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Coming up to the end of day 6 - Feel great!

Hi All

I thought I would give a short update as I'm coming up to the end of the first week. I feel great and the last two days have been so easy! I don't have any cravings and although I still think about smoking, I don't want a cigarette at all.

In fact, I can't believe that this time last week I was smoking my last fag of 20 in a day, reading Allen Carr and now here I am - a non smoker! I think I'm getting worried as I really can't believe it's been so easy, why didn't I do this earlier?

I won't get too complacent though, it's early stages and although I feel fantastic and free, I know I have to never have a puff ever! :D:D:D

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well done lights

welcome to the mad house soooooooooo pleased its been so easy for you. linda xxx


well lighters you should be on day 7 now, hope your still with us, and going strong. all the best.:)


Nice to hear that, you are doing really well, and if you are finding it easy, then roll with it, that must mean your head is in a good place, so keep it there ;)

All the best for week 2 :)

good place - yea Dubai - Fantastic - lucky sod :D


Yeah, still here and going strong. Am feeling really good with no craves but............. am getting really bored at work, sitting at my desk all day without breaks. At least I could go and have a wander around when I smoked but now I don't have that excuse! I will just have to go walkabout up and down the corridors, at least it gets me away from the computer!

It's 46 degrees today but I promise you it's not pleasant!:)


Well done Lighters

You can still hae your fag breaks without the fag I do when im in work just eat an apple or other bit of fruit. xxxx


Well done Lighters, yes you just have a walk around , when everyone else has

a smoke break. you deserve a break as well. your doing brilliant keep up your good work.:D


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