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End of Day 6!! - Feeling unusually good!?


I stumbled across this website the other day as I quit the fags on Monday cold turkey after 15 years, Man, this time it has been weirdly fairly easy. I have had rushes and the withdrawal cr**, lack of sleep, weird dreams etc... I gave up about 2 years ago for 8 days, I need to get past the 2 week barrier and I think I may well have cracked it this time.

I feel great!!! I feel like I have been born again (I'm 31 btw)...

Just wanted to post a quick note and say to all those wanting/thinking of quitting, its the best thing I have ever done.... I have also joined a gym which I recommend as it really does prove how unhealthy the smoking lifestyle is... My life has returned. I now look at my 3 children, 6,5 and 2, and I don't feel guilty or stink....

I'm almost glad I smoked because now I have quit it has given me a life changing motivation :))n Yeah!

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well done you- i will like you even more if you take Bibleblacks poll and vote that YOU DON'T LIKE MUSHROOMS;)

joking aside really chuffed for you xxx



whats with the mushrooms dude?


its Bible blacks new -off the topic poll!!:D


Hi Graeme,

Welcome to the forum!:D

You sound like you have the right mindset to see your quit through. I know it's the best thing I have ever done for my health. And it wasn't as hard as I thought you just need to understand your addiction and learn about nicotine - it really helped me so I knew how to be prepared for those weak moments that can catch you out and lure back to the tobacco.

Also, it really helps to write down your reasons. You have three VERY good reasons already don't you?

One of my reasons was that my sister has just had her first baby and I knew I wanted to see him grow up, to be there for him and not to miss out on any aspect of his life. I'm sure you want to be there for your children for as long as possible don't you?

Keep posting and let us know how you're getting on!

Nicki x



I didn't expect such fast replies! - thx

I have read alot on which is really good for cold turkey's like myself..

I just have to convince my other half to stop now, (27, 10 years 15 a day), she says she will stop when she's ready but, I know what that means...

I have been there only a couple of weeks tough trying to install to the smoker how good it feels day after day when you have stopped...the energy is worth it alone! - Lets Dance :)


Im sure she will stop when she's ready-there is nothing worse than an ex-smoker trying to get a smoker to stop!!!!

However, if she stopped you would BOTH have more energy-which could be errrrr 'entertaining' ;)


Hi Graeme :D

Welcome to the forum and well done on day 6 am sure your Wife and children will appreciate you all the more now that you are smoke free

You will soon be through that 2 week barrier after all it will be 1 week tomorrow

Good Luck



In perspective - Marg

Nice post, A week tomorrow, sounds like nothing! And to be fair it isn't any time at all... Everytime NIC seems to appear I stamp my foot down, I think I just need to break old habits and I'm free..

Funny, what do you do with all this time?


What's with this vote-rigging? - and on someone's first (?) post of all things!!

Hi Graeme and welcome - Ignore Shabby, she's not normally so rude - not on a first date anyway.

OMG!!! BB i was only be friendly!!!


As was I Shabby - don't be so touchy !! (told you I was good at triggers!)

Don't you have some dodgy fairground owner to go and investigate ? ;)

Go on enlighten me-don't get it ?????

and i'm not being touchy *stomp stomp*


Shabby - Shaggy - Scooby Doo - Fairground owner ...

Quite easy really - unless you're blonde, I guess ...


I'm going to smack your naughty little arse in a minute

Sorry graeme xxxxx just ignore our squabbles xxx


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