No Smoking Day
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My reasons

Hello everyone

I start Champix tomorrow and after 24 years of smoking this will be my first and only attempt!!

1. The control smoking seems to has over my life. I cancelled a trip to New Zealand this year with my hubby because I could not stand the flight due to smoking!! That is very sad!! I have been to Australia but need sleeping tablets on the way back, and I nearly murdered my husband on the way there!

2. Fed up with being the leper, my husband is a non smoker, our gang of friends are non smokers and even my family are non smokers. I am fed up of standing in the cold having a sly fag.

3. Face - At 42 I have too many wrinkles, my love of sun and fags have taken their toll.

4. Voice - If I have to talk for long, especially in meeting after a short time I start to sound like an extra from the film the god father!

5. Health - My problem is I'm a gym bunny and in all fairness I do not have any smoking related problems so health has never been an issue, however I believe if I carry on this will change.

6. Money - Well maybe not high on my list but £160.00 a month can buy me a lot of shoes!

Anyway those are my reasons. It is nice to meet you all and I'm looking forward to start my drugs tomorrow.

Wishing you all the best.

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Hi Christine

Wishing you all the best for tommorrow. I have my date set also but am using the patches and inhalator....once again good luck to you, I look forward to hearing how youre progress is doing with the champix.

Mel x


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