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End of day 6 - confused

Hi everyone, its almost the end of day 6 and im feeling very confused today, ive been really positive the last few days and keep reading when im having a bad moment (think im turning into a bookworm or pc worm) i have tried to stop a few times using champix, patches.

this time im on patches and using lozengers too which i feel have been working ok, but ive read a few posts on here and im beginning to worry that when i stop using the patches/lozengers i will find it really difficult and struggle more than i have with the withdrawal symptoms but i dont want to create a problem by worrying about it and then make it an issue i know im waffling but not sure that i could quit cold turkey, any advice!!!

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Ive been thinking the same thing, must admit ive been starting to worry about it too.

(not much help to you i know sorry)


Hi tracey & Mel :D

Sorry girls I know next to nothing about patches except that years ago when I used them they did nothing for me I smoked over them ask Bible Black he is the expert on patches but don't think you need worry about that loads of people on here have successfully quit using them

Love Margxxxx


oh it is a help just to know im not the only one worrying, hopefully we might get some tips from everyone else on here!

thanks for replying, and well done on your quit



Im even worrying about the inhalater now as I am reaching for it instead of a cig, bought some microtabs today and putting the inhalator away for a bit I think lol (i know i sound conufused).


no not confused, you sound normal, anyway i put a patch on first thing in the morning then use lozengers when having a bad moment , and like you im reaching for a lozenger at times i would have had a cig, maybe this will get less at the time passed.

at least using this forum is a great help, dont think i would have got through without the help and support from everyone on here everyone is so nice and helpfull!!

thank you


Sorry your'e having a bad day!

You said something in one of your earlier posts that I have found very usefull.....taking the mick & laughing at yourself when you are works for me...but I don't do it out loud:D..I think how pathetic & weak I'm being every time I'm close to giving in & starting again!

Hope tomorrows better for you.

Ps. tried cold turkey,couldn't do it, had a few puffs,:( now on gum:D last 3 days a bit easier...but still not that easy:(.



thanks ytene,

i do laugh at myself all the time, when i think that i can get this stressed over a cig it sounds so funny, i never want to be controlled by a cig ever again, im just confused about using patches and lozengers and the effect on withdrawal once i stop using them.

thanks for your reply and i will now have a good laugh at myself!! ha ha :):):)


Anything has got to be better than cigs!!!:D


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