have you done it before? I'm going to have to start doing more stuff like that. I was supposed to be doing a 24 hour team race this weekend but it was cancelled a few weeks ago. Must say I'm relieved.

  • You have to feel for Beryl - must be very confused!

    24 hour team race sounds very hard core - the Le Mans of cycling.

    May marks the start of my fitness regime but my focus will remain not smoking. How is the dieting going - must say I am very impressed so far

  • Hardcore for some but not me. Done it for the past two years and managed three 10km laps for my team. The solo and pair runners are hard as nails. The winner last year was a solo woman who did sixteen 24hrs!

    Go for it in May. You will notice the difference with not smoking.

    Diet going fine thanks. Went a bit over the top on the not eating thing last week but lost 3lb (6 in total). Going to take it easier this week.

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