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No Smoking Day
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Been to the smoking woman today

Hi all hope you are are ok, well 30 more mins and im of to my weigh in hopefully i will of lost this week,been to my smoking clinic today and the nurse said how well i have done, been packed up smoking for 3 months and lost 22lbs in 3 months.So i sat back and thought yes i have done very well :) i packed up smoking the same week i joined weight watchers x

I have 3 patchers left and then thats it no more the nurse said i could have another 2wks course of the lowest dose patchers to have one everyother day as she said they may help me,but they didnt have them in so i have to collet them tomorrow.

Im very pleased with myself one more day and move into month 4

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Well have,nt you done well so glad that you are tackling both at the same time in some ways having to focus on what you eat might keep your mind off ciggs or maybe not but even so 4 mnths is great and if you have done the stop on patches then coming down a little bit more is good idea

And again congrats


Hey Kay, you are amazing girl....

LOve to here you are still with us....you are an example to us all on here lovely.



Well done Kay - very strong lady, so proud of you. I know your quit hasn't been the easiest, but you've done it, and helped others - especially me, and lost weight!


Hey Kay

You're fab. Quitting smoking and losing weight that takes willpower and determintation. Really well done Kay.

How is the OH?



Huge well done for your double victories here.

This 'smoking woman' sounds like the oracle off the matrix :)


Brilliant Kay, you are a double winner.

Don't understand what your nurse meant about you using a patch every other day - that would mean your body would rid itself of the day's nicotine one day then you would put it back the next. Perhaps there is something I don't know, but you could try cutting the small ones down every other day until you were using virtually none.



bloody well done kay take my hat off to you so brave

and determined Sue xx


Thanks to you all so much

It has been a very very long and hard road especailly with doing it without any support from my o/h.When i think about it i get a lump in my throat,as i dont want much other than a cuddle to say how well im doing rather than bitching with each other tit for tat it does my head in.He was my friend as well as my partner untill i got depression and i started loosing weight and pack up smoking,these days just feel we can never see eye to eye and it hurts BIG TIME.Hopefully it will sort it self out one day.

I never ask for much i really really would love him to say well done,i dont even think he nows how long i have been packed up for as we dont talk about it at all.:mad:

No i havent been doing any excersise at all i should really but i havent


This 'smoking woman' sounds like the oracle off the matrix :)

lol - she does too. Can she bake cookies though, now there is the real question :)


Kay you have done unbelievably well. You've stopped smoking, and lost weight! I take my hat off to you.

Very, very, well done.

Lorraine :)


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