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I'm a Pleb! - Day one for me!

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Hi All! I feel very ashamed to be back at day one after my last quit attempt was going very well. I attended a social gathering the other weekend where I meet up with a lot of old friends. It was great to see them & it all started so well. People were congratulating me on stopping smoking & the memories of good times were the topic of conversation. Unfortunately I had a little too much to drink & before I knew it I was smoking! :mad: It is very hard to express the feeling of 'It's OK, I'm a non smoker now, it's only one!' It very soon turned into another & another. Anyway, when I woke the next morning, my throat was horrible, chest heavy & the cough was back!:confused: I didn't smoke again for 2 days as I felt so ashamed but by then the nicotine had taken control & I started have one a day, then a couple & before I knew it, back on 10 a day! Just to let you all know what you are all missing:- An overall feeling of shame & guilt, £5 per day on the stupid things, a heavy chest, cough back, fitness gone from good to rubbish, all in the matter of a week! This weekend I went & got an inhaler so I can try NRT instead of CT. Here we go, back on it; I feel much better writing this and getting it off my chest! I hope everybody else is doing well including all the stoptober guys! :)

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Hey leeroy, you are not a pleb. You are back here having another go at t and that is all that counts. If you stop trying, you wioll never quit. I admie you for that.

I wont patronise you by splurting out the usual stuff except to say that if this quit is going to stick, you will have to face and overcome all triggers including socials. You cant avoid them as you dont want to be a person who spends the rest of their life pining after something they dont want, that would be torture. Face every crave head on a beat that sucka down.

Wishing you the very best.


well done for getting back on it so quick some people take years to do there next quit

and just see it as a lesson learnt its good you have seen all the negatives and they are fresh in your mind to keep you strong

i used inhalator too very good to get you through the tough bits




Please don't be so hard on yourself, no looking back. Good luck with this quit.

Fi x


at least you have a very fresh - then and now feeling in your mindset to help you re kick them, pretty sure every one has fallen off that rather harsh waggon and at least youve realised the downward sprial quickly and set to correct it.

Your not a pleb, either :)


Hi Leeroy,

I've done that so many times so don't beat yourself up....You had the strength to try again and that is commendable.

With your new knowledge and resolve you will be free again in no time I'm sure of it!

Best of luck and remember we are all here to help if ever you feel down.



leeroy don't be ashamed just because you got caught out,the amounts of times i have failed is a fair few but i just keep going and going until the day will come when i can look 12 months down the road and say i was there,chin up and keep at it,positive mind and let nothing stand in your way but just remember if you fail your not the only one to have done that as most of us fail and try again good luck.;)


Welcome back Leroy and this time you will do it. You had such a good run and now you have experienced the bad things about smoking that should give you extra incentive.


Leeroy... You are not a pleb! You are someone who is trying to quit smoking and who will eventually be very successful at it. Dont beat yourself up, learn from the past and plan for the future. Leeroy you can do this I know you can!:)


Leeroy. Stick a twenty pound note in your wallet and see how long you can make it last. Welcome back. Good luck. :)


Leeroy. Stick a twenty pound note in your wallet and see how long you can make it last. Welcome back. Good luck. :)

Ha ha forgot about that Hilarious Dippy!


Well done for starting again so quickly! When the craving comes again...reread your post!

Positive thoughts coming your way :)

Lulu_652 Years Smoke Free

You are so not a pleb!

I think you did brilliantly first time round and amazing how quick you turned it around and started again when you fell off the wagon.

Good luck and long may this one last.



I don't know anyone who has quit successfully the first time they've tried. I am on my third quit.



i did exactly the same i gave up for 3 mths back in feb and yes the same as you met up with some friends who actually smoked and thought im fine, but then the wine kept pouring and i thought only 1 wonder how it tastes and i can handle the craings and it be only 1, but yes like u it wasnt and before i knew it i was smoking heavier than before 35 a day to be truthful:(

but now im here on champix and day 6 of no smoking:D but i know like yourself that we cant have 1 anymore else it will become an endless circle

Sian xx


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