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cutting down with the inhalator

Has any one done this?

im finding it really tough at the moment so stop 100% so was thinking about cutting down and swapping a cig for the inhalator for every other cig or something?

iv got the inhalator and its good but dont think i can do this straight down to 0 a day :(

Any advice would be very Grateful ! xx

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Unfortunately I wouldn't have the first clue as I've never used it, but I just wanted to wish you well with your planned quit - you're taking the first step by looking to quit smoking proper ciggies.

Well done so far (it is an important first step!!), and keep us updated...


i was meant to be quitting on Monday but just couldnt do it :(

so going to try this method instead now x


Hiya emma,

yeah ive done that before. Its good to do whilst you get your self mentally prepared to quit for good. You got a much better chance of succeeding if you really spend some time getting your head straight about it all.

I also found that patches, with the inhilator for those tough moments to give that bit extra works pretty well.

I will forever be indebted to Champix though.

If you want to get your self a bit more mentally prepared try watching some of the vids in the link at the bottom,


Bman :D


I quit using the inhalator from Day 1.

Every quit is different and you must do what works for you but my husband found the quitting of the inhalator quite difficult and he went straight onto it without mixing with normal cigarettes, so be careful. I found it the perfect NRT for me but you dont want to still be dragging on it in 6 months time.

Good Luck and if its any consolation my NRT sat on the side for 2 months after I bought it before I chose the day. Dont feel you have to quit now you have the equipment, I promise you will wake up one day and you will just "know" today is the day.


Hey Emma

Patches and lozenges worked good for me. Different things work well for different people.

The key to this quitting thing I think is to prepare yourself mentally. KNOW YOUR ENEMY as people say. Read, read and read more.

Folks on here are great so post often.

Good luck xx


Oh dear sorry to hear your having a bad time.I have tryed the cutting down in the past but it never worked for me i found that i say oh ive had 5 today surely i can have one more and so on. And its hard because you still have them craves and the craves are worse than the ones when you give up smoking.

In your mind you will be thinking them 5 or 10 cigarettes are special because you have been depriving yourself of them.Its not a habit your trying to beat its an addiction.

I used to cut down in the past after failed attempts and when that did not work the next thing i thought was ill just be a social smoker. Damn it never worked because i was keeping the monster alive and just putting myself through torture when i did not feed him. Then when i did feed him i got that ahhh sooo good feeling.Then soon it would go back to torture:mad:

You can do this emma throw away them cigarettes and stop listening to your nicotine demon. You can beat this addiction and you can beat the desire to smoke. Look at the cigarette for what it really is just constant nicotine leaving your body.

Sorry about the long post:D

Hope it helps though

lee x


lozenges dont work for me they are rank i think !!! lol made me feel really sick!!

iv got another date in my mind, feel really bad though for keep having these dates but maybe 1 off these WILL be the right one :D


I found Lozenges to burn my mouth for some reason.. to the point where i had a full packet except 2 lozenges i tried totally unused. I then moved onto patches and quit just fine with those.

on a previous quit i used the inhilator but my experience of those was .. lose the inhilator.. panic sets in.. although a friend shown me a big pen he had once where he's converted it to an inhilator :).. he's been quit 3 years now (good lad!)

its a case of choose your weapon, and be happy and comfy with the method too.. the better you feel while quitting the more it lets you just deal with any cravings or mental issues you may go through at the time.


Emma don't worry my dear, stopping is much harder to think about than it is to do it. You only need to stop for one day at a time that way you never have to think about tomorrow. It all stays in your control so if you change your mind so be it, but you might find you like it and are doing well. There are some good websites in my signature, have a good read of them and that will help you to see how normal your thoughts and feelings are.

Best wishes.



first day smoke free

Has any one done this?

im finding it really tough at the moment so stop 100% so was thinking about cutting down and swapping a cig for the inhalator for every other cig or something?

iv got the inhalator and its good but dont think i can do this straight down to 0 a day :(

Any advice would be very Grateful ! xx

:) Hi Emma,

I am on 15mg patch and inhalator, before i went on them I cut my cig intake from 10 to 3 a day withouth any NRT (ave bin smking for 20 yrs). I have had the patch on and only used the inhalator after lunch and dinner (couple of puffs). Try not to do too much thinking about it, the fact that you are subsituting the fags for the inhalator is brilliant, just take it one day at a time and b4 u no it you will be feeling more stronger to quit the fags altoghether. I am also listening to an hypnotherapy CD which is helping with the willpower and make me see fags as the enemy. This is my 1st day of the fags.


hey lindanovia,

congrats on your first day and to finding the best place to help you quit smoking you could hope for,

hows it going for you today so far?

welcome and congrats again :D



Thanks for the Welcome

I'm doing ok, am constantly thinking of the fags, but with the aid of a patch and inhalator ave resisted. Just hope I remain positive, and to remember to take one day at a time.

Wot bout U?:)


maybe this is where im going wrong... im thinking about the days.. weeks.... months ahead off and how it would feel to be a non smoker then and things that are happening into the future.. and i kinda get scared about it??

maybe thats what im doing wrong and i need to do 1 day at a time


yeah emma - day at at a time will help loads to begin with,

its so worth it too :)


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