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the smoking adverts


hi everyone. firstly please dont reject this comment because this seems to be the only decent forum for what i need. im a student conducting a piece of research into what effect the recent smoking adverts have had on the smoker. By this i mean the telivised adverts on television in brittain.

please reply with any feelings or comments on how the adverts have affected your view on smoking.

many thanks :)

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I'm with CJM on this one!!!

When I was a smoker, I like every other smoker shut that part of my mind off to any warnings to smoking either T.v, papers, backs of fag packets, my own kids :o ... it's just what smokers do!!!

It's only now that I'm a none smoker that I see and hear what these Adverts are doing and saying!! so no, I don't think they have an impact on making people quit IMHO. But saying that, I dunno what does have an effect on making people quit!! Mostly it is down to the person WANTING TO!! I suppose seeing other people quit helps too. Since I have quit, my OH and my Mum have both said they are gonna have a REAL GOOD GO at it!! Good luck to them..and if I have helped just 1 more person to see quitting for wht it is.. Then I'm a proud bunny ;):D

Hi There

I agree with the others on this

Nothing could make me quit and as an ex-nurse I knew all the dangers of carrying on yet I did just that

I smoked for over 50 years until one day with the help of my son I said enough

I have now been quit for almost 5 months

It may help with youngsters thinking about or experimenting with fags but a true smoker NO WAY will it deter them

Hope this helps

agree with the others here too. I ignored the adverts, sometimes even felt mildly irritated by them, -but the never made me want to stop. I already knew all the dangers.

When I did stop I found them really annoying on the first few days as they made me think of cigs when I REALLY didnt want to!

Think the adds may only be useful to suggest types of nicotine replacement treatments to those already deciding to quit.

Good luck, hope this of some use :)

They did not change my views on smoking when I was a smoker. Once you are addicted you are blinkered I think. I agree it might deter youngsters from trying it. Might. Not will! Hope that helps!

Same views as every one else on this ....

I knew I was unwell ... the adverts on TV the pictures on cig packets frightened me to the point I would ask for a packet that didnt have a scary picture on .....

BUT !!!

It did not stop me smoking.

I gave up after a health scare and realised how stupid I was

Do people take notice of ANY tv ads? David

I can only agree with all of the others but I would like to add something that I'm not sure if will help or not.

Yes, one way or another I suppose I was affected by the ads. In particular. the one that appears to be written and directed with the sole aim of scarring the witts out of small children. "I'm not scarred of Eccie Taylor............", you know the one? Well, of course when I saw the look on my daughter's face as she watched them I had to stop and think.

I jotted down the numbers several dozen times and each time I swore to my child that I would remember to ring.

I adventually rang to make an appointment for my local smocking cessation clinic and it would take me all night to tell you how UNSUPPORTED i have felt by the support connections that the advert leads you to.

I have kept a diary of all the connections I have tried to get support from through NHS helplines. It's not a happy one I can tell you and if it is of any help to you I will jot it all down for you.

to be continued

Sorry I don't mean to rant but I'm going to for a line or two. Ok?

The last thing someone who is finely asking for help needs, in my opinion, is a 'trained advisor". It only took for an automated on line help line to call me a day oner, when I was a day 27er to really upset me. I had a puff!

One way or another the ads had an effect on me, yes. I wander how many people feel let down by the support that is offered by the NHS.

Sorry to sound so opinionated about this but it really is a sore point for me at the moment.

In a nut shell, my opinion is Yes they work but the follow services is poor.

Thanks Heavens for this site.

To be fair, it was an NHS advisor that gave me this address. He said "I strongly advise you to look at this site" All the advisors should be telling everyone about. It has turned me into a TOTAL NON SMOKER.


Nhs advisors

I wander how many people feel let down by the support that is offered by the NHS.


Erm how about having a "Trained Advisor" supporting you who has never smoked a cigarette in her life !!! ERM NO NO NO !!!

TV Adverts made me think for a few seconds, but we all block the facts we already know .... didnt stop me smoking END OF !!!

That's not fair Jim, Double Diamond and Mackeson from the old days, among with todays booze ads were/are mostly classics, and cannot be compared with boring save your own life sort of things which are easy to ignore. David

I don't doubt that there are some very good trained advisors and many people will have been helped, and that's great. Yes it probobly varries from region to region. Good and bad in every kind of service. Think I was so desperate for help that one insensitive comment from a trained advisor was all it took.

As I said, it was an advisor that lead me to this site. So yes, all's well that ends well]


some advertising does work


Will it take decades for these smoking ads to work?

Double Diamond! That was a casual answer Dave, There should have been more fanfair.

There should have been more fanfair.

Sorry for going off thread poster. Best I can do Fiona

Yes the advertising did work on me. Unfortunately, I think its a case of 1 of the many 100s of adverts have failed and then 1 particular advert hits a nerve and off I go and give up. How I wish that advert had been shown 20 years ago!!!

Hi Student

Hope you don't smoke!!! Think if you did you would probably know the answer to this question. Like most others, they did not make me stop smoking. I deliberately avoided reading them and switched channels on tv when adverts for stopping came on.

Nicotine is a very poweful addiction if reading cigarette packets was going to help get out of it I would have spent weeks doing it.

Good luck with your survey, it would be nice to hear the results if possible.


show th positive side 2

like many smokers i turned away from the adverts-i can say i'v NEVER WATCHED ONE FROM START TO FINISH-now that i'v stopped i mite make a point of watching them to help me stay stopped-cause lets face it if smoken wernt bad for us we'd all still b smoking-anything that helps someone to stop is a gud thing-

they will b part of the solution for there to b less smokers in the future-its like wearing seatbelts in a car-20 years ago no adults bothered about them in the back seat-now people get used to doin it-and just put them on-th more people hear about the bad effects of smokin the better-at least if there r a few less smokers each year cause of the adverts then i think they r a good idea-

but wen it comes to th effect they have on someone who chooses to keep on smoking-th answer is nil-they'll turn away-they'll feel ther cold feet-ther legs tighten walking up hill-people get to the stage wer they believe that this is one thing that they cant stop-so they dont stop-

there should be adverts working along side these ones that give out the positive messages of stopping smoking-letting people know that it can b done and that fully committed smokers can happily become nonsmokers-2 things r certain-smoking kills-you can become a happy nonsmoker and get on with ur life-i'm goin for option 2!

thankyou :)

thanks very much everyone - this has been of great help and interest (as a smoker myself).

good luck to everyone who is trying / or has quit.


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