day 66- The mighty plan

its monday! another smoke free weekend :D

Time to get organised, this week I am going to mark down how many lozenges I am having each day.

Then next week Im going to put on a step 3 patch and cut down the lozenges

then after a few days of that, i will stop lozenges completely and use a step 2 patch

then after a week of that i will go back on the step 3s for the rest of the packet

then I will be not using anything but i will be properly weaned off nicotine

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  • thanks tractorgirl and kat your support is greatly appreciated :D

  • thanks old timer ;)

  • I so love it when we have plans, your on top of this Sparkle, lovely post.

    Those days are ticking off nicely

  • They certainly are! Blimey, Sparkle, it seems only minutes ago that you were introducing yourself and here you are 66 days in. That's fantastic! :D

    I think your plan sounds an excellent one but as Kat says, plans can be amended and if you do need to move a little more slowly over one or another stage that's fine. The main thing is that you're winning this war and doing so in exemplary fashion.

    Go that girl! :)

  • Its great to have a plan well done xx

  • thanks peeps. I am a little bit worried that i am addicted to these lozenges. I wish that I can eat them like sweets!

    I had 7 yesterday and I have had 2 already today.

    I had one not long ago and I already want another one :O

    Im going to try and go as long as i can now, hopefully i will last until lunch time

  • This is all quite normal, your not smoking, and that is fantastic, wonderful, maaahosive, so while I can understand you being a tad worried, it will work out, just a suggestion cut them in half I did that with my patch, all was ok

    Your blooming wonderful just keep going

  • Why not use a boiled sweet to wean yourself down off them. Well done Sparkle your doing brilliantly x

  • im using the 1mg ones, the prices dont bother me, its just that i seem to be having more lozenges than what i smoked and they are becoming routine

    I forgot to put some in my bag this morning and the shop only had 2mgs ones, so annoying. Good ole boots pharmacy!

  • Can I ask if they give you indigestion? as I am going to try some soon x

  • Hi Gerti. Sometimes if I have too many it relaxes me in to going to the toilet but nothing too bad. I dont find that they give me stomach aches

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