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Ready to tackle day 6

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Day 5 and it has been another good day.Took my daughter out to feed the ducks and for a bit of a stroll.Went to the inlaws for dinner this afternoon where i would usually have quite a few smokes chatting with the father in law about football in the garden but had no cravings and hardly used the inhalator.So im finding it easier as the days go by.I feel different this time i really dont want or feel like i need a fag,and when the cravings do come they are getting shorter and easier to forget about.So feeling strong and focused.

Plus i have already saved 30 quid,cant be bad.:p

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Well done Steve, you are doing so well :) You also sound so confident :)

Woot 1 whole week almost under your belt.

Keep it up hun, soon be in week 2 :)



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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Good going, keep hold of that feeling of not wanting to smoke its what will keep you from relapsing later!



well done keep up the good work

Keep going - I'm on day 8 and it really does get that bit easier with every passing day. Yippeeeeeeeee

Wow, you're incredibly confident there stevie, I'm happy for you! We all are! Make sure you keep that focus; it'll be years down the line before you know it! And you'll be laughing (without having a coughing fit)! Keep it up, mate.

Wow today has been hard.After such a good weekend i nearly forgot how hard it is.I spent most of the day arguing with myself on the + and the - of having a fag.Thankfully the not smoking side won but i have just had these really intense cravings which have done my head in.I was working on my own allday which is probably why.But i still havent smoked and just wish these monster cravings would f off cuz im nearly into day 7.

Huge well done Steve, you didnt give in to the cravings which is the most important thing. I found around this time quite bad and was pacing the floors for a ciggy. Dont give in hun, you are doing so well i bet you would kick yourself if you had to go back to day 1 again.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you




You have to be wary of the nico-demon. He will try and catch you when you think you have got it licked. Don't give up your guard and don't cave in to him.

You will find yourself arguing with him alot - I did (feel's really stupid) but don't give in as you will regret it - you won't feel better after a smoke just disappointed.

Well done for not smoking.


Morning Steve hope your feeling better today. Day 7 one whole week CONGRATS. Things should get easyer now. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Steve

I'm now on day 9 - it really does get better with each passing day - never thought I would think that. I'd done what you did, argued for and against having a solitary cigarette, I expect everyone has in the early stages of stopping smoking. What I did was take a smell of an old nub end in my handbag - disgusting! Stopped any thoughts of lighting up. Keep going, we will all make it.

Hi Steve

Hope today is better for you hun, we are all here for you if you need a rant :)

Well done Biddy on getting to day 9 :) you are doing great hun.



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